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 June 2018 Newsletter

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    SWRP Newsletter #06:

    June 30th, 2018

    Site Changes & Updates · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News

    Greetings again for the sixth month in a row, fellow SWRPers! This months newsletter includes information on the Dawn of the Sith and their new Empress. There are also major tech updates and exciting news about the Hutt faction and much more!
    Site Changes & Updates

    As a reminder, we want to encourage members to DM more for plots. Don't rely strictly on the plot mods unless you absolutely have to (for canon NPCs, for instance). Feel free to step up and DM for other people, that way the plot mods are not overstretched with the amount of work they need to do. To make up for this, though, we will more aggressively review plots to catch any cheating that may be going on.


    It's finally here! Nearly seven months into the timeline, you have all told the story of the rise of the first Sith Empire. The story of this timeline has been incredible. You have all, especially those of you who have committed yourselves to forming the Sith Empire in your various roleplays and individual storylines, done a brilliant job during the first quarter of this timeline. So now, it is time for a reward.

    You will find a fresh write-up, which builds on the original Jedi Exile write-up, with additional information from the people who helped contribute to the formation of the Sith Empire, here. Please note, we will update the roster with new ranks shortly. Finally, you will find an IC announcement here for all the newly-christened Sith to participate in! Congratulations, guys! Long live the Empire!

    Now onto some more exciting news. We are proud to officially announce that the Republic has become our fourth main faction.

    The 25+ members that have created Republic-centric characters have forced the staff to reconsider the viability of the Republic as a main faction. The new systems that have been put in place since the beginning of the timeline allow senators and military personnel to have a much greater impact on the overall story and we are excited to see where players will decide to take the Republic in the next few months.

    The Republic is subdivided into the Republic Senate, the Republic’s governing body, and the Judicial Forces, a peacekeeping organization predominantly active in Republic territory. We invite you to read the write-ups that have been posted for each of these subdivisions and ask any lingering question you might have bellow.

    What should you be looking out for?

    IC: @Fyremage and a few other senators are leading the investigation that has previously been approved by the Senate into the Hutt Cartel's alleged meddling in the Alderaanian election. Also, the Republic Senate has recently ratified a non-aggression pact with the Jedi Exiles and will be convening a summit during which the Jedi Order will be invited to sign the same pact.

    OOC: Since the Republic doesn’t put out bounties and now actively discourage the hunt for lightsabers, the staff will be working on a new system for members of the Judicial Forces and other allies of the Republic to earn advanced tech through PvP-heavy threads. Furthermore, guidelines will soon be posted to allow more autonomy, for Senators wanting to convene hearings and discuss specific topics.

    Please bear with us as the write-ups are updated all over the site to reflect the Republic new status as a main faction. If you notice anything that has not been updated, please use the “report” feature to signal it to a staff member and it will be corrected shortly.

    With the completion of the Hutt story goal, the Great Hunt has come to a conclusion! The character that collected the most lightsabers over the course of the Hunt was @Tage Mak, making him the champion of the Great Hunt! The end of the Great Hunt also has seen the end of the lightsaber bounty that has marked the first quarter of the timeline. Moving forward, the Hutt Cartel has a new story objective. Please read up on it and enjoy!

    Lastly, there are some Tech Rule Updates:
    • Capital Ships cannot be used during regular PvP against ground based PCs. They can only be used against other ships, or to set up exciting environments for CPvP.
    • Ship-borne Weaponry ranges have been adjusted. There's lots of canon examples of how short ranged most ship based weapons in Star Wars are- hundreds of meters, in most cases- and the rules have been adjusted to reflect that.
    • Rules have been established for factions to produce and manage fleets. This system has been very freeform before, which resulted in very massive fleets popping out of nowhere. Now, factions will need to put some work into building and managing their assets, and wars will be a barrage of espionage and faction plots to get the upper hand on enemies in battle.
    Other Stuff:
    • I've posted some new tech to serve as an example of how the "Other" tech template can be used to modify other assets like ships. This open up a whole new world of ship customization without needing any new rules added to the list. If you want to create something like this, just write-up what exactly it does and what kind of sips it can be applied to, and you can add it to your character profile the same way your do regular tech, or you can even write up a specialized workshop, lore, or tech article for your custom smuggling ship.
    • Advanced Tech- Remember to read up on the rules here when you want advanced tech. Tech plots are less stringent in many cases than full blown character or faction plots. For most tech, one to two threads will often suffice, and two to three threads for non-capital advanced ships is plenty. Capital ships should be gained as part of a faction plot in most cases. Alternatively, you can use bounties to acquire advanced tech, with one bounty turn in typically being equivalent to one plot thread. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Current Story Updates

    Sith Missions

    There are several Sith Missions being posted in the Sith Empire forum! Additionally, those who successfully complete missions may claim IC rewards. Check out the Imperial Mission Rewards thread to learn how to apply for them.

