Levi Stargazer

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    Levi Stargazer

    "I love three things. My parents, my fans and my bed."

    FULL NAME: Levitticus Antonius Devva II
    AGE: 18
    SPECIES: Human
    HOMEWORLD: Alderaan
    THEME SONG: Snaked by Alaska Thunderfun. (Because he has haters)

    OCCUPATION: Entertainer.
    LEVEL: 1.
    FACE CLAIM: Hansol Vernon Chwe.

    5 ft, 10 in.
    WEIGHT: 64 Kg.
    SKIN COLOR: Pale.
    EYE COLOR: Dark Grey.

    Born to a retired actor and a classical singer, Levi was destined for show business. Banking on their son's looks, singing voice and charming personality, the Devva's hope to ride Levi's coattails right to the upper echelon of society.

    Character Information

    • Stargazer turns 18: Revisit his early life and career.

      Born on Alderaan as Levitticus Antonius Devva II, Levi Stargazer (commonly referred to as just Stargazer) was always meant for show business. With a hit album under his belt and his gorgeous face plastered across more Holo-sites than you can count, this rising star has been pinned to become the next big thing in the music industry. Beloved by his fan base, Levi has had a startlingly successful career thus far, though not without controversy.

      With cherished actor Lexius Devva (The Crime Lord, Hyperspace Love, To Catch a Jedi) and hit singer Aubrette (most well known for her album Fluorescent Desert) as parents, it comes as no surprise that Stargazer was brought up to carry on his parents legacy. However, Levi was actually raised to follow in the footsteps of his father. Renowned for doing all his own stunts, Lexius had his son privately trained in gymnastics, marksmanship and martial arts at a young age in order to ensure that Levi would be able to live up to his fathers legendary career. Mother Aubrette had different ideas about her son's future and leaked a video of a fourteen year old Levi covering her hit song Hyperlane Breeze to the Holonet. After the video went viral, there was no doubt in anybodies mind what career path Levi would be taking.

      After gathering an impressive Holonet following over the next two years, Levi would release his debut album on his sixteenth birthday entitled
      Stargazer to rave reviews. The twelve track album produced five singles (Stargazer, Hyperlane Hurricane, White Noise, One Day and Heartbeat) which were among the most streamed songs of the year. Riding high on his breakout success, Levi was signed to multiple modeling contracts, everybody wanting to cash in on the handsome, young sensation. Unfortunately, controversy struck when one photo shoot produced photo's that some viewed as 'too illicit for somebody his age'. Opinions continued to sour after a transmission between Aubrette and the photographer was released that showed how eager his mother was to sell her son's modesty for success. Around the same time, rumors began to circulate that Levi's success had been bought thanks to Lexius' alleged underworld connections.

      Going underground after these events, Levi would return a year later with an EP entitled
      Im Still Here. The EP again released to great success, particularly in the club scene, though many critical reviewers pinned the five tracks as 'a desperate attempt to retain a false image and cling to success'. Among the tracks, Talent was the most controversial. The song featured Levi alongside Palashia Madaki expressing his frustration at his detractors, his love for his parents and a direct shot by Palashia at those who believed the rumors of Levi's success being bought with a line in the chorus stating 'Just remember kid, not everyone has talent.'

      Since then, the Galaxy has been eagerly awaiting the second album from Levi Stargazer. With rumors of a relationship with Twi'lek model Rava Pyculla circulating rampantly after a recent photo shoot displayed the two in an intimate setting and frequent teasers for the new album on Levi's Galactagram, the time is ripe for more content from the now eighteen year old sensation. Fan or not, we think its safe to say that we are looking forward to seeing where Stargazers career takes him.




















      Levi has been raised to do a lot of things. He has had the general education that every other teenager in the Galaxy should have had. He was trained from a young age in gymnastics and martial arts in hopes of succeeding his father as an actor that does all their own stunts. He was also trained in the use of a blaster for a shorter time, between the age of twelve and fourteen. Levi has not trained in any of these things since his career became music focused once he turned fourteen, although he does still enjoy to practice his gymnastics on occasion.

      His main focus is his career, which centers around his music and modelling. Because of this, he has become quite a talented lyricist and refuses to allow other people to write his lyrics. Because he performs live with choreography to the majority of his songs, and he sings live, he has very good stamina and breath control. He also has a natural charisma that has been molded by his parents over the year, and usually gets along with everybody without issue. Even when tired, he is able to easily mask his true emotions thanks to his father giving him largely unwanted lectures and lessons on how to act, putting on a smile even when he feels like crying. Lastly, thanks to his experience in modeling, he is very aware of his body and perceptive of the space around him, something picked up over multiple photo shoots of needing him to be at the right angle, in the right lighting, in the right pose etc etc.

      Personality wise, Levi is generally a content young man. Though he is tired of his parents wisdom pertaining to his career, he does love them with all his heart. Because of this, he disregards all the rumors about them even though he suspects they may be true. He enjoys being a Holonet star and relishes in every opportunity to interact with one of his fans. Levi is also deeply empathetic, feeling other peoples emotions as if they were his own. When people around him are happy, he's at the height of his own happiness. When people around him are angry or sad, he is less chirpy and actively works to change their emotional state. Levi also feels extremely deeply and is very loyal to his friends and family.

    • The patent to, and right to profits for, the following:

      - One album named Stargazer.
      - One Extended Play named I'm Still Here.

      He also has an extensive wardrobe of 'fashionable' clothing for his generation.

      Track List for Stargazer:

      - 1: Hello There.
      - 2: Heartbeat.
      - 3: Fluorescence.
      - 4: Take a Breath ft Rodian Rascal.
      - 5: Can't or Won't?
      - 6: Istabith Falls.
      - 7: One Day.
      - 8: Stargazer.
      - 9: I am the Show ft Palashia Madaki.
      - 10: White Noise.
      - 11: Hyperlane Hurricane.
      - 12: Hyperlane Breeze ft Aubrette.

      Track List for I'm Still Here:

      - 1: Talent ft Palashia Madaki.
      - 2: Another Rumor ft Rodian Rascal.
      - 3: To the Stars.
      - 4: Just Breathe (This Will Pass) ft Xanthia the Elite.
      - 5: I'm Still Here.

    • The Career of Levi Stargazer.
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    Your whole list of possessions is just his album and the songs on it... I... don't know what to say...

    Guess he's a celebrity icon but that's not a problem to me. Tagging @Malon for approval.
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    Well, that was certainly a real unique profile to read!

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    @Malon Thanks! I was trying to emulate like celebrity blogs and stuff.

    @Deviant I wasnt sure what he'd need outside of that and clothes.