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    Stary Nights Cantina was one of the up-and-comers on the Coruscant social scene, the sort of place slick looking city-boys quafed drinks by the tray full, and waved their bonuses around as if trying to compensate for something. According to 'Corsucant: The place to be.', it had an 'Urban Chic', which (as the article had said almost three-dozen times) was 'to die for'.

    As far as Donny was concerned, it was a decent boozer with solid music and a liberal minded bouncer when it came to the illicit substances of which he was a connoisseur. It was why he had started to eat here more often, and it was why he had invited long a few would-be business partners, another broker like him - who was bound to turn up - and some Corellian businessman whose name he had quite forgotten. What mattered however, was the mans connection to the company 'Blackwell', a technology firm that was making headway in the mid to outer rim, if the Coruscant Times financial pages could be believed.

    "Yo!" he clicked his fingers at a bored looking waiter, gliding past him in an attempt to visit another table "Mans gotta eat yeah? You understand?" he jabbed his finger toward the kitchen area "You do speak basic? Frak it. Fooda meesa ordera?" he affected an absurd and very offensive Twi'leki accent, as the waiter scuttled off, puffing under its breath.

    "Moron. " Donny muttered to himself, drawing out a stim with one hand, and placing the sign marked 'No Smoking' face down on the table with the other.

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