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    Jarek Ysirath

    Jarek Ysirath was a human male who lived during the Fires of Rebellion era. A descendent of Sith Knight Baalryc Ysirath, the twenty one year old Jarek has been sent to return his rebellious sister to their father, while harboring rebellious thoughts of his own.

    I have decided to keep this journal, in order to keep myself.


    “To be Sith is to accept that one is superior to others, and to live in such a way that leaves such certainty without a doubt in the minds of those you are superior to.” Words my father drilled into me since I was old enough to understand them. Old enough to remember. My youngest memory is of holding a training saber in my hands, cringing at the sound of father's voice as he chastised me for some minor flaw in my stance. I was good, with a saber, that became apparent as the years went on. But never good enough for him.

    His teachings never sat quite right in my heart, yet I had nothing else to believe, no truth to fall back on. So I accepted his words as true, and strove to prove that I was superior. I grew strong under his teaching, and continued to grow and learn once I reached the age to attend the Korriban Academy. There it was more of the same. To be Sith is to be superior, the same motto seeming to be the guiding principle in the minds of the students and teachers. But even then it never felt right.

    I excelled with a lightsaber, something that other students noticed early on. I was to become the benchmark against which many of them tested themselves. Yet always I held back, fighting to win, not to maim or kill. I never partook in the little cruelties my fellow students inflicted on eachother. Instead I spent my free time in the training rooms, running simulations against the training droids. Always learning. Striving to be “superior”. The academy instructors noticed all of it.

    When the time came, many of the instructors wanted to deny me the rank of Acolyte. But they could not deny my abilities. Begrudgingly they awarded me with my apprenticeship among the Sith, hoping that some Sith somewhere use my skill and teach me to embrace the Dark Side fully. But they didn't know the truth. And the truth was that... I was afraid. Not of any Sith lord or instructor. Not of my peers. Not of the myriad threats that may lay out in the darkness.


    I was afraid of myself.

    Well, not myself, but what I knew dwelled was afraid of what I could become.

    A monster.

    After Academy

    I returned home to a much disappointed father. He had of course kept tabs on my journey, as he had his other children and various relations. With my return he attempted to entrench me in his politics, another pawn in his game. A tool to be used. A weapon to be wielded.

    Not once did he attempt to be what I needed.

    A father.

    Destined to do his dirty work, I set upon the tasks that he assigned me with resignation. I did what he asked of me, but more often than not left him disappointed in my handiwork. He said I lacked passion, determination. I was too kind, too merciful. Too quick to forgive.

    I was a disappointment.

    Fine. I could handle being a disappointment if it meant I didn't have to kill and torture for him. Especially with the targets he always chose for me. Never did he send me after someone malicious or evil, they were all his friends. No, it was always good people, innocent people who just happened to be in his way.

    And then my sister.

    No, he didn't send me to kill her. Simply to bring her back to him. Another piece on the board, another tool, another weapon. It seemed she had the spine that I did not. She had ran away from him and never looked back. Her bravery inspired me. I would find her.

    But I would not bring her back.

    Powers and abilities

    Jarek Ysirath is not the smartest Sith acolyte, however what he lacks in brains he makes up for with in his skills. A competent duelist and force user, Jarek is versed in all forms of lightsaber combat, though he primarily focuses on Niman. He is no slouch with the force but handicaps himself with his reluctance to touch the dark side. He is equally competent as a hand to hand combatant as he is with a lightsaber. He can also fly, shoot a blaster, sneak around, and generally act Sithy, though he prefers not to do these things if it can be helped. Essentially he does the various things a Sith has to do, and is competent enough, but is just slow at it.

    Vector-class Shuttle
    Jarek's Marauder Armor
    • Double-bladed Crimson lightsaber - Interlocking sabers detach at the middle​



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