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 Hutt Empire Alliances

Discussion in 'Hutt Empire Archives' started by Santoro, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Allying with the Hutt Empire

    While the Hutt Empire is now many clans unified, it is common that they have allies outside of their regular military structure. In exchange for military protection and funding, the Empire takes training secrets for their own use alongside recruits as soldiers or special agents. Below are a list of allied forces.

    The Dark Jedi of the Bogan
    Due to the Treaty of Nar Shaddaa (more commonly known by those aware as the Dark Treaty), the Hutt Empire and the Bogan are allied. In exchange for a number of Hutt vessels, the Bogan serve in the military. A number of the finest Bogan available have joined Darksaber Squadron, forming the basis of the elite organization.

    Pentacle Athame Order
    Hidden on Polis Massa, the Pentacle Athame Order benefits from the protection and funding of the Hutts in exchange for military assistance. Teachings of the Pentacle Athame have found their way into Darksaber Squadron training.

    Labous an Ankou
    An order of the best Force Sensitive killers in the galaxy, the Labous an Ankou is frequently referred to as a cult, which they don't seem to mind. Their teachings have seeped into Darksaber Squadron's training regiment, serving as some of the foundation for Tusa's own force sensitive trainees. Occasionally hired for missions too large for Darksaber and too small for the Razorbacks.

    Alsakan Knights
    Centered out of the northern hemisphere of Dantooine, the small but effective Alsakan Knights have greatly contributed to the Hutt Military Training Program. While currently small, their numbers are growing and members of their organization are often found on the front lines, commanding smaller strike teams.

    Luminados Mercenaries
    Former Jedi and current mercenaries, the Luminados Mercenaries were contracted by the Hutts indefinitely. While they use their own ships and troops, they benefit from Hutt funding and weaponry. They are currently used in conjunction with other allied forces in the war or alone to solve domestic disputes.

    Bounty Hunter's Guild
    Not so much a solid organization as a union, the reformed Bounty Hunter's Guild is affiliated entirely with the Hutt Empire. Most of their work is done targeting potential threats in assassinations, though the Hutts have been offering them work en masse to serve as commando units in the war.

    Second Order of Lettow
    A splinter cell of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, the newly formed Second Order of Lettow is a dark Jedi sect less focused on battling the Jedi and more focused on enriching the Dark Side of the Force. The Second Order of Lettow is hidden away in Lybeya system's Vergesso Asteroids. Their specialized methods have found great use in Darksaber Squadron and new anti-Force User technologies.

    To ally with the Hutt Empire, please contact Santoro.
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