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    Age: 28
    Species: Human
    Faction: Jedi Order
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    Level: 3
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 182 lbs
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    • Born on the Core World of Chandrila to a pair of potters who understood very little about the special powers their son displayed from an early age, Jace Tokani was identified by the Jedi Order from a very young age. Promising him a good future and that there was nothing wrong with him, his parents reluctantly gave over their son to the Jedi so he might be trained to control his special powers for good. Jace barely remembers anything of his life before being a Jedi; he was so young his few memories are a hazy blur that he sometimes remembers as a half-forgotten dream. Though he is told he missed his parents a lot those first months, he quickly adjusted to his new life and took to his lessons and making friends. As a youngling, Jace showed much potential in his Force Sensitivity and ability to comprehend the lessons he was being taught. His own control over the power was fairly typical for a boy of his age, showing no special aptitude, but an eagerness and willingness to learn what was put in front of him. As he grew he began questioning the lessons he was given, seeking the meaning behind them; the reason they were created, their purpose, and how it would make him a better Jedi. Sometimes, however, these questions would cause some displeasure with the teachers and often times he would butt heads with his instructors as he pushed against certain lessons. While not nearly rebellious enough to be considered a "bad" student, he was certainly not a star pupil; he had too many outbursts or scenes for that.

      Though he was a little awkward growing up, Jace made friends fairly easily, and showed an easy casualness to his interactions which helped put others at ease around him, and a compassion which showed those he spoke to that he genuinely cared about them. It was a trait he brought with him as he grew; he wanted to help people with their issues and their problems. Later on, he would describe himself as a "fixer" wanting to try and fix the issues he would see in people, but only if they wanted his help. He had enough wisdom to know that sometimes a person needs to work their own way through things.

      When he was 11 years old, Jace went to Ilum with a few other Younglings and a Jedi Knight to collect Kyber crystals. There he delved into the freezing caves in search of his own crystal so that he could build a lightsaber of his own. One by one, he was separated from his companions and forced to explore the labyrinth of icy tunnels by himself, the cold weather gear he had been provided with providing just enough insulation that he did not die a slow death, but nothing more than that. It was uncomfortable for Jace, and he found himself cold, alone, and lost in the darkened caves. Fear overtook him, and for a time, he panicked, running aimlessly through the caves as he searched for where his companions were, or a way out, but could find none. Finally, when he had lost all hope, he remembered a lesson he had learned earlier about trusting in the Force. Collapsing to his knees, Jace closed his eyes and released his fear, and his own preconceptions, surrendering himself to the Force and allowing it to guide him forward. Allowing the energy, which so richly moved through the crystal caves, to guide him, Jace stood and began walking forward. His fear was gone, in its place was a surreal sense of confidence that he had never experienced before. As he focused on the Force, and felt which way it was pulling at him, he let himself be led deeper into the caves. Soon, he found himself in a glittering cave, a small light source just ahead of him causing the cave to glow faintly and for the light to reflect off the icy surfaces. Approaching the light, he found that it was a small crystal, almost like it was calling out to him. Taking it into his hand, he felt a warmth, a sense of peace he hadn't noticed before, and suddenly the cave itself began to glow even brighter as dozens of other crystals began to glow, guiding him out of the caves and towards the entrance. With the crystal in hand, he made his way back to the waiting Knight who congratulated him on his success. Later, on the trip back to the Jedi Temple on Ossus, Jace would construct his first lightsaber; its blade would be a blue color. With his new lightsaber, Jace began training in the more advanced aspects of lightsaber combat, dabbling a little in each, but preferring Form III and V as he felt it would help him the most with the war.

      Training intensely over the next five years, Jace became a better Jedi, though he still questioned everything and got into intense debates with some of the instructors, but his intentions were good, and he made it clear that he was merely trying to become a better Jedi. After all, to be a better Jedi Knight, Jace would need to better understand the purpose and meaning behind the lessons and teachings, the paradigms and maxims of the Order.

      At the age of 16, Jace was knighted along with several other Jedi and he decided to join with the other Guardians to push back the Exiles. He did this because he wished to take a more proactive role in the war, reasoning that it would the best way to help the Galaxy and provide the peace they were supposed to protect. Now that he had dedicated himself he began to throw himself into his combat training; his free moments often sparring or going through the rigorous high-level drills and katas of Form V, eventually developing his own unique fighting style based on the core elements of the form. He would often try to balance this training with more combat-focused Force training to better improve his ability to use and rely on the Force when in combat against the Jedi Exiles.

