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    The Intergalactic Banking Clan (also known as the Galactic Banking Clan, Banking Clan and often abbreviated to IGBC or IBC) was a galaxy spanning financial corporations, and one of the most influencial corporations in the known galaxy. Serving as a union of the ruling council of Banking Clans on Muunilist, and numerous other affiliated banking powers, it drew its name from its intergalactic influence - with the clan controlling assets all across the galaxy.

    Controlled primarily by the various Muun 'banking houses', it boasted a sizable 'collections division', which was in effect a small security force and army that imposed the will of the bank onto its debtors. The clan has long been involved in the affairs of business and government across the galaxy, only fallen silent in the past five to six-hundred years, with the rise of the Sith Empire forcing the bank to take a less public role in galactic affairs in order to avoid provoking the sleeping that is the Sith Empire.


    The Banking Clan operates by offering a variety of services, mostly focused around the provision of massive amounts of currency - in whatever form that might take. As an institution, it is controlled by leading members of the Muun banking families, who extend their financial services to government, corporations and guilds across the known galaxy. It is suggested by many that the banks have their influence felt in some what or another, pretty much everywhere, with the majority of currency having at some point or other in its circulation, having passed through the bank or its allies.

    Standing side by side with the staff of the IBC can be found armoured and armoured Iotrans, serving as a sizable enforcment force to ensure that debts are collected on time, and the assets of the bank protected from external threats. The bank is staffed primarily by Muun, who fill the role of financiers, accountants and lawyers - and much more. The bank is lead by a council of five leading clan members, topped by a Chairman who sits at the head of the hierarchy.


    For the IBC, pretty much everything is 'strictly business', and it is this concept that guides their ethics. Seeing the increase in value to the shareholder, protection of the depositor, and punishment of the debtor as the rules that guide them, the IBC tends to following a cutthroat business model that is morally grey at best. Furthermore, its board is prone to turning a blind eye with regard to those who break the law to secure greater profits. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the board to send unethical employees into 'holding companies' affiliated with the IBC, allowing the practices to continue at arms reach of the IBC itself.


    Founded several thousand years ago during the foundation of the Galactic Republic, the Clan has been around for millenia - its fingers in many pies, and its influence seen throughout history. Initially, the bank positioned itself as the mediator between the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim, facilitating the transition of credits to and from these regions as the period of galactic colonisation sent the economy of the galaxy into fever mode. The clan was to serve as a storage point for the wealth of the core, the prestigious mineral wealth of Muunilst meaning than the IBC was on handto bankroll the foundation of new colonies, and furthermore - facilitate the generation of wealth across the mid-outer rim.

    Bankrolling new corporations, many modern staple companies we all know and love, saw their initial funding stemming from the IBC. As time went on, the banks influence grew and grew, new banks forged and folded into the clan, holding companies established and ever more intitiatives to ensure the IBC was there, watching as the galaxy went about its business. The Sith Empire, under the House of Drast, was to see a change in the clan, its aggressive tactics that ensured - following the Republics fall - that the galaxy stayed under heel, leading the bank to take a less direct role in enforcing their will.

    Since then, the bank has become more discrete, operating in the shadows, and biding its time, until a more tolerant government, takes controls.


    The bank boasts assets beyond counting, in terms of financial means and the companies it has stakes and interests in. It is fair to assume that it has, in one form or another, a presence on most worlds - through its member banks and subsidiaries. However, by far its most notable assets, would be its vault on Muunilist, at which the Council of Five meets and passes its business. The IBC also boasts a sizable mercenary force, however, thanks to the supremacy of the Sith Empire in the region, much of this force is concealed from public sight, mercenaries used and contractor employed, so as to prevent provocation.


    To create a new evil corporation, that can serve as a villain in plots, an employer or a target for theft - assuming that there are branches of the IBC on most worlds to be stolen from.

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    This is a neat write-up in essence and introducing the Banking Clan in the TL is a great idea. Lots of story potential there.

    I'll approve this organisation with the stipulation that it can be revisited if the monetary assets are being abused by players.