    General Time Update

    Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

    PVP Updates

    In Memorium
    These characters are now level 2 and widely known throughout the faction:
    1. Tage Mak
    2. Draco Virtus
    3. Camila Shan
    4. Ryder Varek
    5. Moor Todan
    6. Halmo'de Torobah
    7. OZ-442
    8. Nayelia Aeron
    9. Kalladrrl
    10. Jace Tokani
    11. Ventrus Phoenix
    12. Eisa Tivarnus
    13. Jinlo Halan
    14. Faison Kelborn
    These characters are now level 3 and are known within the other factions:
    1. Daesha Keever
    2. Alask Vrein
    3. Darth Malos
    4. Vollen Shai
    5. Serie Fond
    6. Vex
    7. Abigail
    These characters are now Level 4 and are known throughout the galaxy:
    1. Eivor Vivas
    2. Allard Keever
    3. Christopher Harlow
    4. Leviticus

    These characters have have ranked up:
    1. Andraste has ranked up to Sith Empress!
    2. Malthazar Dreadheart ranked up to High Inquisitor as Darth Malos!
    3. Kano Taes has ranked up to Sith Master!
    4. Halmo'de Torobah has ranked up to Sith Master!
    5. Serie Fond has ranked up to Sith Master!
    6. Camila Shan has ranked up to Sith Master!
    7. Ryder Varek has ranked up to Sith Master!
    8. Draco Virtus has ranked up to Sith Master!
    9. Ruelle has ranked up to Sith Master as Vex!
    10. Nayelia Aeron has ranked up to Sith Master!
    11. Kalladrrl has ranked up to Imperial Commander!
    12. Nem’ro the Hutt has ranked up to Besadi Lorda!
    13. Spectre has ranked up to Kajidii!
    14. Darren Reed has ranked up to Vigo!
    15. OZ-442 has ranked up to Vigo!
    16. Moor Todan has ranked up to Senior Senator of Nubia!
    17. Jinlo Halan has ranked up to Jedi Master!
    18. Fennex Zeerda has ranked up to Jedi Master!
    19. Eivor Vivas has ranked up to Jedi Knight!

    SWRP SWAT strikes again!! Monthly SWAT report:
    1. A Matter of Life and Death

    Plot and Events Updates

    • There are currently 129 plots underway
    • Twenty-one (22) plots have been completed

    Completed Player Plots

    Skyward Sword, Part 2

    Jedi Master Spencer Ward, with the aid of Tage Mak, steals the Drexl-Class Corvette The Skyward Sword from the Jedi Temple on Jedha. During the escape, the Jedi Temple hangar is bombarded - causing the death of Jedi Grandmaster Cadef Sige. Spencer Ward escapes to join the Sith Empire. Spencer being complicit hasn’t been discovered yet.

    Fishy Deals

    Sith Empress Andraste and her trusted agent Dennys Waszylla, partially resolve a dispute between the Mon Calamari and the Quarrens. For their assistance an alliance is formed between the King of Mon Cala and Empress Andraste. The shipyards of Mon Cala are open for the Sith Empire.

    Robbing Deucalia

    The Sith Lord, Darth Kravos, unleashes his cunning against an unprepared foe and, after much manouvering, strikes a blow against the Deucalians, stealing 3 frigates and 1 corvette for the glory of the Sith Empire.

    Laying the Foundation

    Sith Lord Kravos led his fellow Sith in the quest to obtain the use of the Shu-Torun army. Through guile, cunning and violence the Sith succeeded in obtaining their army.

    Survival of the Fittest

    Sith Lord Leviticus set his sights, with the aid of Mandalorian natives, to obtain the support of MandalMotors and Mandalore itself for the Sith Empire. Unifying the clans through sacred single combat and slaughtering the board of directors for MandalMotors through strength of arms, Leviticus brings Mandalore within the Sith Empire.


    Malthazar Dreadheart regains the use of the Force after it was stripped of him by the Jedi Order through the aid of Andraste and many other Sith allies.

    A Series Plot

    Serie Fond and her allies complete a personal ritual after some intereference by Jedi and Republic soldiers is encountered.

    The Fall of Vincent Cross

    Vincent Cross, after a long road filled with violence and hardships, accepts his Fall and welcomes the Dark Side. He is now Sith in truth and has fought battles against the Light in his pursuit of this personal acceptance.


