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 Sith Order Jayscreec Alecwit

Discussion in 'Approved Character Profiles' started by Ediwa, May 22, 2019.

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    _N A M E

    _F A C T I O N

    _R A N K

    _S P E C I E S

    _A G E

    _H E I G H T

    _W E I G H T
    155 LBS

    _G E N D E R

    _F O R C E_ S E N S I T I V I T Y

    B I O G R A P H Y

    Jaysreec grew up on Dromund Kaas with his twin sister in an average family. Despite the fact his father made a fortune by selling droids Jay turned to a local gang involved in slavery. He put a lot of effort into smuggling people, bribing guards and inciting fear in anyone who dared to speak. By the time he reached twenty he was imprisoned once.

    He has been sitting on a high horse. Jay was taking advantage of certain slaves and he did not try to hide it. He would only listen to his sister, but Odamia was not better than him either. They enjoyed spending a lot of time and money together.

    It only takes one night to turn over one's life. In this case, three. Jay - like always - got into a fight behind the local cantina because somebody gave him a look he did not like. This was the toughest opponent he ever faced and he was grounded. His memories are shrouded, but Odamia saved him. Once they gathered themselves they faced the opponent begging for her life. She admitted that she was a sith acolyte. "This was over nothing, let me live." Jay panicked because he knew what was coming if they find him. The gang, his sister, his family, everything was at risk. He pinned the body against the ground and held her throat. Odamia was watching until the acolyte went completely silent. She was dead.

    Within two days the siblings were arrested and brought to an underground settlement. It was suspicious how much attention a sith master paid to Odamia. Everyone lost interest in Jay. "You will be enrolled in the Sith Academy." She was given no choice, unlike Jay. He was offered pardon if he joined the Imperial war efforts.

    If Jay only knew the vast amount of crimes he is relatively free to commit he might have voluntarily enlisted. This bunch of misfits was exactly where he belonged. He loved every minute of fighting, learning survival and shooting big guns. He went through rigorous training and slightly changed for the better. As expected, he could use the experience he gathered as a gangster.

    P E R S O N A L I T Y

    Jay's iron willed. His stomach and body can take in so many things that the words "honor" and "principle" are completely erased from his dictionary. On long missions he tends to somewhat bond with his group, they rely on each-other enough to address by first names and not ranks. He takes care of dirty jobs involving similar personnel. He is rude and does not take responsibility, but it is often looked over because people like him are needed.

    A B I L I T I E S

    Dogfight — Jay has more experience than the average Joe, since he took part in numerous Navy operations where he fought ships in space.

    Reconnaissance — He knows a lot about avoiding surveillance and what he needs to do when gathering intelligence.

    CQB tactics — While marksmanship is not his best skill he is excels in fighting someone in close range.

    Special operations — A variety of tried breaching methods stand at his disposals.

    Underworld — Selling slaves from off world taught Jay many lessons about the underworld, such as where he should go when he needs something.

    Advanced interrogation — No, not the special interrogation serums or mind tricks. He is nearly a psychopath. Though violent behavior and well spent time with someone alone usually got the information.

    Bomb Squad — Defusing basic explosives, such as landmines or improvised explosive devices has been learnt long ago. He knows how to blow up bigger explosives relatively in safe ways.

    A S S E T S

    Standard gear:
    Operator belt:
    Tactical backpack:
    Armor's injector preloaded:

    Only taken in PVE or cPVP.

    T H R E A D S

    Deployment Ready 2 — Finished (Tech Rewards)
    Eating The Big Fish
    Five Sith Empire Mission Rewards — Finished (Tech Rewards)
    Three Sith Empire Mission Rewards — Finished (Tech Rewards)
    Enemy of My Enemy — Finished (Tech Rewards)
    Saving Commander Varo — Ongoing
    Dr. Kat Solari — Finished
    Wrath of Empires — Ongoing
    One Way or Another — Ongoing
    Terrorism in the Empire's Heart — Finished
    The Fall of Korriban — Finished
    Boarding a Mining Vessel — Finished
    Sick act — Finished (Tech Rewards)
    Imperial Envoy — Unfinished
    Deployment Ready — Finished Plot (Tech Rewards)
    Born For Greatness — Finished
    Gives You Hell — Finished
    Unsainted — Finished
    This Ain't a Scene — Finished

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    So it looks pretty good overall. The only thing you'll need to fix is that you cannot start with plasma grenades. They're considered advanced tech and you would have to do a tech plot to get those.

    So once you remove that then I think you'll be good.
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    Thanks for the fast response! I have changed it to a fragmentation grenade.
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    @Ediwa make sure you've linked where you've acquired your AT in your CS along with the link to the writeup.
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    It's under the 'threads' menu.
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