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    The room was not an impressive one. Windowless, and dark - limited video screens around the peremeter, yet, it was all the newly elected Senator, Gideon Hask-Starr, had been able to get at short notice. Nestled deep within the United Protectorates Legislative HQ, the room was to serve as host for the first meeting of the 'Imperial Congressional Caucus' - a fancy sounding name for 'Newby Imperial Party Senators Club'. Gideon was not niave, he was very much aware that his infuence was limited, indeed, he had worked out that, if needed, he could probably count on two other Senators from the Imperial Faction to back a motion of his, or to be swayed by his arguements. However, the Caucus was a way for the lesser-known Senators to coordinate their agenda, and maybe, just maybe, get some motions and bills through, or stopped, that they wanted.

    Today was, therefore, a strategy meeting. Invitations had been sent out to Imperial Party members, and members of the Sith Empire more aligned with political causes, and, force-willing, they could leave today with some sort of plan of action moving forward.

    Entering the room, Gideon took his seat, and looked around. He wasted no time in getting down to the business of the day:

    "Good Afternoon, and thank you all for coming. For a great many of us, the field of politics as laid out by this 'Protectorate' is a new one, it is different to how the Empire did things, and to an extend, collaboration with the Mandalorians and Independents will be needed to ensure that the Protectorate is kept on track. Today, I would like us to decide what an Imperial Party led future will look like, what is the vision we can sell to the electorate, and then build upon in the House?

    For me, I think the answer begins with playing to our strengths. Industry. Security. Strength. The watchwords of the Imperial message, and I would therefore like to propose that our legislative agenda and strategy is build around those three core messages."

    He fell silent, waiting to see if others would chime in.

    OOC - This is open to all Imperial Party Senators. This is also open to politically minded Sith Empire Characters, and the invited attendees and retinues (if any) of Senators in the Imperial Party. No weapons are allowed, this is PvP, PvE and death disabled. Plot mods are welcome to post as Imperial Party Senators (NPC) if they wish.
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    As much as things changed they still stayed the same. Or so some said. Saorise had never been quite of that mindset. What had happened in recent weeks was unaccounted for, atleast in any modern histories of the Galactic Core. The closest she could think to the immediate situation was the final days of the Republic of old, where even the burgeoning Sith Empire had found itself represented among the eternally squabbling interests of uncounted worlds.

    But this, this was different yet again.

    Caught between the two galactic superpowers, the Core worlds had been made into a strange experiment, though one whose creation she very much understood. The Empire had been at war too long, many resources expended, great potential thrown away. Continuing to walk the path with the Mandalorians would only weaken them further, and there were such similarities between the cultures. All this, when another enemy still lay in the galactic south. For now at least, the Galactic Alliance were no longer allied with the Mand'alor's people, meaning they're military might could be focused upon it.

    Still, this United Protectorate opened a whole new battlefield, one Inheris worried the Empire was unprepared to deal with. So many generations of Imperial rule did not prepare a people for the dueling of words needed for the latest great round of the game. But some, it seemed, rose to the challenge.

    Watching from the rear of the Headquarters, Saorise herself was not to be a Senator, but she had played politics long enough on Kuat to have learnt a thing or two. Perhaps her experiences would be valuable. And somehow she doubted the words of the chambers would stay confined to it for long. Being here today was to entrench herself in this new world, and ensure the Empire was forging a clear plan for the coming game.

    This Hask seemed a strong speaker, a good one to look to in the coming months. For now though, she watched the debate begin, to see how this new crop of Imperials would set about their task. It was not time for her to put a word in.

    Not yet, anyhow.
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    Arthur was a con-man, pure and simple. His experiences lent themselves only to the field of manipulation, lying, and bullying. His only - and biggest - saving grace, was that he as an officially state sponsored con-man. Or, he was, save for the last several weeks of poorly prepared and easily exploitable elections amongst the numerous core worlds. He had 'officially' severed ties with Imperial Intelligence in order to avoid 'conflict of interest' in his duties.

    Unofficially however - and it was such a lie that even the people who had little experience with lying could tell you it was a lie - there was no way in hell Arthur wasn't speaking at least on some degree, the words Imperial Intelligence wants him to speak. On the other hand though, he dangerously quick rise to the position of senator at the expense of the far more qualified politicians on Alderaan was something he could play to his advantage on his own homeworld.

    That was neither here nor there however, as he was currently seated with a cocky grin and his feet up on the table the gang was all sitting around in what was a pretty clear attempt to annoy the people around him. Even if he didn't 'need' to interrogate these people who were supposedly his allies, it was always a good idea to make sure they were always on the back foot in case Arthur needed some information.

    He listened to Hask speak, and found himself agreeing entirely. "I agree, but really the biggest issue is how we are going to keep the Mandalorians on the defensive, so to speak. The people of the core have been under Imperial rule for hundreds of years, they should know the Imperial position on matters without even having to think about them, so I'm not sure we really need to discuss our direction." He finished, not mentioning what should be common knowledge. That the Imperial position would and should be directed by the Emperor and the dark council.

    "Honestly, I think we should use these first few weeks to make 'amends,' " Arthur said, literally holding his fingers up in air quotes. "With the Mandalorians. Send a few delegations utterly laden with our spies under the pretense of peace, so as to feed us information on our opponents own activities. Even put them into some positions to make some assassinations if needed. This would also ingratiate ourselves with the 'peasantry' " He said with more air quotes and a laugh, "Because we appear so willing to let bygones be bygones." Arthur finished casually, as if talking about these kinds of things were normal. Which they should be for a group of people who work for the Empire.

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