Last Hope

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    The aftermath of the battle was apparent around the fallen Sith Master as Xornoth pulled himself slowly against the nearby wall in the entrance of the vault. The Jedi had left him for dead and threw away the key, probably expecting the callous wound in his chest to finish the job that they would not. The blaster wound caused significant pain as Xornoth applied pressure to it, hoping and waiting for a miracle.

    The Sith troopers who had accompanied the pair of Sith down into the depths of Tython had likewise perished in brutal fashion against the Jedi Master Fennex which might have spelled the end for Xornoth had not one of them relayed a message out. A distress call for assistance would not save the troopers as they died one by one but for the Kaleesh warrior trapped within the locked vault with precious few hours of breaths remaining, it could be the miracle that he sought.

    The locking mechanism would hold back all but the strongest force users in the galaxy but with the complete abandonment of the vault by the Jedi, it would only be a matter of time before it could be brute forced open.

    Xornoth sat quietly in the dark expecting that he had finally pushed the envelope too far, that all his efforts would be for naught. The throbbing pain refused to be ignored as the Kaleesh pondered what might come in the next life for him.