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 Imperial Hutta

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    Imperial Hutta


    Imperial Hutta, still known as Hutt Space to some, is the territory that was once largely ruled by the Hutt Clan five centuries ago. In the aftermath of the Hundred-Year Darkness, it was absorbed by and became one of the Sith Empire's three prefectures. But even the Empire soon realized that Hutt Space could not be tamed the way the Republic was. The Hutts were a hardy species—impossible to entirely eradicate, even for the Dark Lords of the Sith—and they had longer lifespans than several Sith Emperors, which kept their influence prominent in Hutt Space.

    As a result, Imperial Hutta is a wild and untamed region of the Empire. The Grand Moff who oversees Hutt Space made Nar Shaddaa into his capital, so disgusted was he with the filth of Nal Hutta, the Hutt homeworld. From there, he and the Moffs beneath him use what little resources they possess to police Hutt Space and keep it firmly under the control of the Sith Empire. This is usual done through the use of local Imperial-run law enforcement and by working together with Imperial aligned criminal gangs. Even so, corruption and crime run rampant and some believe that Imperial officials are comlicit in much of the dirty dealings going on in Imperial Hutta.

    As of the break-out of the Great Galactic War, Imperial Hutta remains loyal to the Emperor on Coruscant. Politically, it is aligned with Imperial Republica. However, due to the lawless and dangerous nature of Hutt Space, Imperial Hutta has not militarily taken a side in the war. Instead, its resources are committed to maintaining what little law-and-order is possible within its borders. The Grand Moff is adamant about this neutrality, as he knows that, should the Empire's grip slip even a little, the Hutts will easily regain control over their former home-turf and, like the Mandalorians before them, send the Sith packing.