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 Mandalorians Lily Solus

Discussion in 'Approved Character Profiles' started by Sreeya, Nov 16, 2019.

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    Lily Solus

    NAME: Lily Solus
    AGE: 10
    SPECIES: Human

    FACTION: Mandalorian
    RANK: Plebe

    HEIGHT: 4'10 ft
    WEIGHT: 75 lbs
    SKIN COLOR: Brown
    EYE COLOR: Black

    Character Information

    • Lily is the daughter of Leandros Solus and the late Raz Solus. She was born shortly before the glassing of Mandalore and resided with her parents in their home in the capital. However, while she was still a toddler, Mandalore came under Sith attack and the bombings destroyed much of the planet. Her mother gave her life in this battle, dying while fighting a Sith Lord.

      Since then, she had been raised by her father, on Onderon where it was far away from the current state of war. She was raised to be Mandalorian from a very young age, and she accompanied her father to every important dealing he had that wasn't combat. She had seen Jedi, civilians from different worlds and species of all kinds and was much more exposed than the average child.

      Despite her father having started a crusade and a war, she was dedicated in her own way to contribute as a Mandalorian. She was raised to follow the religion like her father, though she had heard rumors that her mother wasn't too religious herself. She often quarreled with her father - who often got lost in his grief and sight of present things.

      As the war went on, Lily began to think about the part she would have to play. With two Mand'alors as parents, the bar had been set exceptionally high, and it often saw her alienated from others in Mandalorian society.

    • Lily is normally a reserved girl, though she has inherited her mother's traits of being extra boisterous and playful. She does her best to get on her father's last nerve, but she is always there when things are tough for them both. The two have an inseparable bond, though it's not always externally apparent. Having been exposed to so many people and cultures has made her more confident, though it is rapidly developing into stubbornness that both her parents and her clan is infamous for.

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