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Discussion in 'Character Profile Archives' started by ZeroOrgan, Nov 25, 2017.

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    ► 23
    ► Human
    ► 5.9
    ► 132 lbs
    ► Ice blue
    ► Color
    ► Coruscant
    ► Female
    ► The Jedi Order
    ► Jedi Knight
    ► Strong, yet uncontrollable
    Jodariel the living embodiment of the quest for honor and glory. She seeks to bring honor to the Jedi name, and glory to herself as she adventures across the stars on her righteous and zealous quest to bring the influence of the force wherever she goes and spread good and peace throughout the galaxy by smiting the evil that is the Sith. She is very outgoing, confident and headstrong. She believes that life can be controlled by one's actions and can be led astray or on the right course by the resolve of the person. She has a heavy belief in the force, and though her connection with it is strong she has problems truly grasping control and strength from the force. She instead relies on her martial prowess to solve most of her problems. She is an expert duelist, favoring form 5 Djem So, using her well earned strength, clever counter attacks and parries she is a deadly duelist, though the form is physically exhausting and suffers against those who can outlast her. Where persuasion could have been used Jodariel would rather use her lightsaber to resolve the problem. She also strives to become the greatest Jedi duelist ever to exist to bring honor and glory to the name that is the Jedi order.

    Jodariel is not immune to the weaknesses that pray upon human nature. She is self conscious about failure and always upholding a "First place" standard. She believes that she must not fail, and she must always be the best she can to uphold her own pride and glory, and that if she is not the best she is the last. This perhaps is her greatest weakness, she fears that if she becomes too prideful and too competitive she might fall to the dark side, and so is constantly fighting her with competitive and prideful nature to uphold the stoic, calm Jedi nature. She is also very unreasonable, she believes that any problem can be solved with the straight forward "CHARGE" approach. To utterly push through any brick wall rather than finding a way around it.


    Jodariel was raised upon Coruscant among all of the other Jedi on the planet. Her father was a speeder mechanic and her mother was a Cantina waitress. They were a rather poor family and could not afford Jodariel a good education or upbringing. Constantly plagued by hungry nights and being mocked by fellow children for her family's lack of wealth she always strived to prove she was better than them. She was always so determined to make her family proud and to prove all those who made fun of her wrong she trained every day physically. If she was strong she could prove every one of them wrong in a fight as she wouldn't dare have a chance in a battle of wits. She always looked up to the Jedi's sense of peace, determination and power over the force. She fueled their inspiration for peace and justice into herself. She would make herself strong and determined to prove to her fellow peers and parents that she would not be mocked, and would be worthy of praise that would be sung from Cantina to Cantina.

    As Jodariel got stronger though she started to sway from the way that the Jedi strived for. She started causing trouble, throwing punches, getting into fights and most importantly, winning fights. Jodariel was strong and even stronger with a viroblade. One day Jodariel was tired of all of the abuse local gangs and richer citizens were causing her parents , so Jodariel devised a clever plan. She organized a fight club and challenged everyone who had threatened her family with verbal abuse and threats for credits. When the night came Jodariel had a line of twenty opponents and one by one they fell to her viroblade, to be hauled off to some local hospital to heal from their wounds. By the end of the night she was covered in cuts and bruises but she was still standing while all of her opponents were not. There was one last challenger, a robed figure in a hood with a mysterious nature about him.

    Jodariel at the time was too blinded by adrenaline to recognize the figure as a Jedi and once again, another duel began. It was swiftly ended though when a force push knocked the wind out of her and knocked her to the ground. She looked up in amazement as the figure looked down at her, stroking his beard as he spoke stoically. "I shall give you an offer. Join the Jedi order and fight for a just cause, rather than one of petty conflict. or face trial for the injuries you have inflicted upon these people"

    Jodariel stood up with her remaining strength, and without a second thought accepted the offer. Starting at the age of 16 she was made a padawann and quirky rose through the ranks of the Jedi order as an exemplar of bringing peace and defending those who could not defend themselves. Though she lacked a finer control of the force, her zealous ideals for peace and honor as well as her martial prowess she was quick promoted to a knight at the age of 23.


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    I certainly like the character. Vigilantes will always hold a spot close to my heart with their self-administered justice.
    However, I have a feeling that the Jedi would not be as motivated to accept someone who's primary objective was revenge. In order to truly accept the Jedi way, she would have to demonstrate understanding, kindness, and a reform from how she once viewed those that harmed her and others. It would be much more meaningful if, after fighting several people who wronged her, she would decide to spare one of the derelicts from injury and forgive them for everything they had done. Perhaps I'm wrong though. The Jedi are at war and they need all the help they can get after all, so I'll let the Jedi AFLs decide if the Jedi would accept her origin. Filling in her backstory more during her years as an Initiate and Knight might help justify why the Jedi chose to train her.

    She would technically be an Initiate when they first found her since Padawan isn't an official rank this timeline.
    Who knows, maybe we'll meet in a thread sometime and enact vengeance on some Sith.​
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    Hey there @ZeroOrgan! I have just have one quick comment before approval.
    • Bio: Nothing about the personality or biography stick out as truly troubling. My biggest question is what happened between ages 16 to 23. There is a TON that has happened to the Jedi in that time. Coruscant fell to the Sith about 10 years ago, Tython (the home of the Order) was destroyed, and the war started up again a couple of years ago. What was she doing during all of this? How did she survive the end of Tython? What has she been doing since? What is she doing now?
    Clear that little bit up and we should be good to go!