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    NAME: Maerae Verden
    FACTION: Sith Empire
    RANK: Sith Acolyte
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 20
    GENDER: Female
    HEIGHT: 5 feet and five inches - 167 centimeters
    WEIGHT: 150 pounds - 68 kilograms
    FORCE SENSITIVE: Trained Force Sensitive

    Maerae stands at five and a half feet tall, with a healthy weight of one hundred and fifty pounds. Her build is toned, as befits a neophyte Sith who has trained for most of her early life. Her pale skin is absent of any imperfections, such as moles and scars, with the exception of her birthmark: an ever so slightly darker patch of skin on her left thigh, shaped like a poorly drawn crescent moon.

    Her onyx hair falls just past her shoulders, though Maerae usually wears it up in a bun on the back of her head. Her eyes are a deep blue, brimming with mirth and an intense focus.

    From the first time she held a training saber, Maerae earned a reputation as a prodigal swords-woman. While obviously still having a long way to go before being able to call herself a master, she quickly outstripped her rival Apprentices with her natural talent with Form V. Bolstering her lightsaber prowess, is Maerae's keen intellect. Unlike a lot of younger Sith she knows, who prefer to rely on brute strength and blatant threats, Maerae prefers to take the subtle approach to things. Talking and manipulating often goes farther than violence and manslaughter, and Maerae is quite talented at conniving and convincing others to act in her interest without ever being threatening. Maerae also considers herself to be a decent pilot, though she's definitely no ace.

    Though talented with a blade, Maerae lacks when it comes to binding the Force to her will. She can manage simple things like telekinesis and bolstering her physical attributes with ease, but the deeper complexities of the Force seem to elude her. Maerae is prone to angry outbursts. While for most Sith this can be seen as a useful way to increase their power, Maerae understands that harnessing her anger often leads to her making mistakes. Despite being self aware of this, she still fails to maintain control of her emotions more often than not. Maerae also, for the life of her, cannot tell the difference between a hydrospanner and a fusioncutter. She is so inept with engineering tools that she was unable to create her own lightsaber, and instead had to steal one from one of her rivals. This lack of repair skill often hampers her ability to maintain her personal ship and astromech.

    Despite being Sith, Maerae is not inherently cruel. She is, however, quite selfish. The only goals she cares about are her own, and she pursues them with a focused determination. Often times, Maerae will attempt to manipulate others into obtaining her goals, usually by offering to help those others with their own. If they pull through with her, Maerae will honor her end of the bargain with no foul play; she might be selfish, but she's no cheat. She doesn't like wanton slaughter, especially when it serves no purpose. All it does is breed hostility for the Sith, and that just makes it harder to move around the galaxy unabated. And Maerae does not like interference of any kind.

    Maerae was born on Coruscant, in the Core Worlds. Her family was well off; her mother came from money, and her father was an Imperial Bureaucrat. Maerae's upbringing was centered around frilly dresses and beauty parlors, not unlike her mother's childhood. Everything changed when her Force Sensitivity was discovered. Once it was, she was torn from her family without warning, thrown to the wastes of Korriban to learn the ways of the Sith. Silk dresses were replaced with cotton robes that itched, and beauty parlors were replaced with intense sparing drills that left her filthy and stewing in her own sweat and blood.

    And she loved it. Being Sith fulfilled her, in ways that being a pompous heiress never could. The Sith fostered brutality in her, which she learned to temper into insidious machinations. Years of pain taught her resilience, and eventually led her to discover her greatest strength: her lightsaber skills. The best part of all of it, however, was the purpose it gave her. She was a weapon to be used to further the Empire's agenda, and knowing that the Empire was her future gave her a sense of peace, though she would never share that with her Sith Masters.

    At the end of it all, Maerae was Sith, and she was ready to take on the galaxy with her lessons in hand.

    Talented Lightsaber Duelist - Emphasis on Form V, less refined use of Form VII
    Keen Intellect - Information sponge, and a knack for manipulation.
    Decent Pilot - Nothing special, but she's not likely to crash into big objects.

    Telekinesis - Lifting objects with the Force is simple, even for someone of her dwindling connection to the Force. Just don't ask her to move the fridge.
    Physical Enhancement - Through the Force, Maerae is able to enhance her already impressive physical abilities, allowing her to jump incredible heights and distances, and enabling her to move with impeccable speed.

    1x lightsaber - black metal hilt, standard red crystal. Stolen from a rival Apprentice.
    1x Sith Marauder Armor

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    1x Nexus-Class Light Freighter

    1x KLT-Series Astromech Droid

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    Nice profile.

    Just keep in mind that her reputation would mostly extend to her class/group of Sith. And her abilities in physical enhancement would be gated by her level. So she wouldn't be able to move at 'impeccable' speeds or jump very long distances, so if those could be toned down that would work.

    Once these minior edits are complete I'll mark this profile as approved :)
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