Sith Empire Jack Fields

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    Nar Shadda
    457 ABC

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    1.67 meters
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    The Sith Empire

    Jack Fields

    "Sir! Orders sir!?"
    —Lieutenant Fields to Commander Varo⁽0⁾

    Jack Fields was a male human lieutenant in the Imperial Navy living during the Fires of the Rebellion era. He was born on Nar Shadda, and worked small jobs to make money. He joined a Imperial Academy, and was enrolled on the Command Track. After graduation, he was assigned to the Violator, a Nefarious class-frigate commanded by Commander Varo, and shortly reassigned to Crusader Milo Vemic-Drast. Jack served aboard the ship and off the ship as Commander Varo's second-in command.


    He grew up on the dirty and corrupted streets of Nar Shadda. His parents were hustlers and did odd jobs just to make ends meet. Jack traveled around the galaxy with his parents who did everything from smuggling illegal weapons to illicit substances. Jack was not happy that his family was poor, and that they had to do illegal practices to make money, so he left his parents at the age of 16. Jack wandered around the galaxy in his freighter, visiting many worlds. Jack liked flying ships, and so he joined a Imperial Academy.

    Jack started as a cadet at the age of 17, attending the Imperial Academy on Coreilla. The results from his aptitude tests and rigorous entry exams, Jack was enrolled on the command track. He would be starting out as a fresh lieutenant. Jack loved flying small fighters, but loved being in command of a larger ship. Five years after Jack enrolled in the academy, he was placed on a lesser known frigate assigned to an even lesser known captain.

    Jack originally was fighting on the Imperial Republica's side, but with the unification, he was switched over to the Old Empire. Through the years, Jack worked hard, and showed courage. Jack was transferred over to a new ship, a Nefarious class-frigate that was commanded by commander Varo. Jack liked Varo, and the two became friends. Commander Varo placed Jack as the second in command as he had shown great achievements. Jack stayed with Varo even when the ship was given to Sith Crusader Milo Vemic Drast, a up and coming Sith who supposedly given command of the frigate by the emperor himself.

    Jack Fields is knowledgeable in the mechanics of the Imperial Navy. His personality is much like Commander Varo, which is why both stick close together. Jack is a by the books officer, and would not hesitate to report on his fellow officers. He is easy going, and likes to drink. Jack gambles for fun, but does not do spice. He is a good friend to talk to at bad times, and his smile can make anyone feel at ease. Jack's quick with a joke, and makes one to many witty comments on the bridge. He's quick with a blaster, and knows three languages.