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    Jory Daveth was born on the river moon of Al'doleem to Alderaanian parents fleeing the oppression of the Sith Empire to join a then-burgeoning early iteration of the Galactic Alliance. His parents discovered his Force-sensitivity early in life, but, as the recovering Jedi Order was still in hiding in his youth, Jory received little in the way of instruction and his gifts were hidden by his parents to protect him from the watchful gaze of the Sith Order, as well as those within the fragmented rebellion who harbored ill-feelings towards those born with the gift of the Force.

    Despite increasing calls for war with the Empire, along with an uptick in militarization within the rebel cells, Jory was raised out in nature away from the violence and fighting. Well his parents' rebel friends generally looked down upon them for sheltering the boy, Jory was given as normal a childhood as their situation allowed, and they infused in him a love for nature and a reverence for the Force. Jory also received an education alongside other children of the rebellion, learning a skewed history of the Republic and the Jedi Order that had protected it. He learned to resent the Sith Empire and fear the dark side of the Force. But the Force within Jory refused to remain dormant despite his parents' best efforts, and he remained curious about these ancient religious orders and often wondered about his place in the galaxy.

    As a teenager, Jory grew resentful of his parents' coddling. The radicalized education he received from the other rebels made him want to fight the Sith and join the action. As he grew older, he began to accuse his parents of holding him back and making him weak. In turn, the feared that his resentment, anger towards the Sith, and hastiness towards combat might lead him down a dark path. In desperation, his mother told him about his Force-sensitivity and warned him the dangers of the dark side. While this tempered Jory's lust for battle for a time, his newfound knowledge caused him to yearn for an even greater destiny. The rebirth of the Jedi and the ultimate defeat of the Sith.

    By his late teens, it was clear that coherency was beginning to form between the various rebel cells scattered throughout the galaxy. Though he wasn't sure why (as the existence of a larger Galactic Alliance was not known even among the cells yet), Jory was inevitably drawn further into the growing rebellion. As his cell grew and merged with others, he met another young man, Kaeb, who quickly grew to be his closest friend. After a time, it was clear that he harbored more than just feelings of friendship for the other young man; but Kaeb was a pilot who actively flew missions for the rebellion, while Jory's tasks often kept him back at the base.

    Ironically, it was this that saved Jory's life and ended those of the ones he loved. Kaeb and Jory's parents were all involved in the rebel attack on Corellia, which got the rebels chased back to their base on Dantooine. Back on the moon of Al'doleem, Jory received the news of the devastation when the survivors returned to the moon to start again. Rent to pieces by his loss, grief and anger threatened to swallow up the young man until he was personally approached by Leah Reach, one of the rebel leaders and a secret Jedi Master. Reach had also lost at Dantooine and, having knowledge of Jory's Force-sensitivity, offered him a constructive way to avenge his parents and the person he had come to love. Jory obtained his dream of receiving Jedi training, but at terrible cost.

    Jory learned the ways of the Force under the handful of Jedi Masters that still lived and was sworn to secrecy. He also observed Leah from afar in an attempt to learn the politics of the rebellion. When the Galactic Alliance revealed itself and openly waged war on the Empire, Jory—having learned the dangers of his anger and thirst for revenge—chose to act as a diplomat for both the Alliance and the Jedi Order, securing secret allies and supplies behind the scenes while the rest of the Order went to battle against the Sith. Even his promotion to Jedi Knight went by quietly, without the fanfare that the other Jedi — heroes of the battlefield that they were — received upon their promotion.


    Jory Daveth is a tall fair-skinned, long-haired, and bearded human male. He has black hair and brown eyes, and he wears a traditional set of Jedi clothes: a blue and beige under-tunic, with a brown cloak draped over the top of it, and knee-high brown boots. His equipment is all worn on a brown Jedi utility belt that is tied around his waist.

    As a young man, Jory was brash, inquisitive, and hot-headed — all traits that his mother feared might put him on the same dark path as the Sith. However, loss and Jedi training have all but erased those traits. As a Jedi Knight, Jory is calm, patient, kind, and soft-spoken. He is thoughtful and intuitive, but is not known to be meek and is valued for speaking his mind on matters regardless of whom he might offend. Unlike the younger members of the recovering Jedi Order, Jory has learned the dangers of looking ahead to the future. His mind is always in the present and he often cautions younger Jedi about the dangers of trying to control the future or change their pasts. His present-mindedness gives him keen perception of the Force, which makes him useful in political and diplomatic matters.

    As one of the Alliance's diplomats, Jory is a good listener and rarely speaks (or acts) before he has heard the other side out or thoroughly investigated a matter. When he does act, he acts decisively, without conflict or quarrel. However, that does not mean he is a man without flaws. The loss in Jory's life constantly haunts him and he constantly struggles with his attachments. As a result, he has has closed himself off from the possibility of future romantic love and has even shunned the idea of taking a Padawan—both because he fears losing them as he did his parents and Kaeb, and also out of awareness to his weaknesses.

    However, this does not prevent Jory from being highly empathetic. To his late parents and to those who know him, Jory is known as a champion of the underdog and friend to the most unlikely of beings. He has a habit of befriending those who have tried to do him harm and seeing the good in people who otherwise appear entirely consumed by the dark side of the Force. To some, these traits appear to be forms of weakness. But, to Jory, they are simply part of his service to the Force—part of his role as a member of the Jedi Order.


    Jory Daveth is a powerful Force-sensitive. Though he is a Jedi Knight, and one with an affinity for diplomacy, he possesses powers and skills equal to that of a Jedi Master. Jory has ample telekinetic abilities, able to lift objects many times his weight or project withering telekinetic blasts of power in combat. He is also deeply attuned to the currents of the Force and can use it to sharpen his focus, detect the emotions of those around him, and sense harmful intent to those unable to conceal their thoughts. He can use the Force to disable droids, create protective barriers around himself and others, and even lock his targets in stasis as a sign of his Force aptitude. Finally, he can use the Force to influence the weak-minded on certain occasions.

    When pushed into lightsaber combat, Jory is well-trained and versed in Form IV, an athletic and aggressive style that was suited for ending combat quickly—a virtue he relishes. Despite his inclinations towards peace, he is not a Jedi to be taken lightly and can hold his own in almost any situation. His skill with a lightsaber is such that he can fend off two opponents at once, though doing so does not come with much ease.

    Beyond his Jedi skills, Jory is keenly observant—able to pick up details and solve puzzles that more hasty individuals might miss—and has a knack for negotiations, which makes him well-suited to diplomatic missions. Due to his time in the rebellion, he is a skilled enough pilot, though he loathes flying and will avoid it when he can. He is also able to make basic repairs on a starship but lacks the inclination towards heavy modifications that have become somewhat of a fad among members of the Galactic Alliance.

    He has above average skills in hand-to-hand combat, is decent with a blaster when forced to use one, and can speak Galactic Basic and Huttese. He can understand a variety of other alien languages thanks to his many years as a diplomat.


    Armor & Weapons
    Jedi robes
    Single-bladed lightsaber (blue blade)
    Standard issue Galactic Alliance comlink
    Standard issue Galactic Alliance datapad

    Ships & Misc.
    Antelope-class shuttle
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