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    It has been about a week since Ashlynna had returned. In between missions and his duties as an officer Tycho has been taking care of her, making sure she had everything that she needed to ensure that the Jedi will recover.

    Now with her strength returning and health improving. Tycho thought that the two can get away from the Alliance for a bit.

    How does he plan to do that? A trip to Jedha. He knows that Ashlynna has not been to the planet before. It maybe just the thing that the woman needs. She can see the planet that is so important to the Jedi and he can get away from his duties for a bit. Along with other perks.

    As part of the trip. Tycho was only equipt with his blaster pistol and a few extra rounds. All of his other weapons were left in his office on The Valhala. He didn't think that the other weapons will be needed. To add to that the man wore only his civilian clothing, no armor.

    Successfully landing the overhead freighter on the landing pad. Tycho looked over to Ashlynna, "Are you ready to do some exploring?" He asked her with a grin as he unfastened the safety belt as he shut down the ships systems one by one.

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    Ash was a tad excited to be away from the Alliance and back in known space, especially with Tycho by her side now. The newly appointed jedi knight, a promotion that shocked the hell out of her, was curious about the jedi structures on Jedha, which certainly would help with finding her way around the planet. Ash had gone with a more casual approach, though she still wore her utility belt and lightsaber, though she doubted anyone other than Tycho knew she was armed.

    She glanced over to him, unable to stop the smile that came across her face as she looked to Tycho. "I'm more than ready, general." She giggled, standing up from her chair, waiting as he slowly cut the ships systems off one by one. "So, how long has it been since you came here? You said it had been a while." She said, backing up slowly as he would begin to exit the ship. She was looking forward to seeing an actual jedi temple for once, but the fact she was alone with him after so long didn't calm her nerves either.