Galactic Alliance Hynatos Umberhorn

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    NAME: Hynatos Umberhorn
    FACTION: Galactic Alliance
    RANK: Padawan
    SPECIES: Miralukan
    AGE: 14
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 1.4M
    WEIGHT: 110lbs
    FORCE SENSITIVE: Trained Force Sensitive

    Fair in complexion, his hair is a pearl white, with a vibrant look to it. His eye sockets are covered by a singular black band. As for clothing he generally wears loose white robes. He seems quite healthy.

    By all means he is average in terms of his physical capabilities, however his strength is bellow average, however he posses keen reflex, and above average stamina. His youth is a weakness in itself, through either ignorance or perhaps a tad bit of ignorance, and is obviously does not stack up to adults physically.

    His intelligence is more so his strong-suit.

    A kind young man who stops for those in need. He tends focus whole-heartedly in studying any material he might be granted permission to. He carries himself well, and is quick to befriend others when given the chance.

    Driven is a good word to describe him, he is committed to his cause and one day aspires to be a representative of the Jedi

    The son of a politician and a courier, they were neither at the top of society nor the bottom. The Miralukan enjoyed his childhood, and in particular he enjoyed his time with his tutors and surrounded by the knowledge his family could gather. However he soon found his family to have ties to the rebellion, and as he aged they began to get more involved.

    Slowly he began to idolize these individual who fought for what they believed in, he saw his parents as personal heroes and aspired to one day take up arms as a part of the rebellion, however this was not to be his fate. Whilst his parents cooperated with the rebels, they came under the per-view of the Jedi who noticed the force sensitive and went to recruit him.

    His parents had known their son well, and so when such an opportunity for him came to light, they had no qualms with their son leaving them and joining the force users. However he seemed reluctant to leave his parents shelter, he soon came to terms with it and went on to begin his new life.

    He is proficient in Form 3 Soresu, he is also capable of unarmed combat mostly utilizing throws similar to Judo to compensate for his lack of physical strength. Diplomacy is his preferred method, and something he aims to elevate. Jedi Artisanship is a focus of his studies.

    Basic Jedi Skills
    Telekinesis (Force Push & Pull): Perhaps his most potent skill, and main focus.
    Mind Control - He is capable of minor manipulation of weak minds.
    Force Heal - He is capable of healing minor injuries with some focus.
    Force Sight - Coming natural to his race in place of actual sight he is fluent in it's use.

    Lightsaber (Single)(Green)
    Lightsaber Shoto (Short)(Green)

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