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    Character Name and Level: Zandrali Tuistco 1
    Character Rank: Crusader (started as acolyte)
    Name of Plot: Kining Things Off
    Participants in the plot (Character accounts): @Sarla Malvern @Zan and Drali
    Intended Outcome of Plot: Zan/Drali will kick things off from the background of Sith ranks by taking out the pirate cell around Edusa and taking the cargo for herself in the form of a quickdraw blaster pistol for herself and her associates (and any other generic tech).
    Actual Outcome of Plot: Entering Edusa space Zandrali and Sarla take out patroling pirates. They assualt the asteroid pirate base and take control of it, taking the contents of the base for themselves in the form of quickdraw blaster pistols.
    Any PVP or Staff DMing involved? No
    Link to Dice Roll Thread if used: N/A
    Relevant Threads and a description per thread in chronological order:
    Giving Them the Boot - Drali and Sarla enter Edusa space and fight half a dozen pirates.
    Foot In the Door - Assuaging the pirate base they take out its defenses and take control of the hangar and command center.
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