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 Markov Aletaus

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    Biographical information

    476 ABC

    Physical description

    Hair color
    Eye color
    Skin color
    1.88 meters
    74 kilograms
    Dark brown
    Knife gash, left cheek

    Chronological & political information



    The Sith Empire
    __Sith Lord
    Neutral Evil

    Darth Perilius

    [That is why we are stronger... we are not afraid to feel]

    Markov Aletaus, now Darth Perilius was a Sith Lord who lived in the Fires of Rebellion Timeline. He lived for ambition and order for complete fidelity to the Empire. He was also known as Remus Verens in the business world

    Born to a family of loyalists to the empire, he got his force sensitivity trait from his father. who rejected it and rarely ever used it, for he was never trained. Markov didn’t want to live a quiet life working so he went to research and learn to become a Sith, and then after his father lost himself into assaulting him with a dagger, he left to train, with his mother’s approval, actually. After training under the Sith, he quickly learned despite being gifted in theory that practicality would be hard. Eventually after many years he would be able to complete his training and begin pursuing he true power he craved. Eventually, he had reached the rank of Sith Crusader, which he had earned from multiple offensive and diplomatic missions. He has also proven himself to be a strong leader of troops through his offense on Iridonia as well as leading other Sith on multiple kinds of missions. The most signifigant achievements Markov had before he became Darth Perilius was the offensive on Kessel, where he killed a Supercommando and forced another to escape. He lead the claim of Gamorr and is currently leading the colonization of Admur and Ansion. He is also concentrating power in Imperial Agents to prove their loyalty as well as organizing justice inside the Sith Order. At the present of the TL he is in a battle with Field Marshal Drace Solus. infiltration missions.

    Personality & Traits
    [add another quote maybe]

    Appearance: He is of a slender figure, with decent strength and tone to his own body. His tan skin has one distinct feature: he has a scar on his left cheek, as if he were gashed by a dagger; which he was by his father when he had enough of his ambitions to become a Sith instead of silently working for the Empire like he did. His eyes are a cold cyan, they pierce sharp but are also quite watery. These eyes now turn to a sharp yellow whenever in combat or when he has tapped deeply into the Dark Side of the Force. To teenagers, he could be described as attractive, but his hair is quite messy and long despite this; it’s in a style that tries to all slick to the right, but this often fails.

    Personality: Markov can be described as a quiet manipulator, using manipulation with natural abilities and with the force to a small extent. A born leader, he uses his verbalization to his advantage to manipulate and turn anyone he wants to his side. He desires to manipulate anyone who doesn’t get him what he desires, even his closest ‘allies’, though he prefers to work independently. In ways he’s intellectually intelligent, but socially awkward, unable to interact with others without embarrassing or frustrating himself. He desires acceptance and if his ability to control the masses causes that, then so be it, which pushed him into being not just a complete loyalist to the Old Empire, but to be a Sith and learn as one. This caused him to develop a more cynical and quick-to-anger persona, particularly when his plans are changed or foiled. When he is furious he can be quite dangerous, including to himself. He is afraid of losing the few people he cared about or losing his powers. What he feared most of course, was his death. This fear sharpened his path to the dark side.
    Devote to the Empire, he is loyal directly to the Emperor and the Empire itself, and nobody else completely. He plays multiple sides either for his own benefit or because he'd prefer to be allies with all, instead of be enemies. He desires a more unified Empire, but he'll have to create his own havoc to reach that.

    Powers & Abilities

    Markov is mostly masterful with one-on-one lightsaber combat, and he is proficient facing two opponents as well. He is best in the form of Ataru (Form IV) to suit his aggressive behavior. Throughout his time as a Sith he has obtained the ability to use Force Lighting and Force Fire at deadly capability, and is on the verge of learning multiple dark magics and force powers.
    Sociably, he is a well skilled manipulator and convincer. He is able to convince from induviduals to massive crowds to align their goals to his and do get what he wants.

