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    Red Tendrils on Lekku


    Life can be cruel, rarely does it take sides or take aim, but in the case of Malraux, existence seems to have taken a sick pleasure in toying with her. Malraux was born on Ryloth, but she never knew the world. Her family was killed by a group of pirates and she was sold to a slaver at the age of eight. By sheer luck alone, during a brief pitstop on Nar Shaddaa, Malraux escaped.

    Freedom presented more problems than solutions for the girl as she ambled about, distraught, scared, and tired. A seemingly nice old gotal woman took her in for the night and for ten years she was forced to repay that single act of kindness. By accepting help, Malraux had inadvertently become a member of a no-name game in the lower sectors of Nar Shadda. Her new rulers played the new recruits against each other threatening them with expulsion if they failed to complete their quotas. The young twi'lek was nimble on her feet and quick with her hands, making for an ideal little pickpocket. She was rewarded for her talents and quickly rose through the ranks.

    Malraux earned the rank of Head within three years and was scouted by a larger gang a little after that. At eighteen, she was angry, wild, and looking for any kind of trouble she could get into. The problem with looking for trouble is, sometimes, you find it. She was dressed to the nines in a lavish low cut dress with a slit that ran nearly all the way to her hip. Across from her sat a being she thought was a Cartel recruiter, but in her time jumping up the ladder in the deep underbelly of Nar Shaddaa, she'd created more enemies than she'd realized, and they'd come together to take her down. She was drugged, bound, and thrown into the back of a speeder. When she awoke her hands were still bound, and she could feel the rumbling of an engine even though she couldn't see.

    The trunk to the speeder she'd been thrown into opened and large rough hand yanked her out. A solid blow to her gut forced the air out of her lungs and a right cross to the jaw put her out. The next time she woke up she was garbed in gladiatorial leathers and lying on a small cot in a dimly lit cell. She was later informed she'd been purchased by a bored imperial diplomat on a whim and that before she'd even arrived he'd changed his mind and sent her to Loovria.

    Seeing no escape in sight, Mal gave in to her situation and sank her buried anger into her combat training. However, her mistakes on Nar Shadaa had shown her the value of having connections and during her time in the lutus she garnered friendships and made pacts. She refused to die under the thumb of another and would use every person she met to ensure her escape. However, after three years of training, Mal was exposed to her first battle... she survived, but the bloodlust unleashed nearly consumed her.

    For years she honed her skills in the arena narrowly escaping death and severe injury time and time again. She was elevated to Doctore and trained new recruits. Malruax's prowess in hand to hand combat was unrivaled on the sands and she was proud of her talents. After years of solitude on the sands with no word from her owner, she received a message that shattered her world. Due to her excellence on the planet, she was being brought to her new home on Coruscant. Panic took over and once she'd been returned to her quarters she collapsed releasing all of the pent up emotion, but for once life provided an opportunity.

    Beau Pritchett was a flashy, fast-talking smuggler who'd clearly fallen head over heels for her and Malraux used that to her advantage. She seduced the scruffy smuggler who was all too excited to show her his ship only to abandon to the moron once she'd copied his ship's encryption codes. Once back in her dorm she called in every favor owed to her, and started a revolt. Being the Doctore allowed her freedom not allotted to the average gladiator. She raided the equipment vault and armed her troops before leading a siege on the suite above their quarters.

    Beau survived by complying to Mal's every command and continues to do so, to this day. Initially, Beau was a means to an end. He was her ride out of the greedy clutches of her negligent "owner" and the only connection she had on the outside. An unexpected partnership began and then evolved into a relationship that eventually lead to romance, and the rest is history. The pair has been inseparable since the escape and based on who you talk too, you'll get two VERY different version of the events.

    Currently, Mal is the Co-pilot and actual boss of the Pritchett gang. She's the soul of the crew and after all of her suffering has finally found purpose, closure, and happiness flying through the galaxy with her crew.


    Malruax's life has given her a skill set that was painfully obtained. She's spent years stealing and slicing on the smuggler's moon before being captured and sent to Loovira. Mal loves technology and in her decade on Nar Shaddaa she became very proficient as a pickpocket and a hacker. It was actually her prowess with electronics that got her captured in the first place. She managed to pilfer some extra credit from a particularly greedy Hutt Lorrda, but she left evidence and was punished for the mistake. Since joining the gang, she's returned to her tinkering and passes the time in her workshop surrounded by various tech.

    Aside from being tech-savvy, the Twi'leks time on the gladiatorial sands of Loovria taught her a pragmatic and efficient fighting style that made perfect sense to her meticulous coder's mind. She carries two vicious short swords, crisscrossed in a specialized sheath that rests on her lower back. She's can shoot a blaster, but it's her weakest skill. Under Beau's tutelage, she's become a decent shot, but she's more suited for sniper work than gunslinging, and that's perfectly fine with Beau. He'd rather have her guarding his back than in the fray herself, even though she's far more skilled than he his.

    Finally, in her time as a Doctore, she learned the importance of camaraderie and it was this lesson that allowed Beau's wild charms to slip in under her well put together emotional armor. Her greatest strength is her relationship with Beau and the rest of the crew. Mal is very protective of who joins. At this point, she's not too keen on a new pilot they've picked up. The scruffy young human, Crix, was good, that was true but, he'd yet to totally win over the former Doctore.


    6438 ⇀ Born on Ryloth
    6430 ⇀ Kidnapped after her family is killed
    6429 ⇀ Escapes captivity into the underworld of Nar Shaddaa
    6419 ⇀ Is captured by a slaver hired by her enemies and taken to Loovira
    6416 ⇀ Mal becomes a gladiator
    6410 ⇀ Using Beau as a hostage, she escapes Loovira
    6408 ⇀ Mal finally gave into Beau's romantic advances and truly joined the crew
    6398 ⇀ Azure Twilight betrays the Prittchet gang.