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 Family House Kryze

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    House Kryze


    One of two noble families to arise out of the First Crusading Era of Mandalorian history, House Kryze was comprised of those clans who swore fealty to Mandalore the Conquerer who first uniqued the Mandalore sector. During the first Mandalorian crusade, House Kyrze made Mandalore itself the seat of its power and brought planets such as Ulgo under its direct command. The Mandalorians of this House were conquerers and fierce leaders, but they were also skilled politicians and diplomats who had more covert means of subverting the Empire's control over their home sector, earning them the scorn of House Vizsla, though, in recent years, the two rival families have stopped fighting one another in their joint opposition to the Empire..

    House Vizsla emerged the strongest out of the Hundred-Year Darkness. Its bannermen—Clans Vizsla, Saxon, and Wren—were left intact by the Sith. Robb Vizsla leads the House with a strong, firm hand, much like his ancient ancestor Tor Vizsla once did, but he has flaws that prevent him from becoming Manda’lor. His desire to keep his House alive has tempered his desire for war and kept him from taking the risks he needs to lead a successful rebellion against the Empire.

    Clan Kryze

    The heart of House Kryze is Clan Kryze. One of the first Mandalorian clans, claiming to hail from the bloodline of the second Manda'lor, Clan Kryze is composed of some of the best leaders the Mandalorians have ever produced. They are also more diplomatic than their Vizsla counterparts. The sigil of Clan Kryze is the face of a Mandalorian snowy owl.

    Clan Ordo

    Clan Ordo was christened by Mandalore the Conquerer himself when the charismatic leader conquered the planet Ordo for the Mandalorians. Now, they rule as the lords of Ordo, having been given rulership of their world by their glorious leader. The Ordos are a credit to House Kryze and make up their most fierce warriors. Their sigil was an ancient Mandalorian glyph.

    Clan Varek

    Clan Varek served House Kryze in its early days, some five hundred years ago. However, it was destroyed by a Sith—who was one of their own—to prove his loyalty to his master, the Sith Lord Leviticus. Now, with the Mandalorians in open revolt, the name "Varek" has become a rallying point for the Mandalorians as a symbol of the wrongs the Sith have committed towards their people.