    Hask Jen - Comrade and friend - Deceased
    Darth Kados - Former Co-Apprentice , sees as traitor now.
    Drace Solus - Main rival, sort of a parallel to Markov
    Darth Victress - Former master and mentor, work together strongly, only person he has strong loyalty to - Deceased
    Darth Parox - Comrade, friend - Deceased
    Varyn Rask - Figurehead he looked up to - Deceased
    Darth Tagus - Mentor, basically last person he is willing to be lead by now.
    Aadya Drast - Former friend and saved from death - Dead to him for abdicating
    Darth Valvarus - Friend and chill with her - Deceased
    Verneck Aletaus - Father, hunting down to kill, enemy
    Kalanda - Former love interest
    Amur - (Sort of) Love interest

    • Lightsaber with curved hilt, red blade
    • Lightsaber, red bladed
    • Secondary: Pair (2x) of QuickDraw Pistols earned here
    Markov's Personal Sith Warrior Armor
    PL10 Gernade earned here
    1 Supercommando
    • A platoon of Imperial Troopers (40)
    • One Aggressor Class Patrol Ship earned here

    Roleplay Threads

    Chapter I: The Acolyte’s Journey
    Leaving the Homeland — (Incomplete/dead): Markov gathered a group of Sith and a Imperial Agent to help plan to obtain a rare ship.
    2. Tribute to the Fallen — Markov attends a funeral for fallen Sith warriors, which ended up in a quarrel questioning a Darth's rank; he sided on the defense of the Sith Lady
    3. Serenno Ball - Markov attends a ball on Serenno where he meets a few Sith and independent buisnessmen
    4. Prisons of Akriti'tar - Markov and two others; an agent and a Sith raid and liberate prisoners from the guards to help take control of the planet. He leads the persuasion of them.
    5. Diabolical Dudes Doing Diplomacy Downright Disastrously - Markov and two other Sith interrupt a diplomatic meeting and persuade the Senate to join the Empire for their own good.
    6. Behind Enemy Lines (PVP) - Markov and a Imperial Agent attempted a tactical sabotage of the Rebel Hangar on Hoth. They had to flee after being outnumbered and outgunned easily, but this lead to the delay of the escape of ships and overall the Emperor's full-scale invasion of Hoth.
    7. Extract The Jugsmuk - Markov, leading the overall takeover of Gamorr, convinces a Gamorran Warlord to takeover a major settlement while the Empire runs a coup to oust the target regime.
    8. Noble Arrangement - Markov and Milo crash a noble meeting on Serenno to turn the nobles back to fidelity to the Empire
    9. Imperial Hope - Markov, an agent, and an Acolyte convince the Dark Councilor Darth Victress to fund a mission that would expand Imperial territory.
    10. Submit Or Die - Markov and two imperials interrupt a emergency meeting of Tatooine diplomats and force them to align with the empire.
    11. The Guns of Iridonia - Markov is lead by a Darth in an offensive, which he leads troops on a flank to disarm dangerous defenses
    12. Kyadakk em good - Markov and an Acolyte go to a settlement to liberate the civilians of a oppressive insect race to get the people to join the Empire
    13. A Red Mood Shines (DMed PVP) - Markov, another Acolyte, and Darth Victress encounter the Blood Princess in combat to defeat her and end the cult once and for all.
    14. Setting The Score - Markov meets Milo aboard his ship to discuss the state of the Sith and plans for them to enforce.
    15. Where the Wild Things Are - Markov and Drali defend a group of constructors on a mission to build a Sith Temple on Mustafar.
    16. Staged Rescue - On Devaron, Markov and Irolia 'rescue' the heiress of the Devaron monarchy in a staged kidnapping and then clean up the evidence to convince Devaron to fold into the Empire.
    17. Of Crown and Conquest - Markov attends a party where the Crown of Lothal was presented to the leaders of the Empire as a token of another success
    18. Hutted Fortress Assault - Markov and another acolyte invade a Hutt Controlled fortress and pillage it.