    Spectre has finally done what many said could never be done; he had become the first non-Hutt member of the Hutt Council. He has become the single highest ranked human in the Hutt Cartel in the process and proving, once and for all, that anyone can be a Lorda.

    The End of the Great Hunt

    Nem'ro had taken his place amongst the Lorda of the Hutt Council, having killed Colimma to ascend in the wake of their death. This was capped by the Hutt's successful takeover of Ryloth - the Twi'lek homeworld is now under his direct control.

    Underworld Dealings

    Nem'ro works hard to expand his ventures, forming the beginnings of a spy network, forming the Syndicate with other Cartel Vigos and securing the services of Ark Insalius' new form, Seyfer Quasar, as his new tactician.

    Spicing Up Alderaan

    A Vigo of simple tastes, Davik Lorso sought to establish a steady supply of spice into Alderaan and he succeeded, bringing him credits and securing a steady stream of income for the future.

    Balmorra Boogie

    The Wook and his men had intended to make some big strides for the Cartel on Balmorra but in the end they were unable to meet their final objective - instead managing to steal an intact Republic encryption/decryption device for a rainy day.

    Eivor's Blade

    Eivor Vivas, the redemed Jedi Exile, worked with fellow Jedi Bruce Guleya and Mikko Wexler to construct herself a new lightsaber.

    Finding a Freighter for Dedric

    Dedric Ryker decided that the time had come to get himself a better ride. After some intrigue and some damn fine work, Dedric flew away with his shiny new T2 Thresher.

    In Search of Company

    Alask Vrein enlisted the help of Daesha Keever (then Daesh'afenn) to collect a new member for his crew and run a shipment of spice. In the end, he flew away with a tempermental Chiss crew-mate, the spice and the credits he was supposed to receive for the spice as well.

    Important IC News

    State of the Jedi Order

    It is with a deep sadness that the Jedi Order lay Grandmaster Cadef Sige to rest. He was killed recently in a savage attack secretly lead by the traitor Jedi Master Spencer, leaving behind only two other members of the Jedi Council. Though the Order is in need of new leadership, it is more importantly in need of Jedi that are willing and able to build it back up in any way possible. Not slowly, but with as much haste as possible. They must build up now more than ever in order to protect themselves against the Sith who seek to destroy them once and for all.

    State of the Sith

    The Exiles have shed their skins and become what the Empress Andraste always envisioned them to be - they have become one people, united under a shared identity based on their conquests, their trials and their strengths. The Jedi Exiles are no longer known as such.

    They are, for the first time, Sith.

    Empress Andraste declared this identity, and her clarified her own position within the newly minted Sith Empire, on Korriban before legions of her own people and the conquered Sith Purebloods.

    The Sith Council has filled out with powerful members of the Empire and, increasingly, there are Imperial incentives to push all members of the Sith Empire to expand the Empire. The Eternal has turned begun creating a fearsome underworld connection, The War Master has begun to assemble the fleets and fighting men and women of the Empire and no one seems to be idle. Truly, planets are beginning to fall in line, shipyards are pledging their support to the Empire and the Empire seems to be out-pacing the rest of the Galaxy by a wide margin.

    The Imperial Foreign Legion grows seemingly by the day, filled with some of the most fearsome fighters outside of the Sith ranks themselves, all of them hungry for positions, rewards, glory and prominence.

    State of the Hutt Cartel

    The Supreme Mogul Svallos rules the Hutt Cartel, and the Council of Families is shaken up as Spectre became the first non-Hutt Kajidiic Lorda.The Great Hunt has officially come to an end and the Cartel has turned their greedy gaze to the planet Makeb and its vast coaxium wealth.

    Meanwhile The Wook, Spectre, and Nem'ro, all Cartel crime bosses have been very active furthering their influence and furthering their standing in the Hutt Cartel.

    The Toasted Twi’lek gang experienced an earth-shattering shakeup in their leadership structure as Blythe was killed on Ryloth during Nemro’s takeover of the planet, and Parvis was killed by Seyfer after attempting to kill The Eternal for failing to protect his babymomma. The Sith Empire now controls the Twi’lek gang.

    Nem'ro the Hutt has managed to dispose of Colimma and take his place on the Council of Families. Much mystery surrounds his future goals.

    The Wook and Spectre are working towards bringing Sluis Van Shipyards into the debt and service of the Hutt Cartel. Meanwhile The Wook has set his sights on taking over an abandoned Exile space station leftover from the War. The Wook has successfully established operations on Raithal and Kessel.

