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 Mago'a Solus

Discussion in 'Character Profile Archives' started by Karla'Solus, Nov 16, 2017.

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    ME: Mago’a Solus
    FACTION: Mandalorian Dominion RANK: Combat Medic
    SPECIES: Mandalorian
    AGE: 26
    GENDER: Male,


    Roughly 6’2 in height and Lean in appearance Mago’a is distinguished most easaliy by the multitude of scars crossing his arms and hands.


    Agile and good with his hands Mago’a was a born medic, His skill with his hands has made him and mediocre engineer. However Mago’a is by Mandalorian standards, Weak in Close quarters without a blaster or weapons Mago’a wouldn’t stand a chance. He also sometimes finds it hard to follow any orders against his strict moral code and usally prefers machines or holo communication then face to face. He is also above average with his blaster pistol.


    A realist yet surprisingly caring for a Mandalorian Mago’a (Mag to anyone he knows) He can be stubborn and often impulsive. However Mag will refuse to leave anyone injured to die often getting injured himself in his attempts to do so after something like this has happened he will often shut himself out from the rest of the world until he mentally recovers.


    Mag was born to the solus family. And as Solus is the number 1 in the Mando’a language their family was the first to be a mainly engineering family with Mag the only in the family taking a lean toward not making and fixing droids and Spacecraft but people, this was originally seen as a disgrace to his family but with his acceptance in to the Mandalorian Dominion any disgrace was forgotten. His older brother Jax is a star fighter pilot for the dominion.


    Mag has a great medical knowledge and like the rest of his a good understanding of engineering and a talent for reprogramming droids he is a good marksman but best with a heavy blaster pistol.


    Retro-Crusader standard Armor and sometimes a lthar Heavy Industries PB-1s "Nova" and mostly a DP-09 Medium "Dual Phase" Pistol. He also has a jetpack and a field medkit.

    Force Sensitive: No


    Mag is in the ownership f a reprogrammed assassin droid now geared toward medical assistance this droid is now known as 4E-L9. However due to Mags original lack of expertise in programming the droid often malfunctions and reverts to it original murder everything programming.
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    Hello again!

    Lengthy backstories are not required, but I would add a paragraph or two to his bio. Not only will it help you play the character better, but it will also give other players more of an idea of how he might react to different cultures and situations. A few things which you should add are what Mandalorian House/Clan Mago'a is from as well as how he acquired his scars. Darasuum has a great guide for all the Mandalorian Houses.

    His weapons are good, but make sure to add the amount of ammunition he carries for them.
    This can be worded in different ways such as "Mago'a carries 4 extra clips for the his Nova and 2 for his DP-09." or simply put x4 extra clips next to the Nova and x2 next to the DP-09 etc.

    The droid is fine as well, but reference that it's capabilities are equivalent to an approved assassin/combat droid such as the IG-XX
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    Thanks Dark Child for the props. I also second Dark Child's advice on increasing your Bio a little. The more detail the more your co-roleplayers will have an idea of your character and will be more inclined to roleplay with you and end in a better experience.

    There are also longer write ups of a few different clans and houses in the Lore section of the forum as well if you want more in depth descriptions and details on them.

    One thing that caught my eye was the " Retro-Crusader standard Armor " as well as the "jetpack" I would advise using the CCT mk II armor as that already has approved standards and fits in with the sites technology guidelines. If you want your armor to look a specific way that is fine but in terms of specifications I would say use one of the already approved submissions for armor as well.
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    Thanks both of ypu ill get round to this after work tommorow
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