Introducing the Sith Empire!

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    For five hundred years, the Sith Empire grew and spread its influence across the galaxy unchecked. Their ancient enemies, the Jedi, were gone and thought to be long extinct. The Republic and Hutt Cartel were conquered and absorbed. The dark side of the Force reigned supreme across the stars with seemingly no one to stop it. The success of the Empire's spread and reign is a testament to the first Sith Lords who laid its foundations, but the Lords that came after them are just as vital to explaining the conflict that now embroils the galaxy.

    The Empire's history is vast, as are the names of the Sith and Imperials who helped to build upon the foundations laid by the first Sith Empress, Andraste. Two such names belong to her descendants: Vesemir and his son Azarn, the founders of the modern Imperial war machine. The Empire had first gained a powerful military and fleet thanks to the work of the members of the first Dark Council, but Lord Vesemir and his son took the rough military and fleet those early Lords had built and revolutionized it into an unstoppable military and navy whose sole purpose was to bring stability to a galaxy wracked by centuries of war. With a powerful and organized military and navy, the likes of which the galaxy had never seen before, the Empire made quick work of their remaining enemies. And when the dust settled, the Imperial Starfleet remained as a constant reminder of the might the Empire could bring to bear against those who challenged it.

    With stability temporarily won, the Sith Empire turned to managing the entire galaxy: a feat that had not yet been successfully preformed by any government, including the Republic. To managed its vast territories, the Empire was divided into three prefectures: the Imperial Republica, consisting of the worlds of the former Republic; the Imperial Hutta, consisting of the Outer Rim Worlds formerly held by the Hutt Cartel; and the Old Empire, consisting of the Sith Worlds from which the Sith Order arose. Sith governors were assigned to smaller sectors to oversee affairs at the local level, and, for a time, this system of direct governance and fear of the fleet kept the galaxy in order.

    During the peace time, the Emperor Elix Drast, firstborn son of the Empress Andraste, moved the Imperial capital to Coruscant and left the throne on Korriban to his brother Damion. While their relationship was amicable, the relationship between their bloodlines would not remain that way. The Drast Dynasty of Sith Emperors and Empresses held the throne for the next five centuries. But their reigns were not without disaster. Blood-feuds were common.

    During one such blood feud, the practice of polygamy, first instated by the first Sith Empress, was abolished when the reigning Eternal and wife of the Emperor murdered another of the Emperor's wives out of jealousy and spite while the latter was in childbirth. Successive blood feuds between other branches of the dynasty were so destructive and thorough that they wiped out entire branches of the family.

    I believe these blood feuds are directly related to the conflict brewing within the Empire today. But there is another component that is equally important to discuss. The dark side of the Force does not favor bloodlines. While it is true that the first Sith Empress had incredible dark power, as did those she consorted and surrounded herself with, such was not always true of her descendants. This is because the fundamental nature of the dark side is that its power is not shared or gifted by birth; only one can wear its mantle—the strongest, and, for centuries, it was not always the strongest who ruled from Coruscant.

    The dark side stoked conflict within the Sith and the Drasts to cull the weak from the strong. And, soon, a new ideology emerged out of the ruler of the Old Empire: a distant cousin of the current Emperor on Coruscant. This Sith Lord contested that the throne of the Empire should be seated by only the Sith who truly commanded the full power of the dark side. This "Rule of the Strong," as it was called, gained a following within the Old Empire, whose denizens felt neglected after the center of Sith government was moved to Coruscant. Slowly, a schism formed between the two prefectures of the Empire: with the Imperial Republica supporting the ruling dynasty and the royal line of succession, and the Old Empire supporting their Lord's axiom that only the strongest should rule the Sith, be they Drast or other.

    As both sides became more polarized, fighting broke out between the two prefectures. These flashpoints and small skirmishes led some within the Dark Council to believe that the Empire was spiraling towards civil war. As you can now see, there are many facets to this conflict. Rebellion is brewing, a revolt among the Mandalorians is underway, and the Empire sits at the door of civil war. With all three sides on edge and waiting for the others to budge, a final incident located in the Old Empire pushes all of them too far, engulfing the whole galaxy in the blaze of war. This incident will be the subject of my final report...

    — Master Saa'liss​

    Introducing the Sith Empire!

    By far, the Sith Empire is the largest faction of the eighth timeline, rivaling the Galactic Empire from the Original Trilogy era. It is divided into three territories: Imperial Republica, Imperial Hutta, and the Old Empire. These regions are culturally distinct despite being part of the same Empire. The Imperial Republica, being based in the Core, is more human-centric and xenophobic, for instance, while Imperial Hutta is dominated by alien culture and species. Those dedicated to the old ways of the Sith species live in the Old Empire.

    Because of the faction's enormous size, it is ruled by two (2) faction leaders. One rules from Coruscant and is the legitimate ruler of the entire Empire. The other rules from Korriban and is a would-be usurper who wishes to see the Imperial throne shift away from a bloodline dynasty to what he calls the "Rule of the Strong." Meanwhile, an NPC leader rules from Imperial Hutta.

    Will you play a loyalist who sides with the ruling family of the Sith Empire? Or do you, like those in the Old Empire, believe that the power of the dark side can only belong to one—the strongest, and only the strongest shall rule? Or will you seek the opportunity to rise up in the lawless lands of Imperial Hutta? That is the conundrum that will first face you as members of the Sith Empire upon the timeline's launch!
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    So, does this mean that a 3rd FL position is available for Imperial Hutta?
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    It will be NPCed as per the announcement. I’d imagine someone has to put in the work if they want to be leader of it via plots and stuff.
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    The Old Empire is an even better fit for the dude I'm looking to make than I hoped! Rule of the strong indeed ^_^
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    Question: Is there such a thing as 'Imperial Intelligence', and do all Imperial factions have it of some kind?
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    The Sith Empire write-ups are still under construction. We will release more details on the faction closer to time, so stay tuned!