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    CASE FILE #648793
    Varro, Jace

    • Jace Varro is wanted for questioning regarding the murder of his father one Anton Varro.
      Last seen purchasing room aboard a cargo freighter bound for Hutt space..............
    • Password:********

      Clearence Verified


      • AGE
        ► 17
        ► Human
        ► 5'9"
        ► 140 lbs
        EYE COLOR
        ► Green
        HAIR COLOR
        ► Light Brown
        ► Randon
        ► Male
        ► Hutt Cartel
        ► Basadi
        ► Negatory
      • Jace Varro grew up in a abusive home, his father Anton a heavy drinker and security officer for the city, blamed the boy for the death of his wife, never caring for Jace as he should have, speaking to the boy only to demean or hurt, he would slap him around when drunk, pinning his failings on Jace.
        The young boy eager for positive attention fell in with the loose brotherhood of thieves in the speedier parts of the city, taken under the wing by a Bothan street boss called Myl, teaching the boy how to steal, slice, speak Bothese and Huttese, he plungedbywad first into the criminal underworld.
        By age fourteen Jace had been arrested over the years numerous times for various crimes, the crimes escalating in illegality, this did nothing but further strain the father and son's relationship, on his fifteenth birthday he and a fellow thief stole some alcohol got drunk and then proceeded break into a liquor store, only to be caught in the act by one of the few friends of his father, taking Jace home instead of I to the station again. his father drunk, bid his friend goodbye and turned on his son striking him in the face knocking the boy out.
        waking up the boy picked himself up from the floor, drunk and angry something in Jace snaps, creeping into his father's room he picks up Anton's blasters, taking aim he pulls the trigger.
        gathering all the credits he could find, his new blasters and a picture of his mother, the boy heads to the streets, meeting up with Myl, the Bothan helps Jace to secure passage to Nar Shadaa and gives him a contact in the city. On the trip The new outlaw procures a Hippeus protective kit from and old swoop bike rider, that combined with his blasters would hopefully get him taken seriously.
        Upon arriving he meets Myl's contact, a human Vigo, Deltyn Kurz. Assigning him as a courier the boy was stuck there for two years, in those two years he managed to customize his Hippeus kit, study up on droids, and collect a couple of useful tools.getting fed up with his boring job angry at being passed by, he snuck a peek at a missive to an assassin Deltyn favored, the target was a nobody Basadi who's skimming had been discovered, and Jace knew where he lived, having delivered there before. This was his chance, the man unaware of his skimming having been discoverd answered his door for the courier, expecting a letter he got three Blaster shots two to the chest, and one to the head just to be sure. Returning with his prize, Deltyn was happy the thief was dead, he was also understandably angry that Jace had read the message, So while Deltyn made him Basadi, he docked his pay for a few months so as to be seen as being punished.
        Finally a true Cartel member Jace sets his sights on the higher positions in the Cartel.
      • Jace Varro stands nearly six feet tall with light green eyes and light brown hair kept Short to not interfere with his helmet, he wears black pants, plain shirt white shirt and black jacket over his Custom Hippeus Protective Kit. He walks with the confidence of a killer, and a youthful face that seems out out or place in the criminal world.
      • Varro learned at a young age that he had to look after himself, and trusting people was (usually)a bad idea,
        The affable and cocksure youth is self conscious about his youth, Varro attempts to cover for this by drinking, and smoking in an attempt to appear older than he is.
        Morally ambigous, he has no problem doing what others won't.
        Varro has a cutthroat business acumen, and has no qualms killing those who threaten his advancement in the Cartel, whether that be deadbeat debtors, or the competition.
        While he often wonders on how his life would be different had his mother not passed, he has accepted his lot in life, and is willing to do anything to make a name for himself within the cartel, by any means necessary.

        • Blaster pistol proficient
        • Mechanical knowledge
        • Slicing knowledge

        • Acquire a Security droid
        • Get a better place to live
        • Become Vigo
        • Acquire Slicers deck

        • Basic
        • Bothese
        • Huttese
      • ........

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