Independent Klara Kadell

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    ► 20
    ► Human
    ► 5' 7" [~1.7 m]
    ► 125 lbs [~56.7 kg]
    ► Brown
    ► Reddish Brown
    ► Onderon
    ► Female
    ► Independent
    ► ---
    ► Yes, untrained

    Slim and unassuming, Klara lacks the martial build of her companions. Her thinly muscled frame and unmarred complexion tell of someone who, for most of their life, has lived in relative peace. Her hands, small though they are, carry callouses indicative of her seemingly incessant tinkering with her beloved machines and their various components. Indeed, the only clue as to the woman's inner sadness might be her brown eyes that always seem to be looking through whatever it is her gaze falls on as if she were looking for something that couldn't quite be found.

    Keeping up with the galaxy's ever-changing fashions is for those with the means to do so. Klara, however, lacks said means and so she often gravitates towards the dull gray and blacks of a typical spacer. One day, she has promised herself, she will wear the dresses that she once saw on the holonet as a child. At present, such a dream is far from reach and she has a long way to go before she wears the soft violets and brilliant reds that so populate her dreams to this day.

    Born an only child to two loving parents, Klara lived a charmed childhood. Doted on by her father and educated by her mother the youngest of the Kadell family grew in a supportive and education-based environment. She learned history, math, programming, and—most importantly—the family trade, droid repair.

    Raised on the shop floor of 'The Kadell Consortium', a small out of the way shop in Onderon's capital, Klara followed her mother's example and constantly tinkered with droids. Sure, in her younger years this tinkering normally resulted in failure. However, as she grew older and older, her successes began to outnumber her failures resulting in her officially being invited to join the family business at the age of eighteen.

    It was over the next two years that Klara felt as if she could see her whole life laid out before her and she liked what she saw. She was sweet on a neighbor boy who she fully intended to marry when the time was right, she had a steady, interesting job working for her parents, and it seemed there was nowhere in the galaxy she would rather be. Indeed, the woman felt truly content with life for those two blessed years.

    Fate, however, had other plans for the woman. The news of her parents' death came after a long frustrating day at work where Klara had been the only one with a shift. Her parents had gone on a day trip only to meet their untimely demise in a nasty speeder collision that left nothing behind save for twisted metal and fire. Instead of eating dinner with her parents as she had planned, she ate alone and in tears.

    With this event single event, Klara's life began to fall apart around her. Her relationship foundered as she pulled away, the droid repair business became too much to handle by herself, and her home felt less and less like, well, home. After a month of mental anguish, the woman sold off her families remaining assets to buy passage off planet and into the unknown. It was here, in the great unknown, that the woman found her lifetime of experience with droids and computer systems of great value to a market hungry for a slicer. Specifically, she fell into a mercenary group where she could bury herself in work to forget the past—Onderon had become the last place in the galaxy she wanted to be.


    The Klara of today is much different than the one that grew up on Ondern. Where once her smile came easily and her laugh even more so, the woman now seldom smiles and is hard pressed to laugh. From time to time while working one might catch a glimpse of the old Klara as carefree and happy as she once was. However, such a glimpse is fleeting for she will clam up in the presence of others. Much like many of her species, the woman tends to bury her problems deep within herself, much to her own detriment. Certainly, the slicer has a long way to go before she can truly face her inner demons rather than run away from them.


    "Yeah, I can get in there, just give me a bit of time."

    Growing up in a droid repair shop, Klara is well acquainted with the computer systems that make the entire galaxy tick. After leaving Onderon, she found that such knowledge also made her a desirable slicer for many less than legal operations. So, embracing what life gave her, the woman devoted herself to understanding the intricacies of each security system she encountered.


    "Let's go left here."

    Untrained and ignorant of the force, the last member of the Kadell family lacks any understanding of mysterious power that has been with her all her life. Sometimes it will be a prickle on the back of her neck or an intrusive thought that comes to the fore; whatever form it may take, Klara has learned to follow these nudges. Unfortunately, said nudges are often vague, leaving them open to misinterpretation on her part more often than not.

    Mechanically Inclined

    "A ship's a lot like a droid, just much bigger, right?"

    While not nearly as skilled in ship repair as she is in smaller droids, Klara does her best and is learning more day by day. In her first month away from Ondern, she found herself in need of a few quick credits and that meant fixing swoop bikes. The first one was a disaster, but the next ten got better and better as she went. And, sure, she didn't make the entire commission she expected, but she did gain a fair amount of valuable experience.


    "Leave me alone!"

    A result direct result of her bottling up her problems from her earlier life, Klara is prone to emotional outbursts in times of particularly high stress. These outbursts most often manifest in unfounded anger or inconsolable sorrow depending on the trigger. As of yet, this trait has not had a negative impact on her work life, but it is, surely, only a matter of time.


    "Just one more hour can't hurt..."

    Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous traits among machinists is an obsession with their work, and Klara is no different. Once she gets started on a project she is reticent to put it down until she is either satisfied with her work or her body gives out. This mentality has led to countless mornings where she wakes up with her nose still in the work she fell asleep with the evening before.



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