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    ► 20​
    ► Zabrak​
    ► 187cm​
    ► 81kg​
    ► Yellow​
    ► N/A​
    ► Dathomir​
    ► Male​
    ► Sith Empire​
    ► Acolyte​
    ► Yes​
    Born on the planet Dathomir as a mistake of his mother and her Nightbrother mate, Malice was considered weak at birth. At first, his mother attempted to raise him, hoping he would show some of the strength and warrior prowess that the Nightbrothers were known for. It never seemed to come, though. Eventually, she grew tired and waiting, and even though he was still only young, she cast him out into the swampy forests of Dathomir, leaving him to die and not shame their people any further.

    Left to his own devices, Malice survived in the swamps, if only because of his own stubbornness. Mostly, it was through smarts; he knew he had some power, but wasn't willing to pick a fight with anything much stronger than he was. He would eat smaller animals, hiding when the large feet of the rancors stomped by, hoping that he wasn't the next meal that they had in mind.

    Eventually, Malice was found by a criminal and explorer, one who the Nightsisters didn't take to kindly to either, for skulking around on their planet. The scoundrel took pity on Malice, and the two became inseparable, especially once Malice's new father figure managed to get him off of his home planet, away from the hellish predators and the leering, murderous disapproval of his mother. Soon, he would learn more about the galaxy and what there was to it. At first, the two spent most of their time in the Outer Rim, exploring strange worlds as Malice helped with the smuggler's tricks - mostly by being a distraction.

    One day, they flew too close to the sun; in this case, the core worlds. Having entered Sith space, the scoundrel's ship was stopped on Brentaal IV. For once, he was not being detained for his cargo, but for the young boy who was a passenger with him. The two were separated, and the young Zabrak saw his mentor and the only man he had cared for quickly shot at the orders of the Sith in charge.

    Malice was carted away at the whims of the Sith, whose name and face he did not know. He was treated even harshly than back on his homeworld. As he was beaten and broken down, his body became stronger, his resentment and hatred even moreso. As he became a man, he began to realise that he cared little for the smuggler who had brought him off of Dathomir; only for what he had done for him, the service he had provided. He learned from it, understanding that this was what all beings were meant for, how they were to be viewed - as things to use, services to provide.

    After what felt like countless trials, tortures and no tolerance for failure or weakness, Malie received the closest thing he would get to mercy - approval. He became an Acolyte, and was set on a path to become far more. To become Sith.
    Having endured hardship for much of his early and later life, Malice has developed a ruthless and aloof attitude towards the galaxy at large. He believes fully in the Sith value of the self above all else, that all other distractions and begins are just there to serve the individual and his whims. This individual being him, of course.

    Despite much effort, his Sith taskmasters didn't beat the curiosity out of the Zabrak; having had little experience with the galaxy at large than most others, having spent years either isolated on a dangerous dark side world or in the training grounds his instructors decided for him. This curiosity belies a better side to Malice, and he considers it a weakness to work on purging.

    Although he is not a great talker, Malice has a certain animal magnetism that tends to draw others to him. He has a presence that may come from a natural charisma or perhaps an underlying talent within the force, and he uses it as much as he can. Convinced that he must become a skilled manipulator should he ever hope to be Sith, he is willing to pretend to be socially inept or more uneducated about the galaxy than he truly is, if it will get him what he wants.
    With his background, upbringing and talents, Malice finds himself hard-pressed to have many skills outside of violence. Even with just his own body as a weapon, his predatory instincts from his time living on his own in the wild and his harsh training with the Sith have honed him into a powerful tool to be used.

    Though he is dangerous in many situations, where the Zabrak truly stands out is in close quarters. He is a vicious, unrelenting and precise fighter when up close and personal with an opponent, and is quick to sniff out weaknesses or hesitation. His formal training has aided him in overpowering an average fighter quickly. He is trained extensively with swords, spears, clubs and even improvised implements. He is competent enough with blasters, but dislikes using them and is hardly the best shot you'll find.

    Malice's talents in the force have become significant since his training with the Sith, and only continue to grow. He shows promise not in showy displays of power, but of more subtle means. He is talented at affecting the mind and perception, and of more concentrated applications of the force in smaller ways, such as specific and precise telekinesis, or tutaminis. Still, though he has his individual talents, he is what you would expect of a Sith Acolyte's abilities.

    Thanks to his experience as a hunter and a survivor, Malice is skilled in tracking and predicting the behaviour of prey, wounded or not. He excels at not being noticed and closing in on an unsuspecting quarry before they know of his presence. In social situations, this does tend to make him fade into the background.

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