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    Hutt Cartel Rewards System

    While lacking in sheer military might that the Sith Empire possesses, there is no shortage of wealth to be found in the Hutt Cartel and the powers-that-be in the Hutt Cartel can be very generous with their rewards for those who have proven useful to them. They can more than compensate the them for their hard work by showering them with credits, letting them purchase advanced tech. And as one completes missions, their reputation in the Cartel would increase, which can attract people who may want to join them in their endeavors. Such a thing could lay the foundations for the beginning of a basadi making an organization of their own and could grow larger.

    1. These rewards are earned by Cartel Basadi and Vigos participating in missions that benefit either Hutt Cartel, their Vigo, Kajidii, the Supreme Mongul, and/or their respective separate PC organizations as a whole.
    2. Anyone can submit a mission pack/plot that can do such that would be eligible for the rewards.
    3. These rewards do not stack with a Cartel PC/NPC organization that has a separate reward system.
    4. Only 1 point can be gained towards these rewards per mission pack/plot no matter how many missions one participates in. The person running a mission pack will be rewarded with an addition point when it's complete.
    5. Only missions/plots finished after the establishment of this system is eligible for rewards.
    Basadi/Vigo Rewards
    • With every two missions completed, a Cartel Basadi would begin to gain a bit of notoriety, attracting 6 low-ranking NPCs do with as they please (within reason and rules of course). Vigos would gain 12 instead. So, additional NPCs would be granted at 4, 6, 8. etc missions complete.*
    • With every three missions complete, the Cartel member would gain one piece of advanced tech, be it an armor function,a weapon, a non-capital ship of their choice (please see an Adminstrator in regards to this)
    Specific rewards

    In addition to the above rewards, at a specific mark of completed missions, they would be eligible for the following.
    • Seven Missions: With seven missions complete a basadi or Vigo has not escaped the notice of the higher ups in the Hutt Cartel. A Boonta Class Shuttle would be rewarded.
    • Eight Missions: A basadi or Vigo would be granted their own luxury barge.
    • Ten Missions : With ten missions under their belt, a Basadi or Vigo has clearly without a shadow of a doubt went above and beyond in the Cartel, and would be recognized by the Supreme Mogul as a Champio (Champion of the Hutt Cartel).
    1. Please the submit the mission(s) you have completed in the template below in this thread.
    [b]Character name and link (NOT subaccount link):
    Names and link to missions completed:
    Name and link to mission pack:[/b]
    Thread 1 Here
    Thread 2

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