    State of the Republic

    The Republic is beginning to find its feet but with this period of discovery comes issues, pitfalls that the unwary may yet fall victim to.

    The ongoing investigation into the suspected corruption on Alderaan has been joined by yet more troubling news - corruption far more blatant on Brentaal. Unfortunately for all involved, Senator Cormond's attempts to bring this corruption to light publicly were interrupted by armed gunmen, thought to be aligned with the Hutt Cartel.

    Though deaths were avoided by the timely intervention of the Jedi, this prompted a session of the senate to discuss the issue further. This session quickly became more focused on the idea of re-arming the Republic, of potentially reforming the GAR. As this Chancellor was seen by many to be blocking this motion, a vote of no confidence was raised.

    This vote was inconclusive however as the senator for Chandrila openly attempted to assassinate the Chancellor in the middle of the senate rotunda before attempting to escape riding his senatorial pod. Though the senator was captured by an attending Jedi Master, footage of this farcical scene was broadcast live throughout the Galaxy and the Republic's credibility as a governing body has taken a harsh blow.

    Despite the conduct of the senate, the RJF has begun to regain some of its drive and energy, looking for ways to better defend the interests of the Republic with what they have and to better equip themselves to do their sworn duty.

    Sedition in the Senate

    Story by:


    Mason Eldrydge​

    *A scene of the late Grandmaster Cadef Sige sitting and waiting for people to arrive to the NAP signing is interrupted on the RNN feed, cutting to everyone's favorite news anchor.*

    Anchor: This is Weiss Loco, coming to you with a shocking report! A Senator has tried to assassinate the Supreme Chancellor and is now trying to make a break for it in a Senate Pod!

    *Weiss looks off to the side confused, mouthing a question to the truth of this situation to a producer. He rolls his eyes as he gets an affirmation before looking back at the viewers to continue*

    Anchor: Live on the scene is Mason Eldrydge, in hot pursuit of the fugitive! Mason, what do you have to tell us?

    *Cut to Mason steering a Senate Pod behind a series of other pods, all chasing the fugitive Terminus Faunus*

    Mason: Weiss, ladies, and gentlemen! A shot has rang out in the hallowed halls of the Senate as a treachery most foul has been committed this day! Terminus Faunus, Senator of Chandrila, has tried to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Valorum right before our very eyes! Even now the Admiral of the Judicial Forces and several brave senators are chasing this perfidious man to bring him to the rightful justice of the Republic! This is Mason Eldrydge, Ace Reporter, live on the scene! Don't lose sight of them, Jimmison! We have to make sure this is captured for the annals of history!

    *The Anchor puts a finger up to his ear, listening to something from the producers before he looks back at the camera in the newsroom*

    Anchor: We have received a rough sketch of the situation, we're putting it up now so that the people of the Republic can see what shenanigans are currently unfolding in the Senate Chamber!


    Anchor: Riveting. Mason, do you have an update on the chase?

    Mason: It seems Senator Terminus has gone off the deep end! He is actively taunting his pursuers now and trying to do something with his senate pod. Just how far is this senile madman willing to go to try to get away with his despicable attempt!? Will he try to come back and try again to slay our beloved Chancellor!? Speaking of, I have received word that she was not harmed by the attempt on her life thanks to the quick thinking of the Jedi Jon Atreides, who is also now attempting to detain the fleeing Senator! Don't turn the station, ladies and gentlemen, this intrepid reporter is still on the chase and will bring you up to the send updates even as we follow the crowd. Stay tuned-WAIT, HE JUMPED! Holy smokes, folks, what will happen next!?

    *The shaky live camera shows Terminus jumping, only for Jon to catch him with the Force. Due to bad luck, though, the man is caught upside down and his twig and berries were shown in all their glory to the entire Republic*

    Mason: And he's been caught by the Jedi-WHY IS HE NOT WEARING UNDERGARMENTS!? Weiss, censor the Senator's demilitarized zone! There are children watching! However, it looks like our broadcast is at an end, folks! I'll be back in the newsroom soon, stay tuned for more updates!

    Anchor: *Is too stunned, does no such thing until the feed ends* And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! The attempted assassin has been caught and order has been restored to the Senate. Maybe. We'll be back with more later, for now we return to our regularly scheduled showing of the ongoing NAP signing.

    *The scene cuts back to Cadef Sige now digging around in his nose with a finger while waiting for the others to arrive. It would appear that he doesn't know he is being recorded, nor that everyone forgot about him and left Chandrila weeks ago.*

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