Galactic Alliance Horus “Camouflage” Tempest, Jedi Knight

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    Horus Tempest

    AGE: 24
    SPECIES: Vahla

    FACTION: Galactic Alliance
    RANK: Jedi Knight

    HEIGHT: 6'4"
    WEIGHT: 181 lbs
    HAIR COLOR: Brown
    EYE COLOR: Amber


    Force Sensitive

    Voice Claim

    • Brown, long hair almost fully covers an angular, worried face. Expressive amber eyes, set buried within their sockets, watch admiringly over the Galaxy that is in dire need of protection

      Fallen debris left a mark reaching from the bottom of the left cheek , running towards his right nostril and ending on his upper lip leaves a tormenting memory of his fortunate upbringing. Received during an Imperial search, he wears the scar with a sense of pride.

      This is the face of Horus Tempest, a true startrotter among the denizens of the Galaxy. He stands tall among others, in accordance with his athletic frame. Usually found in spacer leathers or Rebel Trooper Armor, Horus sports standard weapon holsters at his side and on his back.

      Born the son of a spacefarer, killed by imperial forces, Horus took to travelling the stars alongside his siblings. Caring for them by taking up odd jobs here and there, his reputable nature carried him somewhat farther than his unsavory younger brother, Azran. With his trusty vibrosword and a ship of his own, he soon made a name for himself as a decent hunter and trader. Until the time came to choose.

      The Rebel Alliance, or Galactic Alliance, whatever they wanted to call themselves these days, drew his attention. They fought with honor and tenacity, for the most part, and that sat well with him. He signed on, imploring his siblings to join him in a quest to make the Galaxy a place a spacer might live in peace.

      Having found his place in the Galactic Alliance among his fellow Rebels, he soon began to explore his connection to the mysterious energy field known as The Force. Under the tutelage of the ancient wisdom provided by Jedi Master Luy, Horus was accepted conditionally as an Initiate of the Jedi Order, joining clan Bergruutfa among many others. During this time, he would rise to the rank of Padawan upon completing a difficult Trial of Spirit. This very same trial would be one among many that allowed his advancement to the rank of Jedi Knight, following the construction of his second lightsaber.

      He now seeks to pass on what he has learned, and continue to drive back the dark blight and chaos the Sith allow to reign supreme across the stars.
    • Horus is an outspoken man, though his brashness might throw some off. Having a leadership position thrown onto him at a young age caused a callus and more straightforward approach. Though sometimes charismatic, he finds direct conversation much more tasteful than small talk. Humorous, though well tempered, his quick thinking allowed him to find his way out of most situations. Adding to that, his ingenuity is quite useful, lending his resourceful nature to any task at hand.

      When angered, he usually enters a quiet and stormy state, much like his last name. Though it is rare to irk his ire. Most times in social situations he remains relatively quiet, speaking most often when spoken to. A man of action if anything. His actions are usually honorable unless pushed to make a move he usually wouldn't make. This would usually be the only way to actually upset him. Other ways include terrible jokes, racism, and any other unnecessary attitudes that may require adjustment.
    • Weapons:
      Green Crossguard Lightsaber
      -Sound Font-
      Amber Curved Lightsaber
      -Sound Font-
      Vibrosword x2
      DH-7 Blaster Pistol
      Concussion Grenade x2

      Rebel Trooper Armor w/o Scout HUD
      DG-500 Dueling Gauntlets (Both Wrists)
      Ceremonial Jedi Robes (Usually over the Armor)

      The Winter's Crest - Mynock Series Light Freighter
    • Entrance
    • Chapter One: Hopeful
      The Little Things - Meeting an Imperial, playing a song

      The First Clan In Years, Unlike Any Other - Meeting fellow clanmates and joining the Jedi as an Initiate

      Chapter 2: Initiate
      Taking Those First Steps - A celebration and union of forces on Kashyyyk

      Path of Sight - The beginnings of sparring practice between clanmates

      A Meeting With the Mayor - Meeting a Dathomiri Sith in an unlikely place

      The Spark Is Lit - Celebrations of Victory well deserved

      Space X - Attacking a station head on!

      Salvage Party - Rescuing a kidnappee through stealth and guile

      There Is No Passion, There Is Serenity - A short lesson with Master Luy

      The King On Stage - Revealing a King for the coward he is

      A Friend In Need - Taking out guns through guile and trickery... and disguises!

      Role Call! - Before the pilgrimage begins, Jedi meet Jedi

      Nikka v Horus - A training duel with unforeseen companionship

      Do You Remember? - A sordid family reunion with a sister thought lost

      No Pomp, All of the Circumstances - Another area freed of oppression and under Jedi control

      I Dreamed A Dream - Getting his first kyber crystal on Ilum

      Trials and Tribulations - Horus faces his fears and is promoted to Padawan

      Chapter 3: Padawan
      To be updated
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    Keep his mind he would have no real reputation as a level 1 and whatever reputation you have in the bio is relatively low key, like small town fame. Also, the rebellion is serious about staying secret so he might have asked his siblings to join him to help people but not told them anything about the rebellion itself.

    Other than that, Approved!
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