Jaris Leau Ziligua

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    Jaris Leau Ziligua

    Faction: Rogue
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 55-60 Kilos
    Age: 44 Standard
    Nickname: Zilua, Senator Leau
    Species: Zelosian

    Nice Clothes, bruv.

    Standing at roughly 1.70 meters, Zilua has a set of stark emerald green eyes, of the downturned variety. His eyebrows are straight, following the shape of his eyes, and are slightly thick, but not overwhelmingly so. His hair is colored a light brown, and more often than not styled into a pompadour, with the sides and back kept slightly shorter than the top. Zilua does indeed have a beard, kept in full, but kept short enough to not be able to style into a ducktail. He has somewhat of a farmer's tan, due to repeated exposure to the sun, and rather coarse skin. Due to his prior work, and daily exercise, Zilua does have a bit of muscle, but nothing to vie for.

    Zilua’s right arm, from the shoulder down, is replaced with a cybernetic arm, and while it’s nothing fancy, it isn’t an arm from a mainline company. Towards the end of his prior career, he had commissioned an Ugnaught engineer to build an arm that would, “Las’ a decen’ time, an’ get tha job done.” Aside from this limb, all of his other limbs and body parts are in the places they should be. Aside from physical appearances, Zilua tends to dress in a thin black leather jacket, with a white thermal shirt beneath, and a pair of black jeans. As for footwear, he often wears a pair of boots. Occasionally, he might wear a hoodie in place of the jacket. Accessory wise, Zilua might occasionally wear a silver ring, or perhaps a necklace with a sun pendant.

    So what, you have Depth.

    Zilua, at face value, comes off as aloof, not necessarily having any care for much. He doesn’t really have a filter when it comes to expressing his opinion, or when it comes to irritating other people, to which point he often ends up being an instigator, meaning if he finds something that annoys you, it will most likely come up again, and again, until you reach the breaking point. This behavior stems from a distinct boredom in day to day life, and so he takes it upon himself to create entertainment, in his own sense. Overall, though, Zilua tends to approach life with an abrasive sort of sarcasm, often making jokes at the expense of others. These traits are due to him being an ex-racketeer, a man who would profit from the suffering of others. If one were to breach his initial personality, they would find he happens to be a sincere man, with often questionable morals that show he at least cares somewhat. But only somewhat, as with all positive traits come negative traits. Yes, these were the positive ones.

    Zilua happens to fluctuate through emotions rather quickly, some might call it borderline bipolar, but this isn’t the case. Despite how much he might care for the subject, if something peaks his interest more, he will quickly change everything to match the tone of it. You might be talking about a podrace, and suddenly he might see a magazine about the senate, and the whole mood will change. Atop of this, Zilua is borderline psychopathic. He revels in a good barfight, even if he isn’t involved. Once he feels adrenaline rushing through his system, he might as well be a completely different person. It doesn’t help that he usually throws the first punch as well. As with all personalities, though, the reaction, and actions all come down to the situation, place, and time.

    How’d you get here?

    While the first years of his life are unrecorded, and unknown, by the time he reached age 10, he would be adopted on level 1997 of the ecumenopolis, Coruscant. Due to the scenery of the level, it should come to no surprise that he was adopted into a small crime outfit, who specialized in house clearing, robbery. By the age of 11, the group would have taught Zilua how to pick locks, and how to pick pockets. While the skills he had were barely worth mentioning, he would be put to the test almost immediately, and lo and behold, due to his small size, and the rudimentary knowledge he was taught, he would be very successful. By the age of 13, he would be in and out of houses like it was a simple hobby, and by 14 the outfit would have him strongarm the owners of said houses as other recruits would have cleared the building. But as all stories go, eventually law enforcement caught onto the operation, and had found and arrested most of the crime outfit. Luckily with the assistance of several other younger members, Zilua had escaped the crackdown. After a three year break of laying low, and doing jobs here and there for a local ‘Entertainment Industry’, Zilua and several ex-members of the crime outfit got back together, and decided to return to their old ways.

    About a year after regrouping the outfit, now made up of about ten people, they would proceed to buy out an old abandoned warehouse through pooling together funds. This warehouse would end up as their headquarters. As soon as they set up the warehouse with proper security (Doors with proper locks, holocams, assigned guards.), they moved in to set it up as a front. Within the two months this took, Zilua reaffirmed their name of the streets, initially by strong arming a few local shops, and mugging a few locals. They would be known as the Xeno Initiative, under Zilua, a.k.a Senator Leau. Following the reaffirmation, with the combined arms of the outfit, they would slowly built up a clientele list, often referred to as the tax collection book. Composed primarily of local business owners, and clubs, at the end of each week Zilua and a few others from the group would get together, and make their way around Level 1997, assaulting said owners, and collecting a fee, also known as the revenue tax. To the misfortune of the locals, and to the fortune of the Xeno Initiative, their sphere of influence would continually grow through the next 13 years, thanks to several strategic bribes, and black mailings. To the misfortune of Zilua, upon his thirtieth birthday, the Xeno Initiative would splinter due to a particularly jealous underling. A month after this splintering, an anonymous tip would have been sent to a significantly less corrupt sector of the Underworld Police. This would lead to a raid upon the Xeno Initiative Headquarters, causing the effective end of the outfit, as any remaining members would finally be captured.

    Following the raid, Zilua would be imprisoned. Due to his lack of loyalty, though, Zilua would whistleblow on the criminal actions of several other members in order to get a more lax sentence. This would lead to a simple five year sentence for assault and battery. Due to his track record, his imprisonment in RJCDC was relatively quiet, aside from an unrecorded riot, in which his cellmate was discovered mysteriously strangled in the max cell block. It was mysterious due to the fact that both Zilua and his cellmate were medium risk prisoners, held in the generic block. Upon his release, Zilua would return to Level 1997, and over the next two years, would work together the money to buy out a cantina. Since the day he bought it, he has been successfully running it with the motto, ‘When yah poor, yah sad, an’ when yah sad, yah drink.’

    Close-Quarters Combat
    Force Sensitivity
    Wordsmanship (Speaking Ability)
    Linguistics (Languages)
    Medical Knowledge
    Writing Ability

    Clothing and Accessories
    9.25 Inch Electroblade
    Two Packets of Sugar
    A deck of poker cards


    The Preferred Praxis
    Galactic City Confidential

    People he doesn't feel like killing:
    Tarek Lawson [For the time being.]

    Kill Count:
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