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    Mandalorian Faction Rewards

    The Mandalore sector may be small, but it is abundant in wealth, resources, and technology. Additionally, the Mandalorians have long been a people to honor valor in combat. Perhaps above all else, Mandalorians honor their warriors and those who have proven themselves on the battlefield, bringing glory to Mandalore. With the Empire's iron grip throttling the Mandalorian people, some nearly forgot the principles that guided them. With the embers of rebellion growing, the Mandalorians once again seek to honor their men and women on the battlefield.

    Nothing in the Mandalorian culture is given, it's earned. The same holds true of the markings, sigils, and equipment awarded to the most respected Mandalorians. While many Mandalorians choose to adorn themselves with a wide variation of markings, there are some things that can only be earned by the most exclusive of Mandalore.

    (Note: Some of the items here cannot be obtained outside of this system or by taking them from a member who already has them.

    If you get tier 1 rewards by completing 1 PvP you cannot submit 3 ask missions to get a secondary tier 1 reward. The same goes for all other tiered rewards.)

    Typical Rewards
    • After three (3) successful completed missions or one (1) PvP win, Mandalorian warriors may claim a single advanced tech function for their armor.
    • After five (5) successful completed missions or two (2) PvP wins, Mandalorian warriors may claim a single advanced ship, a single advanced ship upgrade, or a single comparable piece of advanced tech.*
    • After eight (8) successful completed missions or three (3) PvP wins, Mandalorian warriors warriors can be put in charge of twelve (12) Mandalorian Marauder NPCs in the form of ground troops or a starfighter squadron. These NPCs can be counted towards the number of the character's clan or organization, if they have one..
    • After ten (10) successful completed missions or four (4) PvP wins, Mandalorian warriors can select two (2) more advanced tech functions for their armor or a single (1) ship upgrade for their starship.
    • After twelve (12) completed missions or five (5) PvP wins, Mandalorian warriors can select a single (1) piece of advanced tech for their arsenal. Mandalorians who achieve this level of success are awarded governorship over a base of world.**
    • After fifteen (15) completed missions or six (6) PvP wins, Mandalorian warriors are granted command of a single (1)capital class ship of corvette size for use on official Mandalorian business only.***
    • After eighteen (18) completed missions or seven (7) PvP wins, Mandalorian warriors can choose between adding a single (1) wing of NPC Mandalorian starfighters (4 Squadrons) or another (1) NPC corvette-sized capital ship to their command for official Mandalorian business only.***
    • After twenty (20) completed missions or eight (8) PvP wins, Mandalorian receive a unique mark distinguishing them as one of the most successful Mandalorians of this generation and a single (1) piece of advanced technology. Mandalorian warriors are granted command over a small fleet of Mandalorian warships for official Mandalorian business only.***
    *If you select a ship, it cannot be a capital class ship, nor can it be a ship that would not be available for purchase for Mandalorians. For example, faction-specific ships to the Alliance or the Sith would be disallowed.
    **Upon submitting, state the planet you wish your character to govern. Approval may very depending on planet choice and must be a planet the Mandalorian Faction has control of already. Planets within the Mandalore sector fall under the purview of the Mand'alor and are not eligible for selection.
    ***This resource still belongs to the entire faction; your character only has the command of it in battle or on faction missions.

    Special Rewards
    • Jaig Eyes: Considered by many to be one of the most prestigious of the marks a Mandalorian can earn, Jaig eyes adorn the helmet just above the forehead and are a symbol of bravery and leadership. Those who see this on a suit of armor are instantly afforded respect by even those above them and area symbol of a soldier being the best that he or she can be. Time and again, these warrior have shown their valor in combat and their bravery in the face of danger and have been on countless raids and missions to further their clan. (10 Successful Ask Missions earn level 1, 5 PvP wins earns level 2)
    • Basilisk War Droid: Basilisk war droids were as much a sign of status in Mandalorian culture as they were a powerful tool on the battlefield. Mandalorians who were seen riding one into battle were known to be leaders and deadly combatants to their peers, and were greatly feared by their enemies. As a result, they were only earned by those Mandalorians who had proven themselves successful in both categories and, afterwards, were as vital to them as their own armor. (Lead a successful invasion of 2 enemy systems or 4 successful invasions of 4 neutral systems for the Mandalorians)
    • Mandalorian vambraces: Mandalorian vambraces were developed five centuries ago specifically to combat the abilities of a Jedi. Now, they are used to combat all Force-sensitives, but particularly the Sith who have made themselves the enemies of the Mandalorians. Obtaining one consumes one (1) armor function in exchange for granting two (2) wrist-related armor functions. They can only be earned once per warrior and are the physical sign of a Mandalorian who has defeated a Force-sensitive in combat. (Turn in one lightsaber captured in PvP for one pair vambraces. Your character may retain the saber for future use and only needs to present the saber as proof.)
    • Slayer's Sigil: Similar to Jaig Eyes and vambraces, the Slayer's Sigil - or Kuryida b Aliik in Mando'a - serves as a badge of honor for warriors who have met their sworn enemy on the battlefield and emerged the victor. This badge of honor adorns the armor and features a shattered Sith Empire logo being overwhelmed by a Mandalorian icon, showing that the bearer is unafraid of their foe. Those who wear this sigil are afforded a level of respect for their prowess in battle and are the physical proof of a Mandalorian's skill over Force-sensitives. (Successfully defeat two (2) Force-sensitive Sith in an Open/PVP and display proof of victory.)
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