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    Manstin, also given the name "Eyes that always search", was born into a family with three other siblings. He enjoyed a young life was frivolous play, often attempting to be the center of attention with jokes. He got into trouble for his clumsy pranks, often breaking eggs or tearing perfectly good cloth. At the age of 13, his village elders had enough of his childish ways and attempted to teach him respect by forcing him to join a scouting troop.

    It was at this age that Manstin also noticed that he could sense danger easily, but was not sure about what exactly it could be. Manstin also grew a "feeling" about where food could be easily foraged and quickly became indispensable when he was able to find rare medicinal herbs with hardly any effort. Returning to the village after a long trip, his fellow scouts relayed the stories of his talent. The elders deemed Manstin able to tap into the world's great energy, which allowed him to sense advantages to help himself and others survive. He was given his other name of "Eyes that always search" for his talent.

    But the fame bored him. Now, he was expected to be responsible with his "gift". After years of being pressured into his tasks and burdened with his local fame, he set out alone to find a new village he could be a stranger in. With his new community, he learned how to downplay his talent. Manstin became an excellent horseman, showing off new tricks to amuse the locals. But the locals are now noticing that horses seem to listen to Manstin better than other Lapinota, and it may be time for the young man to seek out new places to live.

    Manstin is a playful showoff with insatiable curiosity. Optimistic, he is always seeking a simple compromise that will work for everyone. For Manstin, everything has an easy solution. Manstin has yet to learn about how his Force talent is connected to the rest of the galaxy. To him, it's just a funny little parlor trick to amuse. Politics bore Manstin, and he would rather spend his days trying to impress local women, or making his brethren laugh at his antics.

    Manstin is very affectionate, and loves physical attention. He'll often invade personal space, bunking with any gender for the night just to share a space with them. Manstin will share chairs, tight seating, food, clothes, and anything that is not bolted down. By "share" he means " occupying the space or using item until someone protest".

    Manstin is attached to his flock of chickens and his horse. He's very proud of the hard work he's put into raising them and refuses to go anywhere without at least one chicken. You never know when you will be hungry.

    Apart from his force sensitivity enabling some uncanny wilderness survival, Manstin is able to tan leather, raise common farm animals, has great athletics (will often attempt to do stunts on horseback), and is a good hunter.

    He is charismatic and his optimism can either be irritating or endearing, depending on the new "friend".
    Strengths and Weaknesses

    His ignorance and short patience can lead to Manstin feeling insecure about his place in the galaxy. He is not "book smart" and is ignorant about many galactic concepts. Many would find it easy to judge Manstin as "a backwater bumpkin". He is also stubborn.

    He is very dexterous, but uses it to avoid trouble rather than taking on a fight. What he lacks in his studies, he makes up for using a variety of underhanded and petty tricks to gain the upper hand just long enough to make a hasty retreat. He's not a strong fighter by any means.

    His greatest talents lie in his charisma, survival, and willingness to sympathize with others.


    12 chickens
    2 horses
    That bird that steals some corn
    That other bird that steals corn.
    The local stray dog.
    The mouse with the little stripe on his back that's trained to pull a string for some squash.


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