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    In Mandalorian, Kandosii means ruthless, indomitable. This has been their marketing platform for years. Kandosii Warfare Technologies (KWT) has always been a weapons manufacturer staple in Keldabe, Mandalore for the past 300 years. As such, their technology seems much newer and cutting edge than many of their competitors. They concentrate solely on Mandalorian weapons of war: small arms, tanks, APCs, starfighters, dropships and larger capital ships. They are known for their sleek, modern products of war, but also carry the accompanying price tag...

    Three hundred years ago, Mandalore was still under Imperial rule. Alor Rogart Ebrenn, the Alor of Clan Eldar during that time, was known as a shrewd businessman and a cunning tactician. He began Kandosii Warfare Technologies as a small arms company, producing high quality blaster rifles, sporting blasters, blaster pistols, and produced a few lines of armed cargo ships--mainly to not gain the attention of the Empire. The brand name grew among Mandalorians, which served mercenaries and bounty hunters well. Purposefully, the Eldar Alor "cooked" the books and never really gave an honest record of their earnings. In fact, Ebrenn syphoned credits into a private account that became known as the "War Fund". The goal of the fund was to use it on weapons of war research, specifically tanks, starfighters and capital ships. The designs were maintained and revised every decade or so, but never put into production. However, factories and a shipyard were built to produce the products they did have. This continued for centuries, but it looked like the Mandalorians would forever be under the yoke of the Empire...until Medriaas.

    The Owner of Kandosii Warfare Technologies is named Gilum Yorix, also a member of Clan Eldar. Gilum immediately emptied the coffers of the war fund and began producing those many up-to-date, sleek designs that had just been waiting to be produced. The Clans began to buy them up as fast as the company could produce them. Kandosii Warfare Technologies was now on the map and their products were a part of liberating the Mandalorian System.


    Gilum Yorix Eldar (NPC) is the sole, private Owner and President of KWT. There are Vice Presidents under him, having representation from many of the other Mandalorian clans, in charge of various departments within the company. An example would be the Vice-President of Starfighter Space Technology, which would be in charge of all aspects of the starfighter lines.

    Kandosii Warfare Technologies HQ
    Keldabe, Mandalore

    Kandosii Warfare Technologies Main Manufacturing Plant
    NW of Keldabe, Mandalore

    Kandosii Warfare Technologies Shipyard - Mandalore
    Orbit Above Mandalore

    President Gilum Yorix Eldar (NPC)

    The intent of Kandosii Warfare Technologies is to provide a fleshed out Mandalorian defense company that can be a source of the many "war machines" the Mandalorian faction will bring to bear during this timeline with a deep believable background appropriate to this timeline.

    Nehutyc (KWT-SF43) – Aerospace Superiority Fighter
    Atin (KWT-HT8) - Multirole Main Battle Hover Tank

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