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 Ifram Kaane

Discussion in 'Character Profile Archives' started by Nor'baal, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Image Credit is probably LucasArts. Don’t sue me plz.

    NAME: Ifram Kaane
    AGE: 31
    SPECIES: Human

    FACTION: The Sith Empire

    OCCUPATION: Commander
    BRANCH: Imperial Special Forces

    HEIGHT: 1.78 m

    WEIGHT: 75 kg

    STRENGTH: 7/10

    DEXTERITY: 6/10
    STAMINA: 8/10
    WISDOM: 6/10
    CHARISMA: 3/10

    Redoubt Series Armour
    Systech Aural Blaster
    Obsidian Utility Knife
    EMP Grenades
    Flashbang Grenades
    Thermal Detonators
    VBR-300 Rifle

    An Imperial subject through and through, Ifram started out in the Sacred Band of Ziost at a young age, born deep within the Sith heartlands to a family with strong ties to the Band. Appointed into a training school at the age of fourteen, he was ready for active duty upon turning eighteen, and instantly placed into a Special Forces training Program on the orders of the Academy in which he had schooled. Ifram was isolated from his family from that day onwards, and ordered that his true duty was to serve his Emperor, and ensure that his reign would be ’As everlasting as the Sun’.

    In what was clearly a brainwashing program that a great many SBZ troopers went through, Ifram served on the front lines in several large scale conflicts, before being appointed to the Special Operations Branch of the newly founded Imperial Stormtrooper Corp, wherein he was placed on Protective Detail for the Moff Council. Naturally, when the entire council was destroyed - bar a select few members - in a shock bomb attack, he was rapidly detained by more senior members of the Security Service, and subjected to just under a month's interrogation to ensure he had nothing to do with the ‘accident’ that had claimed the lives of the Imperial Ruling Body.

    Cleared of any involvement, Ifram was no less passed up for promotion, and instead continued to serve at the rank of Commander, working his way from warzone to warzone, before being assigned protective duties on various Naval Vessels - before eventually serving on the direct attachment to the Admiral DuValle (@Insalius) under whom he continues to serve to this day. Assigned to 'Close Protection Duties' and to '...otherwise serve as the Admirals pleasure until recalled.', Ifram reported to the bridge of the Admirals Ship, and awaited his orders.

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    Nor'baal That guy who RPed Hutts all the time.

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