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      The House Ardalen was once a common topic on Alderaan. As a fairly new noble family, their expansion in the cold Juran Mountains was the subject of much conversation. From these mountains came endless shipments of emerald grapes of the highest quality and size. A large portion of the public only speculated at the origin of these fruits however very few actually sought the answer. All they knew was that the vineyards in which they were grown were owned by the Ardelans.

      The house was headed by Arno and his wife Roselle, beyond them the family stretched wide with many relatives who all lived within the cities. The leading couple were known to be much less socially active than the rest of their house. They would rather spend time on the vineyards in the mountainous regions than in the bustling Alderaanian cities as they preferred the secluded feeling that nature provided. They would often times disappear into the mountains for days or weeks at a time to spend time at their vineyard estate. One special occasion on their return from their isolation, along with their usual shipment of grapes that they would bring with them they also brought with them a newborn baby girl, Lucielle.

      Lucielle did not have the classic upbringing that most noble children were accustomed to. She was raised on the Ardelan vineyard estate, a multitude of separated buildings built within a beautiful valley. The secret hideaway from which all the grapes originated. Her parents would bring in private tutors to make sure that her education did not suffer as a result of their rural location however due to the lack of other children, she would often have to entertain herself within the wilderness of the surrounding area. Her passion for the knowledge of the fauna and flora of the valley was quickly picked up by her teachers. To their dismay she would often go wandering into the foliage in an attempt to learn more about the little flowers and critters that lived within. Lucielle's disregard for her safety and air-headed nature worried her parents. They thought it best for her to send her back to their relatives in the city where she would come to learn the importance of diplomacy.

      Lucielle found diplomatic teachings rather boring to be frank. She would often be caught sleeping within her lessons or just straight up getting distracted and wandering out. Her cousins would often tease her about her lack of social aptness and her aunt and uncle did little to stop them as they too despised her in a sense. Lucy's passion for nature manifested itself in an acceptance letter to the University of Alderaan for a course in intergalactic biology. Her relatives were left dumb-founded at her achievement as none of them had even come close to being accepted. Her parents on the other hand were unbelievably proud of their daughter, knowing that she would be a worthy heir to the house.

      Through the university, Lucielle was given the opportunity to study plants and animals from across the stars. To her, it was a dream come true. She struggled to connect with her fellow peers and thus did not make many friends, her professors on the other hand appreciated her enthusiasm and through her time at the estate was able to contribute her own knowledge to her work. She was well on her way to achieving her doctorate.

      A few years into her course, Lucielle was struck with the tragic news of her parents' death. Apparently there had been some sort of intrusion on the vineyard and they were murdered. Lucielle found this information very troubling, she could not comprehend who would do such a thing, let alone in a place that so few people even knew about. Her relatives took advantage of the lack of leadership and quickly took control of the estate and the grape enterprise. Lucy's lack of understanding of legal matters left her by the wayside. Her relatives would even refuse to continue to fund her education forcing her to withdraw from the university before her graduation. In a heartbeat she was stranded, cut off from her childhood home and left with nothing but a measly inheritance.

      Due to their lack of knowledge and disconnection with the process, the Ardelan relatives ran the vineyard into the ground. The shipments of grapes became few and the quality suffered. Labelled as the Ardelan Tragedy, the ruckus caused by their success quickly died down and soon after that they were nigh forgotten. While her prospects looked grim and with her little knowledge of politicals, Lucielle vowed to restore her house to greater heights than before.


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      Faceclaim: Gaia Weiss


      Lucielle is known for her ravishing beauty as a result of her soft features, long golden locks and slim figure. She is often seen around the city wearing long garments with hanging silks all of them with light tones. When traversing the cold mountainous areas of her home it was common to see her sporting a thick coat adorned with luxurious animal furs.

      Her voice is gentle and her speech is soft and eloquent. She has a habit of speaking with her hands held together around her stomach area as she nervously plays thumbs.

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      Lucielle has a personality different to most other nobles. She knows little about the harsh reality of politics and thus her nature isn't inclined to putting other people down. She is extremely gentle and not prone to using ruthless cut-throat tactics in order to further her standing. That being said she is ignorant and air-headed enough to accept guidance blindly from those she trusts, negative or otherwise. Although she does not have the experience of other nobles, she relies on her fierce intelligence and intuition to pull her through.

      Her thirst for adventure and
      passion for knowledge drive her to her absolute limits and serve as a great motivation to succeed in her goals.











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      Deed to an apartment on Alderaan

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      Rose-shaped House brooch (Ardelan)

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