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    NAME: Jake
    FACTION: Jedi Hopeful
    RANK: padawan?
    SPECIES: human
    AGE: 18
    GENDER: Male

    Brown hair, green eyes and smooth pale white skin. thin but not scrawny.

    Growing up in war meant that Jake is physicall fit though most of his training goes towards being as agile as he can be. Mentally Jake is fast study and though he has not had a normal education he is smart and informed. A strong will and a sense of right and wrong make Jake seem stuborn but he is willing to change his mind on many things if it does not conflict with his ideas of morality

    Jake lakes self confidence and all ways thinks the worse of him self. He sees him self as a failure. He is easily startled and frightened but even so he is brave. When the chips are down Jake is willing to stand up for what he believes and refuses to let his fears hold him back. Jake enjoys learning and arts, he loves all things of beauty and the nature

    Jake has a hard time dealing with his dark past, he has nightmares about the things he has seen even so he is driven to find something though he does not know what. Something is calling him.

    Born on Coruscant and a descendant of the Jedi Knight Ekaj Jake never knew his family. His family died in a riot on the lower levels and Jake was sent to a orphanage at a young age He was found to be force sensitive and taken from his fate as a orphan. He was raised in cruel ways of the Sith, taught there under standing of the force there way of live and though not the best fighter Jake was smart and a had a good under standing of the force even if he was not strong in it. This in a strange way was a gift, he was never seen as a threat but his academic skills met others came to him for help.

    Even though he was while trained in the force Jake was not seeming strong in it, not like the others. His book knowledge did not translate in to raw power. Even so he was chosen by a master. The event both shocked Jake and the others. It seemed His master wanted a apprentice that would aid him in his missions but never be a threat. And it worked Jake being a quick study learned to think like the targets they went after, rebels, spies ordinary people just trying to survive. The issue was Jake did not learn how to think like there targets he empathized with them. It start slow but Jake started to grow disillusioned with the sith, though he was wise enough to keep this to him self.

    Jake lived in fear his master would realize some thing was up. Though nothing came from it because though his master made sure his apprentice would not stab him in the back with a light saber it was his front he should of been worried about. Jake did not know why he did not ask he did not watch. He knew his master was doomed. As he ran he heard his master call out for his aid, then curse him before silence other than the hum of the crimson blade that took off his head. Jake never saw that though nor heard the laughs. He ran he left so fast he had nothing on him other than the cloths on his back. First ship he found he stole so he could run faster and farther.

    In space Jake did not know where to go. but he felt free, liberated at peace. Flying out he was guided not by a chart but some thing else. Find a place to rest he mediated but with out the influence of the dark side his meditated dreams where not filled with darkness, hate or anger but a calm inky blackness with a light growing ever brighter and larger in his mind. Still it did not help him since he was now lost but at peace.

    In the end Jake found refuge with his former enemies the Galactic alliance and the Jedi order. He is still drawn to some thing though a calling from the force. This calling led Jake to master Luy of the Jedi order who started Jake down the path to becoming Jedi. Though during this time Jake all so served the GA as where his knowledge on the Sith and the empire and his flying skill where useful

    medical: Jake is learned in standard first aid

    Marksmanship: Haven trained with the GA Jake though no sniper is a very good shot

    Piloting: though still young Jake as spent a lot of time flying and is a great pilot

    Hand to hand combat: Though not strong Jake is agile and under stand how to use his opponents weight against him means Jake can hold his own against the average adult

    Dueling: While strength is use fill in the use of a lightsaber it is not vital and a agile dueller can still be deadly. Even so lack confidence and youth hold him back

    Mechnical: both from book learning and practical use in the field Jake is good at maintain and fixing things to keep them going.

    The force: Haven moved over to light side few of the force Jake is becoming very proficient in the force

    Simple clothing

    Light combat armor

    vibro knife

    Vibro sword

    Quick Draw Blaster pistol
    GA Reward
    2 extra mags

    -- The Content Below is Optional, but Encouraged!--


    stolen light freighter
    Fighter when need



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    There is a bit in the bio about his Master getting attacked and him running away, I think you forgot to add a line or two there as you don't really explain how the master was attacked and why he wasn't able to follow your character when he fled. Secondly, his abilities are all on par with an average adult. From the bio it doesn't really look like he had a great deal of training, but he seems to have a knowledge of pressure points, theoretical knowledge of stuff and that puts him on par with an adult. I'd like it if you either aged him up to like late teens or make him more in line with a 14 year old.

    Also, the dark side corrupts, even if he has used it on an irregular basis he is corrupted and it will take a great deal of effort to get rid of that taint. It can make for an interesting story, but you'll be expected to play that out properly, there will have to be a struggle to gain redemption.
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    ".....heard his master call out for his aid, then curse him before silence other than the hum of the crimson blade that took off his head. ....." His master was killed

    made changes and i under stand he is corrupted.
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    Did you change anything in the abilities? Looks almost the same to me.

    And that is indeed the line I was talking about. I got that he was killed, what I was asking for was some clarity in how. But never mind, doesn't really matter.
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    Removed the knowledge on biology so know he is only trained in basic first-aid, removed the pressure point party hand to hand. So now he is just a kid who knows how to fight. He could best a average man in a fight but if that guy knows how to fight he would loose.
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