    Chapter II: The Great Crusade
    19. Are You Not Entertained?! - Markov and two other Sith convince the people of Tarko-Se to join the Empire by entertaining them via killing their champions in a bloody battle.
    20. A Party.. For Me? - Markov hosts a party at Aarya's Penthouse to celebrate the recent promotions and accomplishments of The Empire.
    21. A New Ally - Markov meets with The Confessor, Eriana, to join her church and gain knowledge to empower himself in the Force.
    22. Turn on the Tin Man (PVP) - Markov and an Imperial Agent attack a mining colony on Kessel to force syndicate to submit by attacking the Mandalorians on the planet.
    23. Gammorous Guards vs Gammorous Inflintration (PVP, opposition did not show up)) - Markov and Bob inflintrate and set bombs inside a Gamorran space port.
    24. I'd Have a Beer! - Markov meets with Aadya, Zan, and Darth Parox after their moody victory in the Gladiator Arena, making new friends).
    25. Golden Oppertunity (Event) - Markov and Mid attend and establish a business relationship with the Radon Spaceport Director along with a Jedi Knight and Rebel.
    26. A Traitor Among Us - Markov meets with The Emperor, Rask, to deliver and analyze the tragic news that Darth Parox had fallen.
    27. Security Matters - Markov and a Imperial Agent meet with the Zigge the Hutt, leader of Kween Station, in order to assist him with the security issues at the Space Issues and develop a relationship with the Empire.
    28. Holy Ship! - Markov and Sith Lord Kallig command a siege and tactical destruction of a space port.
    29. Rule of Three - Markov and Mid become the Apprentices of Darth Victress and gain access to a Sith Temple.
    30. He Who Stalks Between The Stars - Markov and Mid alongside their Master Victress encounter a cult on Vjun to obtain their powers.
    31. Tycoons are Raccoons - Markov and Aadya force a Hutt Tycoon to submit their banking to the IGBC.
    32. Return of The Sith - Markov meets with his master to discuss his previous adventures.
    33. Taking Shots 2: Electric Bungaloo - Markov hosts a large party upon a massive gambling ship for everyone.
    34. I Hate This Place - Markov goes on a date with a Sith.
    35, Giving It A Shot - Markov enters after hearing commotion and attempts to assassinate a mandolorian and help the other Sith out, but it goes horribly wrong. He saves the Empress after suffering much trauma.
    36. A Pirates Life For Me - Markov and an acolyte shut down a pirate base.
    37. Aftermath - Markov gets the Empress medical attention and grieves over the recent events.

    Chapter III: An Iron Fist
    38. Evolution of The Sith - Darth Perilius meets with the dark council and Darth Kados to decide the future of the Sith.
    39. Tracking the Scourge - Perilius, Victress, and Kados track down a major enemy of the Empire.
    40. Imperial Meeting - Darth Perilius meets with Imperial Agents of the Sith Order to obtain their loyalty and support for the new Order.
    41. Showtime - On Tatooine, Darth Perilius has a duel against his arch-rival, Drace Solus.
    42. Melting Pot of Combat - Perilius and a Crusader goes to Adumar in order to spread their influence through combat culture.
    43. Knowledge Is Power - Darth Perilius brings a young Sith with him in order to learn the theoretical aspects of Sith alchemy.
    44. A New BIT of Business - Perilius meets with Tasha Blackwell in order to become an associate of BIT and enter the business world.
    45. That’s How Mafia Works - Perilius meets with Cardinal Paroaria in order to strengthen Sith relations and obtain an ally.
    46. Perilius Position - After being severely defeated and wounded in his duel, the Sith Lord is interrogated by the Mandalor.

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    Vaapad hasn't been invented by the time of this TL, and you can only have one lightsaber form. So you could drop Vaapad and just stick with Ataru or replace both with any one form. Also, could you add labels to the different sections of the CP? Right now you have Biography written at the top and then everything is just clumped in there, personality, bio, skills.
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    Characters can start with 3-4 NPCs, so this group of his can have that many NPCs if you want to start off with some backing.

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    Edited backstory and abilities due to many threads developing character, including his promotion.
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    All of my AT right now, including Quickies are found on this reward thread
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