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    Kahsoli Lioh

    ► 19​
    ► Togruta​
    ► 5'6"​
    ► 125lbs​
    ► Blue​
    ► N/A​
    ► Shili​
    ► XX​
    ► Galactic Alliance​
    ► Jedi Padawan​
    ► Yes​
    Kahsoli has had danger ingrained in her from a very young age. Growing up on Shili offered no shortage of threats, and she worked together with her tribe to survive and thrive on a world teeming with natural predators. It wasn’t until she was about eleven years old that she finally found herself off-world, travelling with her parents all the way to the Outer Rim in search of fortune -- and a safer living than Shili could offer them. The political machinations of powerful factions meant little to them: their only real pursuit was to earn enough to keep food on the table and their ship, a relatively inexpensive transport, operational.

    It was for this reason that, when Kahsoli’s force sensitivity was discovered two years later by a Jedi during a cargo hauling job, her parents had no issues in allowing her to join the secretive order. It was both a chance for her to make something more of herself than she could under their care, and a chance to reduce the financial burden they faced each and every day -- one less mouth to feed. At first, Kahsoli was uncertain of the decision, but she soon found herself at home with the Jedi.

    Now nineteen years old, Kahsoli has advanced considerably since her first couple of years within the order. Her command over the Force has grown, and she has demonstrated some natural combat ability. Her senses have proven particularly good, as she has learned to blend her physiological abilities in with her newfound Force abilities to gain greater clarity over her surroundings. But she is far from extraordinary: much of her talent comes from sheer dedication and long hours training, and she lacks the recognizable wealth of potential that some of her peers have to offer.

    She has recently found herself increasingly restless, desiring for more of an active role in the ongoing conflict. At the same time, she is readily aware of her own unpreparedness for many of the threats that could await her. But that awareness may not be enough to outweigh a mixture of wanderlust and a desire to prove herself capable.
    Outwardly, Kahsoli displays the peaceful temperament and diplomatic mannerisms expected of a proper Jedi. But this comes alongside a stiffness that can only be described as unnatural. She does her best to act the way she suspects she should act, following one or two examples which she has taken to heart a little too readily. It’s how she thinks she should behave, and so it’s how she behaves. But as with many Jedi, her emotions aren’t so easily controlled.

    For much of her time as a young Jedi, Kahsoli was wrought with fears surrounding her abilities. While she was able to thrive thanks to dedication and sheer force of will, she was never able to shake the feeling that she had to work twice as hard to achieve what should have come much more easily to her. In part, her fear was well-founded as she did find herself behind some of her peers, some of the time. But at the same time, it also speaks to her inability to recognize the similar efforts that many of her peers had to put in. For all her combat awareness, she has never been able to properly read other people.

    Fighting also appears as something of a weakness for her as a Jedi. While she has excelled at lightsaber combat thus far in her young career, she finds herself falling back on the same natural instincts she relied upon to survive the treacherous wilderness of Shili. Those instincts are, of course, driven by emotion: fear in response to danger, anger in response to injury, and thrill when battle turns in her favour. She has fought to combat these instincts and to bring herself more in line with what the Jedi expect from her, but it has not been an easy task -- and it may stall her progression considerably.
    Kahsoli stands at about 5’6” with a relatively athletic built, toned from years of constant training and other physical activity. She has dark purple skin with a white pattern on her face, in the form of two sets of parallel lines on a slight angle. She also has several short stripes lining her montrals and lekku. Her dress tends to be fairly simple, usually consisting of a tunic and flexible bottoms, with simple gloves and wrappings in place of boots, following the Togruta trend of doing away with conventional footwear.
    Powers & Abilities
    Primarily, Kahsoli has earned some minor recognition from instructors for her abilities with a blade. This has come on the back of constant training, and has enabled her to match many of her peers in sparring matches, and even exceed some. Her style is rather defensive, relying on careful footwork and enhanced senses to anticipate and effectively counter whatever threats are before her. This is not without its drawbacks, however: she can often find herself unable to effectively counter her opponents, needing to hold them off until they expose a weakness or make an exploitable mistake.

    As a force practitioner, she remains at a relatively basic level. Her most potent abilities are those which she can blend with her physical attributes for greater effect: pairing her Jedi senses with the natural echolocation offered by her montrals, for instance. She has also shown herself to be quite capable in using the Force to amplify her physical abilities, such as her speed and strength. She has yet to find herself truly comfortable in most other areas of force use, save for basic telekinesis.

    Her life before the order has also taught her a handful of useful skills: she has a very rudimentary understanding of piloting, enough to get herself from point A to point B, if not enough to actually handle any complicated manoeuvring... and certainly not enough for combat. She is also particularly skilled in survival and fieldcraft: she is practically able to make herself at home in the wilderness of most temperate planets.

    • Single-bladed blue lightsaber - The first weapon that Kahsoli crafted. It is a relatively standard lightsaber, with a familar blue blade.
    • Jedi Robes - Although Kahsoli tends to prefer a simple tunic, she has a pair of standard brown Jedi robes for use in official functions or lessons.
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