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    Criminal Heretics

    Name: Jedi

    Species: Various
    Sex: Various

    Known Affiliations: Rebels

    Known Associates: N/A

    Jedi, tyrannical dictators that once ruled the galaxy with an oppressive iron first. They were seemingly defeated when the glorious Sith rose up to fight for their freedom, but they have returned of late. Wielding the force in strange and barbaric ways they have once again inflicted terror and horror upon the galaxy. They have allied themselves with the Rebel and Mandalorian terrorists, committing numerous war crimes in their struggle to bring ruin. As such, the Old Empire is putting out an open bounty upon them and enlisting the good people of the galaxy in putting this menace down. They can be recognized by their distinctive non-red colored lightsabers and usage of the force. Be advised, accidental attacking of Sith agents will not be forgiven and those individuals who do so will be prosecuted to the fullest extent for their actions.

    Client Information

    The client is the Old Empire.

    • The client is rewarding credits equivalent for the purchase of a single piece of advanced technology per Jedi Lightsaber turned in along with an accompanying Jedi hand or head.
    *Be advised, turned in weapons will be subjected to comprehensive forensic analysis to ensure that multiple lightsaber bounties belonged to multiple Jedi. Attempts to game the system and cheat the Empire will result in severe consequences.

    OOC Target Information

    Link the relevant threads below where you have killed a Jedi or maybe just chopped off one's hand.
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    Thread: Honoghr Run
    Jedi Padawan: Dalo Claxus captured, hand removed along with lightsaber.
    Reward Desired: Quickdraw pistol

    Tagging @Phoenix as not sure if this bounty still stands since Narsi is no longer FL.
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    Thread: Done For the Day
    Jedi padawan/hopeful: Levi Solus, captured alive and incapacitated for later interrogation/possible imprisonment. Confiscated lightsaber without permanent injury to Levi.
    Reward desired: Stuka Cheskar