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 Mandalorian Rank-Up Thread

Discussion in 'Factions and Organizations Archives' started by Fires of Rebellion, Dec 16, 2018.

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    Reply here to apply for a rank. Rank up guidelines: Please read these thoroughly as failure to comply with them and to fill out the proper template will result in your application being rejected.
    • Age -
    • Level -
    • Current rank and rank seeking - Characters may not gain multiple ranks at once. Failure to hold the rank directly previous to the rank being sought will result in your application being rejected.
    • Notable Deeds - In a few sentences, please tell what your character has accomplished with their previous rank, how they have developed, and what makes this character deserving of promotion.
    • Relevant threads - Provide names and links to thread completed as the previous rank.
    Please note:
    1. Characters attempting to switch factions must submit a (minimum 2 thread) plot justifying the change.
      [b]Character Name and Subaccount Link:
      Character Age:
      Character Level: 
      Rank Seeking:
      Current Rank:
      Notable Deeds: [/b]
      [spoiler=Relevant Threads][list][*]Thread 1
      [*]Thread 2
      [*]Thread 3
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    Character Name and Subaccount Link: @Raz Solus
    Character Age: 20
    Character Level: 1
    Rank Seeking: Rally Master
    Current Rank: Marauder
    Notable Deeds:
    Currently running an original Clan with 15+ active members involved in multiple plots and missions. Only clan to actively strike out and fight Imperials. Successfully obtained a corvette from Imperial territory.
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    Approved! Congratulations!
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