Ask  Ilum Her Majesty or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

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    Once a center of Jedi learning, the planet still trembled from the deaths wrought by unfathomable betrayal in the closing years of the civil war between the Guardians of Peace and the progenitors of Andraste's empire, the Exiles. Icy winds whipped across the barren valleys and snow covered Plains, daggers of cold that pierced through the sleeveless coat and layers of thick fur that covered Kazzatobhk's body.

    Still, the Wookiee padawan bore the discomfort without complaint, frost clinging to the wet fur around his muzzle and weighing down the fur that hung over his eyes. He was a Hunter, a tracker, and it was for this purpose that he was chosen to accompany the Grandmaster. Elsewhere on the planet Kazza could feel the ripples through the Force as his fellow Jedi engaged the mindless insectoid Horde that had claimed the former Jedi tunnels as their hive. Idly checking his equipment, the tall furred Jedi waved his companions forward with a muffled howl and stepped into a crevice etched into the side of the valley.

    Just like hunting the kinrath in the Shadowlands, his companions on the other end of the valley served to draw the horde of 'warriors' to the entrance of the hive and keep them distracted, the true target was the Queen that lay deep within the cave system. Kill the Queen, and the nest would die with her. Cracking a lum-rod, Kazza held it aloft and pointed at a cramped passage hewn through the stone as his companions stumbled in out of the cold winds with a low whine.

    It was time to pay Her Majesty a visit.
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    Each time Arda had come to Ilum, it was never a pleseant experience; the world itself was scarred deeply, some wounds were still fresh and they oozed with the consequences of dark intentions from centuries prior. It wasn't going to be a comfortable experience this time either, while others took care of the messes on other parts of the ice and crystal world, Arda had a padawan with her for this task, one she trusted in his abilities to hunt and track, a task she was not familiar with, but she could make up in other ways as they headed into one of the numerous cave systems on the planet.

    She knew almost nothing other than the intel reported back to her about the insect like creatures that had found home on this world, their goal would be the Queen and from there, the threat would be eliminated. The padawan cracked a glow rod, giving just enough light to see in front of them, the darkness of the tunnels and she looked at Kazza, giving him a readied nod, her lightsaber at hand as she followed her companion inside.

    The last time she climbed through a tunnel on Ilum, she was pushed into a large hole and landed in an underground lake, that she had thought would be more pleasant than dealing with a queen bug. Carefully, the Grandmaster followed, her senses stretched outward to detect immediate dangers as there always seemed to be something more ominous on the far horizon. Though the present would be more pressing, the faster they took care of the queen, the more likely they would not take significant losses from those putting up a fight with the hordes on the other side of the valley.

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