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    Keldra Mynn


    ► 19
    ► Human
    ► 5'5" / 1.65m
    ► 118lbs / 53.5kg
    ► Brown
    ► Dirty Blond
    ► Corelia
    ► Female
    ► Galactic Alliance
    ► Rebel (Jedi Hopeful)
    ► Untrained, Force Sensitive

    Of average height, this woman's body is lithe and slender. Shoulder-length dark dirty-blonde hair pulled back into an intricate braid. Natural sun-kissed tanned skin and light brown eyes still retain their youthful glow. She appears to be in her late teens.

    Born into obscurity on Corellia, to a single mother and her older brother, by a few years, Rhian, Keldra grew up amongst the other meager and simple working-class families on one of the industrial hubs of Corellia. Their father was more of a concept of what was missing in their lives, rather than any actual figure in their memories. Rhian and Keldra could barely recollect the man, as they had both been too young. Their mother, Tara, however, did not relent. Working multiple jobs, overtime, and doing whatever was necessary to eke out a living for her and her two children. Keldra had adored her brother. He was a good son to their mother, taking on jobs and helping with the family expenses. He was also a good brother, continually checking on his sister and ensuring she had some of the things even he was not able to have. It was during her early teens that she noticed Rhian was changing. He was out all hours of the night sometimes being gone for several days, secretive about everything, including what he has been working on, and the hefty amount of credits he was giving to the family. Keldra was not allowed to work, and instead, he and mother wished her to continue her schooling rather than going to work in the factories of the sector.

    The last memory of her brother she had was on the rooftop of their housing block. It was a place they both shared as they looked out across the horizon, watching the various size crafts as they re-enter the atmosphere, trails of fire, and smoke burning behind them. It was a good view, and a place the two often shared as they talked of life beyond the squalor and business of the working class. It was here she learned from her brother of things beyond her, the struggle between the heavy hand of the Imperials, the history of the before, of the Galactic Alliance. The story of heroes of old whose tales and deeds where struck from the historical records. She always listened with the wide-eyed naivety of a child. Stories of struggle, and sacrifice, but mostly of hope. Things could be better, should be better, it was as if a whole nother life's worth of possibilities was stolen from them. Thinking back, Keldra would have begged, pleaded her brother not to leave even if she didn't know why. It was not until the Imperial Security Services kicked down their door, her and mother home alone, dragged out into the hallway while they turned their home inside out. Everything was turned inside out, by masked men. Searching through every piece of furniture, and shelf, taking all of their electronics, tech, scrapbooks, with them in sealed bags. Her mother protested angrily, words and accusations tossed out by the men, 'Harboring a fugitive. Enemies of the State. Treason. Sedition.' words that she knew but in her confused state of being dragged out in the middle of the night by her hair and tossed in her nightwear out in the hallway, blaster barrels pointed in her face. She tried to console her mother, who was breaking down in hysterics, she stood up having clearly having had enough. Keldra remembered reaching out, pleading with, begging her mother Tara to sit down. Time slowed, the actual sequence of events, even to this day, through the countless replays of the scene in her dreams and memories did not make it any clearer. Her mother thrashing hands on one of the Security Forces, a hand reaching towards a blaster, a lot of shouting, and the unmistakable report of a blaster being fired. Her mother fell, crumpled like a rag doll, a wisp of smoke rising from the small hole in the middle of her mother's forehead, the lifeless eyes already unfocused and staring off into oblivion. With a sharp crack and a shooting pain at the back of her head, Keldra blacked out, not even feeling hit the ground after the strick from the butt of the rifle of her faceless assailant.

