Journeyman’s Shockball Federation

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    Journeyman’s Shockball Federation

    The JSF is an amateur shockball league and the most popular of its kind. It is comprised of many teams formed as an extracurricular outlet for schools and academies. Although there a great many more team


    Shockball wouldn’t be a major sport across the galaxy had it not been for the Journeyman’s Shockball Federation. But even that is too ahead in our story. We need to go back to two significant figures: Vora and Exycian Sassis. These two might be the most pivotal figures to the history of the sport. For millennia the idea of the sport had existed in one form or another across the galaxy and was a popular sport among the younger demographic. Two of these such children were the Sassis siblings. It was inevitable really. They were born into shockball, which still went by various names such as hitball and chuckdodge. Their father owned a small store where he sold toys & games he made by hand, but by far his most popular item was the cesta. The foundation of his designs still live on to this day, becoming the galactic standard for the sport. Meanwhile their mother was a personal trainer borderline obsessed with fitness, who groomed her children for various sports.

    The brother and sister duo were extremely competitive and began settling disputes with a match of chuckdodge. These matches got increasingly intricate as they aged and they began drawing crowds. The sport took on a new life on their home world of Malastare, and soon they both had groups of friends who sought to match their skill and the first chuckdodge teams were born. But, as always, life happens and people grow older. Exycian went to military school and Vora took their father’s concept on the road, spreading the higher quality equipment and higher level of play to other planets. Exycian dedicates his life to service, serving in the military until he was of retiring age, then returned to military school as a teacher. Meanwhile Vora had gotten married, had several children, and most importantly for the sport had created the first known league. It was made of of several teenagers from across the system who played each other for fun.

    When Exycian returned he reunited with his Vora, and their shared love for the sport continued to shape their lives. Exycian has the idea of teaching his students their advanced form of chuckdodge to help them develop camaraderie and foster healthy competition at the school. With Vora’s expertise due to her creation of what was essentially a little league, they got to work. The Chuckdodge Club, which was formed at Exycian’s school, could be considered the first JSF team. Though the siblings would never live to see what they had helped create, they were always forward thinking. Even though there was no need, even though they figured no one would use it, their book the Comprehensive Guide to Chuckdodge is still referenced and studied to this day by coaches and players. The pair wrote the book detailing advanced strategies, important concepts, and more. It was a book detailing what professional chuckdodge could look like long before it was necessary.

    Their last living accomplishment was ensuring all of Exycian’s children and all of Vora’s children would continue their work. At the time of Exycian’s death there were 3 schools with chuckdodge teams. When Vora passed away there were 9 such teams. Over the course of the century chuckdodge’s popularity would slowly rise, no longer being propelled by the siblings’ drive. However two of Vora’s sons Vint and Vlil, helped it along its path as they went to different schools to study different things, and both joined their respective teams. This led to a rivalry lasting their entire educational career which put new interest in the sport as for nearly half a decade there were no teams that could compete with the two Sassis led teams. As a result these two teams became commercially successful much to the surprise of the other schools. More clubs were created and the second generation Sassis children would live to see the creation of the Shockball Academic Circuit.

    Long after the Vint-Vlil rivalry had ended the galactic standard curriculum had started preferring chuckdodge teams over other older sports and most schools played it to some degree. While most of these were casual teams just meant to provide a physical outlet for students, the better teams continued to play in seasons lasting the school year, nurturing the sport as it continued to grow. The next big boom came by the hand of Liliuy Nasaat. An accomplished inventor who would often visit schools to speak with children about science, she saw opportunity in chuckdodge. It was Nasaat that invented the modern day cesta and shockball. Originally the Shockball was just meant to zap the hit player to make them flinch snough that a referee could notice and ensure the player stepped out of play, something which was desperately needed. The cesta on the other hand started toying with the idea of an ever increasing ball speed, though that was still more experimental.

    Decades later Nasaat’s designs had become standard for what were now shockball teams, and the Academic Shockball Circuit was born. Not much would change after that for a long while. There were incremental improvements like more advanced strategy, better padding and more clear cut rules. The most important thing that happened in this lull was the higher shock from the ball. Many teams started to treat their players with electro therapy so they wouldn’t flinch if they received a glancing blow, allowing them to occasionally get away with being hit. This eventually led to the sleep-inducing shock that is most well known today. Minor improvements would be made to the cesta as well, allowing it to launch the ball faster, they were also upgraded to count how long it maintained control of the ball making it easier to manage fouls.

    Eventually, the sport became so widespread that a professional league was created: the Galactic Shockball League. The success of this league in turn bolstered the popularity of amateur level play as well. The ASC began taking shockball teams more seriously and geared their programs more towards the grooming of future professional players than anything else. The ASC and GSL worked together to make a deal. When the GSL Draw was created, the ASC became the Journeyman’s Shockball Federation as a part of the agreement to become affiliates with the GSL. Ever since then players wanting to go pro are expected to spend time first with an academic club in the JSF and then enter the Draw.


    The JSF is made up of the best 64 teams in the galaxy, determined by a team’s average statistics. It does have a committee dedicated to regulating and managing the league, though unlike the GSL which is internally moderated, the JSF is part of the galactic school system and therefore is managed by government employees. Teams eligible to be in the year’s season must have 33 players, a school population of at least 10,000 and must have enough funding to support and maintain a shockball team. All teams are expected to do some form of community service or charity work as well. Though only 64 teams are broadcast on the HoloNet each year, every qualified team visits other programs to compete.


    The JSF has an office with representatives in every system that has 1 or more Shockball programs. Though the JSF itself does not own them each team should have a field conducive to the sport and up to code. It’s main offices are in a government owned building on Coruscant. With its partnership with the GSL, the top 64 teams that play in the public season get to use the arenas of the professional teams instead of their school fields. It however does not use their largest stadium for their championship, since it does not maximize profits, instead it uses a smaller one owned by a different pro team.

    There are hundreds upon hundreds of teams that fall under the JSF’s umbrella and each have their own name, players and staff like professional teams do. It has a strong affiliation with the galactic transit system as another government funded property that is necessary for visiting teams. It’s strongest affiliation of course is the GSL which gives them much of their traction as their canvases overlap heavily. Below are the currently established programs and clubs.

    Team Name:
    Notable Players/Staff:
    Current Roster:


    This write-up is made in conjunction with the lore write-up found here. My goal is to bring shockball to the site as I feel it can help flesh out the world and provide new rp opportunities both in pve and pvp. This organization functions more as a supplement to the other two organizations the GSL and Underground Circuit as I expect this to be used the least but could still be used as a backdrop for a present day thread or backstory detail or whatever members can come up with. This is why I have left the roster blank so that as others create the team they desire for their story I can enter it here to be referenced and used by others. I think shockball could be a cool addition to the site and this organization just helps to flesh out the concept and provide more freedom for future rp.