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    ► 23/24
    ► Miraluka
    ► 6'2"
    ► 175
    ► N/A
    ► Dirty Blonde
    ► Coruscant and Corellia
    ► Male
    ► Independent
    ► Jedi Hopeful
    ► Yes
    Lux was born to parents of humble means on the planet Coruscant. Living just above squalor, Lux was never in danger from gang life or thuggery. However, being a Miraluka, he was often treated with distrust by others unlike him. The powers of the world had a vehement dislike of non-humans, and while Miraluka were substantially human-like, they were nonetheless treated horribly. In many instances, Lux would just pretend he was blind so as to avoid the ostracization he received from other children.

    As he grew older, he learned to ignore taunts and other forms of discrimination. Lux had become quite the tolerant individual, or perhaps uncaring. He was often calm in the face of adverse situations, never letting gangsters or thugs turn him into a cynic. His parents often told him stories of the ancient, mythical Jedi – warriors and teachers that once brought peace and prosperity to the corrupt and violent galaxy. Tales of the Jedi were kept hushed – if any word got out that people were discussing the Jedi, the Empire would certainly snuff them out. It was here that young Lux became interested in these mystical monk warriors. The many wonders of the Miralukan people were heavily tied to that history. He wished, at a minimum, to uncover the truth and bring his people out of chaos.

    However, at age 13, his parents were the victims of a heinous crime. Upon returning from a part-time job working for a salvager, young Lux discovered his parents’ mangled bodies inside his ransacked home. That moment left him homeless and without any known family. He was utterly alone. No authorities bothered to investigate the murders, chalking it up to one of the many burglaries-turned-murders the area saw regularly. There was no justice. Lux had no other family that he knew of; his parents never spoke of a Miralukan homeworld, or of others like him elsewhere, only the stories of their ancient past. Those were all fairy tales to young Lux. He wanted a home, a family.

    Lux wanted to leave the planet and go as far away as he could. Perhaps the people that killed his parents,would come back for him. He did not know. Thus, he snuck aboard a transport headed for anywhere, ultimately ending up in Corellia of all places. There, he hired himself out to any in need of an assistant. First, he worked for another salvager; second, a mechanist, which was where Lux discovered his aversion to mechanically related tasks; and third, he worked for as a farm-hand on the outskirts of a major city. The owner of the farm, Marcus Valjean, was a quiet man that treated Lux as if he were a son. Unlike many human’s Lux had met, Marcus cared not that he was a Miralukan. With a comfortable home and mentor, Lux remained there for several years.

    Lux learned basic survival skills and some practical wisdom during his time with Valjean. He learned to shot a blaster rifle, hunt wild animals, and grow crops. Valjean was by no means a wealthy man, being a farmer, but he did have a wealth of folksy wisdom and insight that Lux would learn to appreciate as time went on. Moreover, living on Corellia, Lux had the minor opportunity to explore the natural world in ways Coruscant couldn't allow. This led to his fascination with the environment and stroked his innate curiosity in the unknown. When he was able, young Lux would explore the forests and wild areas of Corellia, looking for anything he had never seen or experienced before. Ruins, animals, plants, shipwrecks, lakes, etc. He wanted to explore and discover. This would stick with him throughout his life.

    Marcus Valjean did not have any qualms about having a non-human as a farm hand, but others in the small rural community were less than enthused. On several occasions, other farmers would spit on Lux as he worked Marcus' field, sometimes they'd even taunt him as the children back on Coruscant did. Lux learned to shrug it all off. The only reason they knew he was a Miraluka was by accident on Marcus' part. The cruelty eventually stopped having any effect on the young man. The world would attack him for simply existing.

    By age 20, Lux was beginning to question the world around him. Why did the Empire act as it did? Why did people have to fight and die? Where are the Rebels? These things all swirled around his young mind causing him much stress and anxiety. Marcus was a tolerant man, but he feared any possible interactions with Imperials. It soon became clear to Lux that staying much longer when he was beginning to question and blaspheme would be problematic for all involved. So, he left the last home he would know and moved into one of the large cities on Corellia.

    At that point, Lux was beginning to understand the state of the universe he lived in. Gang violence, Imperial propaganda, Sith destruction—it was all tearing people apart. However, that didn’t stop the young Miralukan from getting involved as a small time smuggler. Mostly, it was Lux working as the middleman ensuring goods and individuals made it to their appropriate destinations both on Corellia and nearby planets. This only went on for two years or so, with Lux ultimately deciding the work was not worth the danger.

    The one job that forced Lux out involved the transportation of slaves. Miralukans to be exact. He only learned of what the "shipment" was after he had arranged the transaction. A foolish mistake on his part, one he would forever remember. The painful thought of his kin being swept into slavery would haunt him for the rest of his life.

