K'ustirah Palace

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    K'ustirah Palace,
    is a large compound located to the North of Tann Province located in the "Twilight Zone" of the planet around the equator, temperate and hospitable for most life unlike the harsh deserts of the planet, and the desolate tundras on the dark side of Ryloth. The palace sits on a rocky region, surrounded by massive natural pillars of stone and other natural rock the planet offers.

    The K'ustirah palace has a long and rich history, once owned by a proud Besadii Hutt by the name of Rokkal the Hutt. Under the Hutts control of the palace, it saw many modifications and upgrades as well as expansion. The Besadii ruled over the palace for several years, with plans to pass ownership to his son after his planned peaceful retirement. Unfortunately for the Hutt, he met his untimely death, as well as his son's death, to bounty hunters of unknown alias that were sent to kill the Hutts. After a large conflict, the original denizens of the palace fled, leaving it unoccupied for a short amount of time until a vicious pirate gang known as the Black Flag Guild took over control of it. Drask along with a team provided for by the Exchange will go to the planet Ryloth, and deal with the insurgent band of thugs that have taken the palace, returning it back to rightful Hutt control.

    Interior & Rooms of the Main Building

    The Palaces interior consists of a vast array of corridors and rooms that are all intertwined. Several rooms scattered throughout the palace are currently empty and could be modified and changed as Drask continues to renovate the palace.

    Towards the front of the palace is the large Iron Gate, upon entering the palace a massive dark hallway opens up, with dimly lit marketplaces on either side of the entrance. Walking up the main ramp until the edge, there is a central room which splits off into three large hallways, each going off into the different areas of the main level, with the main hallway taking you straight into the guarded throne room of the Hutt, where a second Iron Door could be found at the end of the main hallway before being granted access into the throne room.

    Lower Level

    Cells: The palace has four prison cells located in the lower levels on either side of the main entrance hall. The cells are guarded by pairs of [ type? ] guards and are used to store bounties Drask has captured alive and his enemies whom he hasn't designed to kill.

    Beast chamber: A large, rocky room underneath the Throne Room of the Palace. By activating his switch, Drask sends his victims plummeting down below to meet their untimely fate at the hands of his very hungry rancor. Drask enjoys the punishment and entertainment his beast provides to those who undermine him. The beast after being captured was forced into the very dark, tight dungeon where it was half-starved and could barely move. Making the beast all the more ferocious when brought victims to eat. [Note: Drask will have to acquire his Rancor through a plot]

    Main Levels - 2 floors

    Throne Room:
    The throne room is the center-most room on the main floor of the palace. The center of the throne room features a large, circular, floor plan which acts as a place for dancers and newcomers coming to seek out the Hutt. On both sides of the throne room is large booths covered by curtains for those to rest, talk, or to enjoy a hookah or drink. Along the corner of the throne room is a small stage for performers to play music or to make small announcements. Directly underneath the central floor infront of the Hutt's throne lies a large trap-door that can be activated by a switch located on Drask's throne. Directly behind Drask's throne is a large curtain which covers a hallway leading down directly to a small, well hidden exit that looks much like a cave. Inside the cave rests a skiff which can be used as a last-ditch escape method.

    Two halls flank the sides of Drask's throne room:

    The hall to the left - of his throne room leads to a set of stairs that lead up to one his guard towers, as well as an exit to the palace's hanger, where he stores his ship and skiff, as well as the ships of any of his personal employees. The hanger has a blast door which can be closed when the hanger is not in use.
    The hall to the right - leads to another set of stairs that lead up to another of his guard towers, as well as an exit to a cavernous chamber where the palace can take on supplies. This chamber also acts as a storage room for any spice being smuggled out of the palace. It contains enough room for only one ship, usually some sort of freighter, to dock and either take on or offload supplies. This chamber also has a blast door that can be closed when not in use.
    On the second floor of the central building of the palace features a second lounge room in the center, with a large aquarium at the heart of the floor, surrounded by a circular bar which acts as a cantina for guests to buy drinks and food. Several gambling stations are littered across the room with attendants.

    Bed chambers: On the second floor of the central building, two large hallways split off from the central cantina room, on both sides of the hallways bed champers are located there for guests to stay.
    Upper Levels - 2 floors

    Palace Archives: Towards the back of the palace, on the third level of the main building, a heavily guarded and monitored room featuring a blast door holds the library of Drask's archives, business dealings, intel and contacts, and other prized possessions very close to Drask. To either sides of the blast door is two [ type? ] guards.

    Empty Space/Storage: Several rooms all connected by the main hallway on the third floor are completely empty, Drask has eventual plans to expand on these rooms and continue adding more to this level. For now, a small portion of the rooms, closer to the backside of the palace near the archive room, is used for general storage.

    Drask's Personal Chambers: On the highest floor of the main building to the palace lies Drask's chambers. Within his chambers is some personal belongings as well as very dim infared lighting and a few moisture tanks to keep the room to his liking.

    Exterior of the Palace

    Power & Communications Tower -
    To the right of the main building of the palace-complex, a six-story tower resides on the cliffside of the palace that acts as the housing for the power center for electricity in the palace as well as comms systems to allow for long-range communication from the palace. This tower is guarded very well, with frequent patrols typically in groups of two [ type? ] guards patrolling up and down the winding staircases leading to each floor.


    Hanger - Located near the furthermost left wall of the palace's exterior, accessible through blast door or the hallway from the main room, is where the hanger for the Hutt's personal ships or his employee's personal ships are located. The hanger is one of the most frequently used areas of the entire palace, and the large blast door of the hangar is typically opened, as the only other way to get into it would be to climb up the extremely steep natural wall of stone.

    Landing Pad - A large space outside the walls where visitors to the palace can land their ships. From the landing
    pad a pathway that carves through the rough rocky terrain will guide the visitor to the front entrance of the palace.

    Courtyard -
    Directly beyond both sides of the front gates of the palace is an expansive courtyard where palace guests could mingle and outdoor parties held. The courtyard features a vast array of plants native to the planet Ryloth, as well as exotic plants.

    Monitoring Hub - Located in a separate, smaller building, to the far right of the main entrance rests the Monitoring hub where palace cam feeds were monitored and all the guards were coordinated. This bulbous building had a balcony that overlooked the desert and had a clear view of the exterior landing pad.


    To provide my character Drask with a home and base of operations for most future plots and threads. This is a page describing the reward of the Ryloth plot once completed.

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