Hic-Up ICM (Ion Cluster Missile)

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    Hic-Up ICM (Ion Cluster Missile)

    Open Market

    Maetech Inc.

    .75 meters Long and 25 cm Diameter

    5 Kgs

    Ion charged warhead tips, Durasteel structure
    Cluster Missile

    Light to disabling

    7 mini warheads per Missile

    Single Use, Explosive

    3 Km and a 25 Meter Dispersed Blast Radius


    The Ion Cluster Missile is a new way to skin an old cat, meaning, Ion tech has been around a very long time and has even been adapted to replace light to heavy cannons on ships as small as star fighters, but at the expense of immense power usage. The missile is a different way of the same purpose. It allows smaller craft to have the benefit of Ion tech without the large power usage, its drawback compared to the other way of using Ion cannons, is it is a once per fire weapon. A cannon can be used over and over, where a fighter can normally only carry 3-6 missiles in its typical payload.

    The missile is slower by 15% than other missiles of its size do to the targeting system had to be adjusted for a larger ionic blast. At the higher speeds, the targeting system failed. Also the missile must be dialed back an additional 15% in speed due to the fragile casings of the Ion plasma tips.

    Along with the speed reduction handicap of the missile, quick turns by the missile are also impossible. In testing stages, when the missile would turn to track a quickly moving target, the jolt would often break the housing units and the missile would malfunction. The turning speed, because of this is 1 meter per six meters forward. Meaning, this is not a weapon you take into a dog fight. This is a weapon that you have to line up on and hope your target cant move very fast to dodge, so mostly capital ship hardpoints, engines of slower moving ships, or stationary targets.

    The missile has a built in proximity trigger that is activated when the missile has reached 15 meters from its target, dispersing the 7 warheads in a 15 meter spread at the target. The warheads have the same 30% speed reduction as the main rocket due to the targeting system and the sensitive warhead plasma housing units.

    Also, do to the sensitivity of the warheads plasma housing units, quick maneuvers while still in the launcher aboard the ship can cause malfunction and partially disable the users ship in that vicinity. So this is a weapon that you use for a purpose and quickly, before you have to make quick maneuvers.

    The payload is only able to disrupt the target system for 15 to 20 sec, but where it really gets it value from is the target normally has to reboot the system that was affected by the blast in order to recover causing a "Hic-Up" in their affected system. This makes targeting engines with it, invaluable.

    The Ion missile is a good alternative for police and other less honorable intention individuals to disable their target rather than to cause mass destruction.

    These devices are quite Illegal due to the fact that even though they are used to disable your foe, in the wrong hands, it can be used to cause some considerable mayhem.

    Like the individual who came up with the ion cannon replacement for laser cannons on star-fighters and freighters, I wanted to make the same option available to those who wanted to switch out their standard concussion and proton missiles with something new with a new purpose. Would be good tech to use for pirating and raiding characters such as my own. This however is not very good tech for PVP because of all the drawbacks and possible malfunction.

    Yes, this tech requires at least 2 threads to acquire.

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    So this is just a re submission of the archived missiles and looks to be pretty much the same.

    The glaring thing that Autofox said is that this sort of thing has not been invented yet. So I don't see how even a tweaked submission is going to work given the fact that it just can't exist in the first place.

    Is this in the form of a standalone launcher that is different from dynamic missile launcher system or is it just ammo loaded into existing launchers. (this question did not get answered last time because it was archived shortly after)

    There are a lot of specifics that you name that so far have been kept simple by the existing proton torpedo and missiles in the tech rules. I would keep the affects simplified like that and say "it takes x turns to reach target" because meters, kilometers, etc are not really used in space combat very much.
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