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    The brave and the valorous shall be rewarded for their actions in defense of the rightful Empire of the Sith. Through tireless efforts will we reinforce the galaxy against the chaotic tides that would tear it asunder and drown the galaxy in an ocean of blood and as our forces distinguish themselves through service, so will they be outfitted for greater service. As the Empire gives more to you, so must you give more to the Empire. That is our covenant: to be stronger together and to build a future together.

    Mission rewards will be issued for participation within a Mission Pack, Faction Plot, or for successfully opposing the efforts of a hostile faction in PVP -- each of these activities is worth one mission point.

    Mission Rewards

    • When two (2) mission points have been acquired, Sith and Imperial assets will receive the command of a platoon of forty (40) NPC Imperial troopers, ten (10) of which may be Imperial Intelligence agents. In addition, you will be eligible for promotion to Sith Crusader or Imperial Director.

    • When three (3) mission points have been acquired, Imperial assets will be honored with a medal for meritorious service and will be granted a single piece of advanced tech (weapon or tool) from the Emperor’s armory.

    • When five (5) mission points have been acquired, Imperial assets may claim a single advanced, non-capital ship, advanced ship upgrade, or similarly valuable piece of advanced tech.

    • When eight (8) mission points have been acquired, you have clearly proven yourself worthy of command of greater materiel. An Imperial tank and corvette will be assigned to your command in service of the Empire's goals, and your personal forces will be increased to a battalion of six-hundred forty (640) NPC Imperial troopers, forty (40) of which may be seconded Imperial Intelligence agents.

    • When eleven (11) mission points have been acquired, your distinguishment will be clear to all with your elevation to the rank of Sith Lord or Imperial Moff. Congratulations! The real work will begin and the governance of a planet will be arranged in recognition of your work.

    • When thirteen (13) mission points have been acquired, your character will be able to direct a regiment of forces (2,560) in service to the Empire. One-hundred sixty (160) of these forces may be Imperial Intelligence agents.

    • When sixteen (16) mission points have been acquired, your unparalleled service to the Imperial cause has been noted and you will be awarded the command of a frigate to add to your burgeoning battlegroup for furthering the mission of the rightful Empire.
    • When eighteen (18) mission points have been acquired, you may coordinate with Sith leadership to design a battlegroup of ships worthy of such an esteemed and mighty champion of the Empire.

    The Price of Prejudice
    Objectively speaking, life in the Imperial Republica is unfair for those of non-human stock. These problems are structural at best and directly legalistic at worst. As such, all non-humans will require one extra mission point per reward to qualify in the case of the first four rewards. After promotion to Sith Lord or Moff, your character’s loyalty is assured in the eyes of the Imperial bureaucracy and the Imperial Court.
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    Republica Mission Tracker
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    Character Name: Saorise Kallig
    Link to Character Profile (NOT Subaccount): Profile
    Link to Completed Mission/Plot:
    The Shock Doctrine - Saorise announces the rebuilding process for Kuat - with @Rowan Harlow
    Need More Resources - Saorise and Percy secure resources for rebuilding - with @Percy Fleck
    Donald's Dangerous Dragon Doings - Saorise and allies save a foolish executive - with @Rowan Harlow

    Given this is Saorise’s first three missions, I’d like to claim her platoon, including the intelligence agents, and will apply for rank in the appropriate thread. For advanced technology I'd like to ask for a Violator Disruptor Pistol please. Thanks!
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    Character Name: Percy Fleck
    Link to Character Profile: Profile
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    • Huge Hosnian Hands - Faction Plot Thread re taking control of Trump Productions - Completed
    • Need More Resources - Faction Plot Thread re securing investment for Kuat Drive Yard repairs - Completed
    • Those Other Places - PvP - Opposed Mandalorian attack on IR, but unsuccessfully (lost a hand) - PvP Completed
    My understanding is that's two mission points at least, not sure if the PvP thread gets me one given that I lost and got maimed. The thought was there.

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    Character name: Rowan Harlow
    Link to Character Profile: Here
    Link to completed Mission: Turn the Tide
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    Make sure to link this approval in your character sheet when you add the pistol and add your npcs


    Far be it from me to discourage members from defending their home - link a piece of advanced tech you want and add your npcs


    Only because Nightfall included another mission you were in - add your npcs.

    I will NOT catch other people's mistakes in the future
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