    By age 23, Lux was unemployed and drifting from place to place on any random transport he could find. His deeply held distrust for the Empire never left, and his curiosity about the mythical Jedi continued to push its way to the forefront of his thoughts. Perhaps the Jedi did exist. For now, he would seek out these mythical Jedi, seek out the Rebels, seek out hope.
    Lux is a fairly quiet person, usually keeping to himself and attempts to conceal his emotions. However, there are exceptions, such as when around those he has made close bonds with or when faced with high-stress/traumatic situations. He is a generally kind man, often going out of his way to help others when he is able to do so, which has brought him trouble at times.

    Lux is an extremely curious Miralukan, often questioning the very social norms he abides by and the system in which the universe currently operates. While his formal education was minimal, since becoming a young adult, he has been able to somewhat educate himself on topics of interest: philosophy, religion, history. He had to smuggle most of what he studied, as most of the information was restricted or outright banned.

    Lux has force-sensitivity, as do all Miralukan, and as such is more than curious about this part of his heritage. For the most part, he pretends to be a blind human, using a walking stick to find his way. He is not angered any longer by the discrimination he and other non-Humans receive, for he believes it is merely created by fear and propaganda. One day Lux hopes to learn more about his force-sensitivity and his people having grown up largely disconnected from Miralukan culture.

    Romance and friendship are not common for Lux. He has made few friends in his young life, but he wishes for more! His kind soul yearns for companions to explore the world with, although he doesn't really know how that even happens. As a youth, his non-Humanity left him without many friends. Romance, too, is something he has never experienced, and whether he really wants such is not even a question is his mind. He simply wishes for strong bonds with those who treat him with respect, kindness, and appreciation. Lux would do practically anything for a friend or loved one.
    As of now, Lux's only relationship is with the Corellian, Marcus Valjean, a farmer who essentially raised him into adulthood. Otherwise, Lux's drifting has left him without a single friend, romantic interest, or even an enemy.

    As a youth, Lux gained some skill in salvaging and scavenging due to his work for salvagers in the unsavory parts of Coruscant. These aren't in much use as an adult, but he does have somewhat of a keen eye for hidden objects and rarities. As for fighting and combat, he has only minimal blaster, dagger, and hand-to-hand skills he picked up as a smuggler and as a drifter. He rarely had to fight, more often running and hiding from his pursuers and opponents. While he is force sensitive, he has no understanding of what that entails sans for it being a part of his Miralukan heritage/biology and its possible connection to the mythic Jedi stories his parents told him about.

    He speaks Basic, but is also moderately fluent in Old Corellian, Bocce, and Droidspeak. Lux was able to smuggle some religious and history datacrons, educating himself on topics that interested him. His formal education was non-existent, and what he learned of any use came from his time with Marcus Valjean on Corellia. Lux is an avid explorer and naturalist, and as such is more comfortable out in the ruins and forests of the galaxy.

    Lux has no armor on him at the present moment. He wears a wrap for his eyes, as Miralukans do, and wears a brown, leather cloak with a hood. He wears a normal shirt and pants underneath his cloak. He has moderately worn leather boots. He has, at present, a small dagger hidden under his belt and a DH-7 Blaster Pistol holstered on his side, usually hidden by the cloak.
    Timeline of Events

    - 6421 BBY/477 ABC: Lux Vincula is born on Coruscant.

    - 6408 BBY/490 ABC: Lux's parents are murdered; no culprits are found; Lux stows away to Corellia.

    - 6407 BBY/491 ABC: Lux meets Marcus Valjean on Corellia and works as a farmhand for several years.

    - 6400 BBY/498 ABC: Lux begins working as a small-time smuggler in the Core.

    - Early 6398 BBY/500 ABC: Lux confronts gang violence on Corellia and meets Alika Kazaczecho, a racer and Rebel of the Galactic Alliance.

    - Sometime in 6398 BBY/500 ABC: Lux quits smuggling and leaves Corellia indefinitely; Lux lands on Kashyyyk and meets Aurora Blackwood [a Jedi Master, although he does not know this].

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    The bio and personality are really good, no issues there, just a couple of housekeeping issues. If you intend for him to have armor it will need a tech write-up, you can either use one of the existing pieces of armor, or do a reskin of one to match the aesthetic you want. Also, the image you are using has prosthetic legs for the character, armor pictures should normally match the actual armor spec. So if you use that image for armor then you might be asked to clarify on that, just something to look out for.

    But for now if you could either add a link to some armor or remove the armor till you have something to link then I can approve the profile. Oh and you should change the Force Sensitive section at the top from N/A to yes. The character is FS so the stats should reflect that.
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