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    NAME: Lun Halcyon
    AGE: 20
    SPECIES: Nautolan

    FACTION: Jedi Order
    RANK: Jedi Knight

    HEIGHT: 6'1"
    WEIGHT: 176 lbs.
    EYE COLOR: Black
    FORCE: Yes







    • Lun Halcyon was born on Glee Anselm, the home planet to all Nautolans. He grew in a civil and just society, but Glee Anselm was usually distraught with the chaos throughout the galaxy. One of Lun's earliest memories was being greeted by a Jedi Master when he was six years of age. The master sensed Lun's Force sensitivity and wished to bring Lun into the Jedi Order.

      Lun was exuberant with the idea, but his parents did not feel the same. They feared for their son; they feared what may happen if he left the safety of their home. Ultimately, however, they let their son go with the Jedi in hopes he would help bring peace to the galaxy; and in hope that he may return when that task was completed.

      So began years of training for Lun. He trained and studied with many other initiates at a Jedi Temple. He was taught how to utilize the Force, both mentally and physically. He was taught how to wield a lightsaber. And he was taught the values and traditions of the Jedi. He also trained as a pilot. He acquired a basic interceptor and the liscense to legally fly it.

      After ten years of training, in the year 6907 BBY, Lun was Knighted and joined the Jedi Guardians' campaign in the Outer Rim. He was confident that this was the final push in order to bring peace.

      For three years, Lun experienced the hardships of war. He fought in many battles against the Jedi Exiles and saw many of his companions dead. Lun had seen many other horrors in this chaotic environment as well. He now had a very real fear of death. During many battles, he ran or hid cowardly.

      After a few times of that, Lun took hermitage on a desolate moon. He meditated there, and reflected on his actions. He knew he had been wrong, but at the time, all he could feel was fear. Lun repeatedly recited the Jedi Code, and placed it at the center of his meditation. He vowed to never know fear again; for he now truly understood the Jedi Code and its meaning.

      This strengthened his resolve and connection to the Force immensely. However, Lun's deep meditation was disrupted by the chaos he sensed on Ilum. He sensed the death that had only just begun there, but did not fear it.

      So, Lun Halcyon rushed to Ilum in his star-fighter to assist his allies. This was another year of war for Lun. He was no longer distressed. He was committed to healing allies and fighting on the front lines of battle.

      After it was over, Lun knew that he had been called to be a protector. He vowed to never run, never fear, and forever protect. He had finally become a true Jedi.

      Lun Halcyon now actively seeks to share his newfound convictions with others. He helps wherever help is needed; not just in battle, but through as many modes as possible.
    • Lun's physical form is notably well-built. After ten years of training, and further time on the battlefield, he has nearly perfected his physique. His strength and endurance are well above-average, while his dexterity, fluidity, and nimbleness prove to be his strongest suit. These factors benefit Lun greatly during his use of the lightsaber forms four and five.

      His mind is less developed comparatively, but is still greater than that of an average humanoid. Approximately a year of Lun's time at the temple was dedicated to research and study, but he has only scratched the surface of knowledge. Likewise, while he was trained to use patience, Lun has a displayed patterns that polarize his training. He often rushes into the fray without a single thought, or takes high risks on poor foresight.
    • Lun's demeanor is calm, collected, and optimistic. He is extremely patient and rarely becomes frustrated or angry towards others. However, he can sometimes be too harsh on himself if he fails. He holds himself to high standards; perhaps too high.

      He is driven by the Jedi Code; it's meaning and the path it calls one to follow. It keeps his emotions, actions, thoughts, and goals in alignment with the Light Side of the Force. The ultimate mission of the Jedi also motivates Lun. He protects the weak from oppression. Lun feels the call and need to do so.
    • Force Mastery

      Lun can use Force telekinesis in order to control objects and people in his vicinity. Abilities such as Force push, pull, lift, and throw also manifest from telekinesis. It can even be used to place his enemies in a state of stasis.

      Enhancing Abilities: Lun can use the Force to exceed his regular limitations. Whether it be to heighten his jumps or to enhance his fluidity during combat. He can also grant himself extremely unnatural speeds. Lun can also ensure he doesn't die during long periods of meditation by feeding from the Force. Finally, he has been trained in the art of Force absorption.

      Sensory Abilities: Force sense is an extremely basic, but extremely useful tool. It requires almost no effort to maintain. It enhances all of Lun's senses and beyond. It allows him to hear, see, and smell further and more potently. It also allows Lun to sense ripples in the Force. Lastly, if Lun concentrates, he can see images of the future.

      Mental Abilities: Like many Jedi, Lun utilizes mind trick when dealing with stubborn and/or dangerous peoples. It is a near surefire way to get low intelligence humanoids to cooperate. Lun also practices the use of dulling one's senses to the point of unconsciousness.

      Energy Abilities: Lun can control basic energies with the Force. He can manipulate air and fire at their most basic levels. He can also create a flash of light to temporarily impair creatures and/or technology.

      Physical Mastery

      Piloting: Lun Halycon has a good understanding of piloting. He is by no means an ace, but can get around better than the average pilot.

      Lightsaber: An extension of himself, Lun's lightsaber is his most prized possession and most useful tool. He spent years of training with his lightsaber, and thus is extremely proficient.

      Form I: The most basic and ancient form, Lun can always rely on Shii-Cho if all else fails.

      Form III: Soresu is Lun's third most practiced form, right behind Form V. He finds that great defense is needed when his opponent is more knowledgeable than himself. It is also extremely useful against a barrage of blaster fire.

      Form IV: By far Lun's most practiced and favorite form, Ataru perfectly embodies his energetic and restless combat style. Lun has trained for years, improving his agility and stamina in order to perfect this form.

      Form V: Lun's second choice of form. Form V offers defense from both blasters and lightsabers in the form of Shien and Djem So respectively. Against a saber, Lun parries strikes, and uses his agility to quickly counter-attack. Djem So has proven to be extremely effective for him in the past.

      Teras Kasi: Lun was taught this martial art alongside other Jedi Initiates. It is useful for when or if his lightsaber can not be utilized against an opponent.

      Bilingual: Lun can read, speak, and understand Galactic Standard and Nautila. He can broken speak and understand other major languages, but no more than that. He is not at all versed in the art of language.
    • Lightsabers: Lun possesses two lightsabers; both containing blue kyber crystals.

      Lun's ship is an interceptor. This acts as transport between planets and as a combat ship.

      Lun uses standard phrik-plated dueling gloves for his armor. He doesn't like the Jedi dueling armor, as it restricts his upper arm movement.

      Lun's personal astromech droid, MR-F3, from the MR series.

    Template by @ZayPat

    My first character, so please let me know if there's anything I should fix or could improve!
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    The history is mostly fine. The first two-thirds is very interesting. I would, however, take out the part about killing/capturing a dozen Exiles. Level 1 characters are expected to have little to no renown; such a feat would definitely attract some attention. I'd also like the bio to be adjusted to account for the explosion that ended the Battle of Ilum. It rendered the planet uninhabitable and killed most of the combatants. Your Jedi can be one of the lucky few that escaped.

    Everything else is good to go. Just note that precognitive abilities can only be used in story situations. It cannot be used in PvP combats to sense, detect, and/or avoid an incoming attack.

    Let me know when your edits are completed and I'll approve your characters.