    That was over 5 years ago. Keldra had come to learn of the events leading up to that day. A Rebel cell had struck hard at the Imperial war machine, here on Corellia. It was the first strike of the match that in the next few years she would learn had sparked a blaze burning through the Galaxy. Hope was alive, and the people were fighting back. The interrogators had accused her of involvement, told her how her brother was involved, and was pushing her for information. Her head still foggy, blood-caked face, and matted hair, they held her for days. Before unceremoniously depositing her out on the street. She was unsure how much time had passed, days for sure. She returned home, her mothers body long gone. Her apartment all but destroyed, her belongings all but gone. A small cred chip, tucked away in their hideout in a box up on the roof, with a number written by her brother's hand. A hidden place only the two shared, her brother left behind something for her to find. The cred chip, having more than enough for her to live comfortably. She memorized the number, knowing that she was most certainly being watched. The Imperial propaganda machine went into overdrive, decrying the acts of the cowardly rebel cell, and glorifying the destruction happening on Dantooine. Through the years she had nearly forgotten of the number. Something she would recite in her mind over and over before she slept. She was plagued in her dreams, conversations with her brother, the scene of her mother replaying over and over. Sometimes she was the one who was shot, while her mother watched. The trauma of the interrogations cell as she relived it moment by moment in excruciating detail. Waking in a cold sweat, her furniture in her room shifted about haphazardly. She usually found her belongings in disarray after the dreams, as if someone came in and toppled everything about the place. She sighed. It was another dream, but this one was odd. She was at a table about to eat, Her mother, talking to a shadowy man at the head of the table. An outline of a man, it was her father, she knew it to be her father, but the light in the dream just seemed to always never be enough to illuminate his details. Her brother, still a child him being no more than 5 years old, sitting next to her, she was in a high chair, her small baby like hands mashing food in front of her. The table was set, the food, deliciously cooked. She smiled, this was a good dream. Her brother grabbed her by the arm, his eyes wild and frenzied as he speaks, she can't quite make out what he is saying. His mother is talking to the shadowy man, a smile on her lips as she is proud of the feast on the table. Her brother was grown now, a man, not the small child from the beginning of the dream. He is speaking, she tries to form words, but the ability escapes her. He squeezes harder, pain shooting from her arm she cries out, the sounds of a baby. She glances at her mother, a blaster hole in her forehead, the man at the head of the table dissipates into the background, the food on the table long rotted and spoiled away.

    She shrieks herself awake. Shooting up in her bed, her skin sweat-soaked, bedsheets drenched. She sighed her room a wrecked mess of furniture and toppled belongings. She sighs, knowing what she must do. An hour later she winds up at a Holoterminal. Meant for the poor who could not afford their own terminals. She punches in the number from memory, the number her brother Rhian left for her to find years ago. It rings she leans against the privacy booth, her mind still racing from the dream. After a long while, the call is connected. Voice only. A toned robotic voice coming through the handheld receiver. "Speak." She clears her throat, wiping her face before responding, "Uhhh ...hello?" She begins to think that maybe this was a mistake. Nothing but silence on the other end. She continues, "I was given this number...a long time ago. I - I don't know what to do." She sighs, hearing her voice crack under the weight of it all. "Please...I need answers." More silence. "Rhian...Rhian Mynn was my -" a series of clicks and robotic whirs clash in cacophony from the other end of the receiver, and as just as soon as it starts, the line goes dead. Connection dropped. She sighs tears streaming down her face as she leans against the booth, the receiver dangling by its cord.

    Keldra favors quick thinking and speed over brute force. While she is young and still developing herself both mentally and physically, she highly;y favors gymnastics and acrobatics. Leveraging her lithe slender form. She is educated academically and on the streets, a product of her schooling and surviving on the streets. She can move comfortably in either circle.

    Having lost her mother to the Imperials, her brother's fate unknown she holds a deep-seated resentment towards the Empire. Her brother, being a huge influence in her life shaped her early views. His (Unkown) involvement in the strike at the Corellian Imperial Arms Factory, caused the Imperial Security Forces to raid their home, resulting in the death of her mother. Later on, she would attempt to contact the Rebel Cells to join. She is headstrong and sharp-witted, but due to her lack of experience knows her limits. She is a latent (unknown to her) force user, that has no conscious control of her abilities. They manifest subconsciously, usually in times of great trauma or distress. She knows something is wrong, or different, but does not have the ability to diagnose herself. With her family gone, she has nothing left to live for. She is a risk-taker and will more oft than strangely beat the odds, and unknown

    Proficiency in electronics, she has has an adept level in slicing, data mining, and extraction. She favored acrobatics and gymnastics in school and she uses that as her escape when she needs to clear her head. While having novice knowledge in firearms and combat, she would not engage in a fight unless she absolutely had to. Her knowledge of street culture has allowed her to move about the black markets and underworld, freelancing from time to time.

    She maintains little in the way of possessions, a few outfits of clothes, minor tech, and a few spare data spikes, is the majority of her possessions.


    • Tara Mynn: Mother |Status: Deceased| - Killed by Imperial Security Forces during a raid at their home.
    • Rhian Mynn: Brother |Status: Presumed Dead| - Unknown Level of involvement with the Rebel Cell responsible for the attack on the Corellian Imperial Arms Factory. This lead to the raid on their home resulting in their mother's death.
    • Darex Mynn: Father | Status: Unknown| - Abandoned the Family while Keldra was still a toddler. Little to no memory of him.

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