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    Jan Wyatt

    Member of the B'omarr Order

    "Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it's a sense of harmony."

    Jan Wyatt is a Human Male born on Ando Prime, wherein he was orphaned at a young age, and fell into the care of the B'omarr Monks of the Vandor Mountains. Simply having the name 'Jan' when he was delivered to the orphanage, he was to take the surname of his tutor, Brother Xi Wyatt, who became something of a father-figure to the young disciple as he grew up.

    Training in language, numerology and script (both of modern and ancient texts), Jan learned history from a young age, and by the time he was eight, could recite the Book of B'omarr from memory (a requirement in all new Monks). During his teenage years, Brother Wyatt (now having taken the rank of Master) began to tutor him in the orders martial practice, the form Zama-Shiwo, which he took to with great eagerness.

    As part of his training, Jan was to spend no small amount of time with Brother Tenju, of the Monasteries healers practice, wherein he was to learn basic medicines and other such skills of that school, before being allowed to undertake the Three Trials of the Whills, and thus put himself forward for the position of a fully fledged member of the order.

    Passing the trials as expected, Jan took to working in the Orphanage of the Vandor Monastery, giving back to the community which had raised him. Shortly after Jan turned thirty, Master Wyatt passed away, and Jan was expected to undertake a pilgrimage to lay the Monks ashes to rest, on the planet of his own birth - Kashyyyk, where the aged Master had lived in one of the very few Human outposts on the Wookiee World. As such, he began preperations for his first pilgrimage into the wider Galaxy, making ready to leave Ando Prime, for the first time in his life. Intent on teaching philosophy and the Bomarr way of life, he took the vow of a roaming teacher, which enabled him to charge for his teachings and writings, as well as to take property of his own.

    Heading out into the Galaxy, Jan chanced the thought that one day, like the sages of dwartii before him, he might make his own dynastic schola of his own.

    Personality & Skills

    Deeply committed to the cause and to his faith, Jan is a spiritual man, caring much for those about him, no matter who they are. Striving to leave an ethical and moral life, he abhores combat unless it is unavoidable, however is reasonable proud of his own abilities in this field. Intelligent, able to communicate in basic only, yet read a great many ancient and modern languages, he is a skilled physical combatant, being fit and able both mentally and physically.

    A practisioner of Zama-Shiwo he is, thanks to his training in this field, force-attuned, and has a very low medichlorian count. Able to 'feel' the movements of the force around him, which in turn gives him forwarning of ill meaning toward himself and others, he does not have the abilities to command a greater mastery of the Force, only to feel its movements and presence in the Zama-Shiwo way. He stands around 5' 3'' and weighs around 70 ibs.

    Jan makes friends easily, and is a pleasant person to be around - not judging others, and lacking the militancy of his faith some might expect. Respectful of the beliefs of others, he feels that through observation and involvement, one can learn more than through control and dictation. He is a talented healer, though falls short when it comes to technological skills.

    Equipment & Assets

    Lacking much by way of personal belongings (a situation he one day hopes to change), he owns only a set of robes and a changing set, alongside two vibro-daggers and a staff crafted from Uneti Wood, which he uses as a walking aid and as a combative weapon. He does not own a speeder or space ship, and does not trust droids. He makes use of a datapad and a grappling line, and carries at all times a copy of his orders holy book, the 'B'omarr'.
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