      The next six years would see Jace grow as a Jedi, and witness horrible atrocities on both sides. Eventually, the war would lead to the climactic showdown on Ilum. It was a terrible reminder of reality and the ruthlessness of their enemy. He was on the battlefield when Syresh betrayed the Jedi Order and activated the weapon. What happened next, Jace remains oblivious to as he was knocked unconscious from a powerful telekinetic blast, he only remembers waking on the battlefield, everyone else around him dead; Jedi and Exile alike. When he met with the other survivors, he learned of Syresh's betrayal and felt both horrified and disgusted; both with himself and with the Order.

      Taking a sabbatical, Jace left the Jedi Temple on Jedha and began wandering the Galaxy, focusing more on the deeper aspects of the Force, doing what good he could while trying to keep his head down and not draw attention to himself, or the fact that he was a Jedi. He kept in touch with some of his friends from the Order, and heard of the many things that happened over the next five years. His travels gave him a new perspective on life in the Galaxy, and how things really work when one gets down in the muck. Now after five years away, he returns to the Jedi, a jaded person, and one who doesn't care as much for the rules, and is more interested in results. His power and skill has grown over the years, but he knows he still has much to learn. He's hoping to help the Order weather and withstand the coming future, and do what he can to make a difference now that he has a new perspective, and has seen what happens when good people do nothing. During these travels, Jace traveled to Dantooine where he collected a second kyber crystal with which he constructed a green lightsaber.

    • Jace is a man who stands up for what he believes is right, but knows that the world is much more complicated than simple right and wrong. Returning from his leave, he is now more jaded, and sees that the Galaxy operates on shades of grey. This does not stop him from trying to be the best Jedi he can be, but he knows that clinging staunchly to a creed that would force one to never bend the rules will get him no where. He enjoys learning about the Force, and is a sponge when it comes to knowledge, accepting as much as he can where ever it presents itself; though that's not to say he does so with abandon or foolishness.

      A fairly charismatic man, who is easy going and laid back, most people find Jace to be enjoyable to be around. If one thing can be said about him that is a flaw it is that he is far too curious and far too caring, making him want to know everyone's problems, and then try to fix them. His curiosity also affects his studies as he tries to delve deeper to understand every lesson and every encounter. He tries not to take anything too seriously, and even his failures and rejections he takes in stride, very rarely being drawn into anger or bouts of frustration (though that's not to say he can never be angry or frustrated). Simply put, Jace is a fairly well-balanced and zen Jedi, who enjoys companionship.
    • Jace is a built man of slightly above average height. A life of fighting and training to be a warrior has left him in top physical condition, and even while out on his sabbatical, Jace has maintained his form; ever ready for whatever fight he might come across. He has long dark hair he typically pulls back behind his ears, or on occasion bind it into a short ponytail to keep it out of his face. His beard is usually in varying states of scruff, ranging from a weeks worth of stubble to a month growth. He has azure blue eyes which seem reflect his mood, either being alight with happiness, or dulled to a grim solemness.

      Normally, he wears dark colors, and he avoid wearing his robes in public due to the natural distrust the Galaxy currently has against most Force Users, Jedi or Exile. Even when he wears his robes, he tries to look as little as a religious monk, than simply a poor vagabond who is simply trying to pass through.

    • Hand to Hand: Skilled. Trained to be a Guardian, Jace has had excellent training in hand-to-hand, often using the Force to augment his abilities. He has used it extensively on both Exiles and non-Force Sensitives. Though he is able, he much prefers using his lightsaber.
      Lightsaber Combat: Advanced. Jace excels in lightsaber combat having used it on many occasions during the campaigns against the Exiles. He primarily uses a modified style of Form V, often times using just one lightsaber, but at times will use both of his weapons when he feels it will give him an advantage over his opponent, or when he is outnumbered and the second blade is required.
      Force Powers: Due to his focus of bladework over the course of his career as a knight, Jace's command of the Force isn't nearly as powerful as it could be. Though, that is not to say it is limited by any stretch of the imagination. Most of his powers relate more to combat, or augmenting himself for a fight. He has great skill in telekinesis, capable of moving decently sized objects, or with enough focus, targeted attacks with the Force. As would be natural for a former Guardian such as him, he also has considerable talent in augmenting himself physically for combat, be it strength, dexterity, or alacrity. A new set of powers he is just learning to control is the ability to deceive the mind into believing something is there when it's not. This is a skill which requires a lot of focus, and is very difficult for him to perform; an easier application of this ability is his ability to create and mimic noises such as a snap or pop, or even the sound of a creature. In addition, Jace is decent with mind tricks, capable of convincing the weak minded that what he says is true.
      Piloting: Jace is a decent pilot. He is no ace, but he knows his way around a starship or a fighter.
      Languages: Basic, Huttese, Binary, Ryl, Rodian

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