Lore Board Closed Until the New Timeline

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    Hey everyone—

    This is just an announcement to let everyone know that I am closing the Lore boards down to new submissions until the new timeline commences next month. The only exceptions to this closure are:
    • Jedi/Sith holocrons that are created through plots
    • Locations that are themselves preparation for the new timeline (i.e., a stash location for a holocron, etc.)
    If you have a question as to whether a lore submission you wish to write falls within this criteria, send me a PM on the site or ask me on Discord.

    As many of you may have noticed, ever since the sixth timeline with Dawn of the Republic, we have been forging a new site canon that loosely adheres to Disney's new canon, but is specifically tailored to the stories told on this website. In an effort to keep our site canon maintained, I will be using the downtime to assess which lore articles will continue to be in effect next timeline, which will be updated for the new timeline, and which will need to be scrapped.

    Thank you all for your patience and understanding.