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 Hask Jen

Discussion in 'Character Archives' started by KinkyPrawn, Mar 2, 2019.

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    NAME: Hask Jen
    FACTION: Independent
    RANK: Mafia Caporegime
    Level: 3
    SPECIES: Sith Pureblood
    AGE: 30 standard years
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 6'0
    WEIGHT: 90kg

    Dark red skin, bright golden eyes. Various protrusions on brows, cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. Neck length black hair combed/pushed back against his head. Piercings on his ears and bridge of his nose. Blaster mark on his left upper leg(big gun, big fun), slight burn mark on his right side(fallen blade), Vor'yc Baar Cybernetic left arm(Twenty minute adventure)

    Hask Jen is not the tallest, and he is very lightly built compared to the rest of his kind. His short, stocky stature, however, allows him to be a lot more acrobatic than the rest of his species but he still prefers the powerful, aggressive style of Form V lightsaber combat despite his above average agility.
    Tinkerer by nature and loves to work on lightsabers and customise them, making a hobby of building and customising new and existing lightsabers.
    With all the flying he has been doing, his piloting skills have increased tremendously, allowing him to hold his ground in a dogfight and stressful situations.
    Although a very loyal follower of the Old Empire, recently he has been having trouble following them as blindly as he has previously and he's been having more and more disagreements with his superiors.
    Since he broke off from the Empire, his loyalties have lessened significantly, allowing him to work quite effectively as a mercenary, smuggler and criminal. His loyalties now only belong to those he cares about the most.
    With the criminal lifestyle came a sense of freedom and individuality that he never had under the Empire, which has become a drive for most choices he makes.
    Left handed

    Although Hask Jen is a Sith Pureblood, he is a very peculiar specimen among his kind.

    -He is extremely blunt and he does not beat around the bush when he needs to say something.
    -He has a very dark sense of humor, but laughs really at almost anything, regardless.
    -Will follow any order given to him to the best of his abilities, but he has a tendency of asking a lot of questions about his orders, especially if his orders makes no sense or if he thinks he has a better idea.
    -Treats everyone with respect, regardless of their relationship towards him though he will still judge them silently in his mind if he doesn't like them
    -Very docile by nature, but when he gets angry he stays properly angry for a while, snapping at almost anything and anyone, which can make him very unpleasant company to be around sometimes.
    -although he is smarter than most people, his common sense can fail him completely sometimes, making him look like a massive idiot in the process.
    -While he is generally kind hearted and mostly means well, he has terrible people skills and comes off unintentionally as very rude at times.
    -Tries to avoid fights and solve things peacefully, but he always secretly hopes a fight breaks out and he is constantly secretly yearning for a fight in typical Sith Nature
    -Very kind by nature, which is extremely strange in his species.
    -When on a mission, he stays focused and goal driven and will only relax when the job is done.
    -He sees himself as a proud and honourable warrior. He hates the "cowardly" nature of espionage and assassination, preferring to get up close and personal with his opponents.
    -with the amount of missions he has done and the amount of people he has killed, his views have altered somewhat. Killing people is not so bad anymore for him, which has caused him to not care so deeply for the lives of innocents and in some cases even killing them himself if it is getting in the way of a mission
    -sees no problem at all in stealing stuff or other crimes, which suits his new profession well.
    -has become somewhat darker and much more mature overall, not being so naïve over everything happening in the galaxy.
    -Thanks to his relationship with his co-pilot, he tries to stray as far from his natural Pureblood tendencies as much as possible, but when he is challenged or in a scenario that requires violence all that restraint is gone and his true nature is shown.
    -The time spent in the Exchange has brought out a yearning for wanting more for himself, which drives him to try and build a comfortable living for himself.
    -With his time spent in the Exchange, a sense of adventure started forming, causing him to want to go on all sorts of strange missions.
    -The Exchange gave him a sense of freedom he never had before under the Empire, which caused him to enjoy the criminal, rogue lifestyle and a desire to chase that freedom further.
    -His years of travel has rubbed off on him and he has developed the roguish, rash, somewhat scruffy, happy-go-lucky attitude that is common among drifters and criminals such as himself.

    Being a Sith Pureblood, Hask Jen was born into the sith lifestyle. He began showing force sensitivity at a very young age and was shipped off to the Sith Academy on Korriban for training not long afterwards. He did not have a very cheerful childhood, constantly fighting with others over food, disagreements and just about everything. This caused him to notice the injustices and pointlessness of constantly fighting over everything and the errors of the Sith Empire. During his years of training, however, this mindset was beaten, broken and thrown out of him.

    It was only later in his life, as an Acolyte and proud, loyal warrior of the Dark Side where he picked up this very strange fair and just mindset after witnessing the horrors of war and seeing the atrocities committed by him and The Empire. While he still followed his orders, he began asking more and more questions over the reasoning behind his orders and voicing his ideas and opinions over his missions to his superiors. He became torn between the ways of his People and his sense of right and wrong

    This is where we find him now, still loyal but with an internal conflict brewing inside him causing him to start becoming disillusioned with the Old Empire, its methods and its ways. While still following orders to the letter, he is just not agreeing with the terror tactics and violent nature the Sith are famous for. He believes in fairness, order and treating all sentient life forms with respect, going against the sith stereotype, as well as his own species' nature.

    His life's journey had indeed taken quite an interesting set of turns. After getting tired of how the Empire was performing he decided to leave it behind. This brought him to the Exchange, where he worked as an operative to boost his personal wealth and seek a way to build a brighter future for himself out from under the Empire's control. In his journeys he also met a lot of new people, including his co-pilot and friend Aurelie Fleury, the crazy Mandalorian Rayne Kelborn, The devoted Jedi Vardon Galland and various other colourful people. All of these interactions with them influenced him in some way or another. On one end he became a lot more comfortable with the life of crime and took a liking to the adventurous life, but on the other end these interactions created a bigger rift between his kind personality and Pureblood nature. He has also lost his allegiance to any and all, showing loyalty only to those he cares about and willing to work for anyone if the pay is good enough.

    As far as lightsaber combat goes he is extremely adept with a lightsaber, using the aggressive and powerful Form V, despite having the agility and finesse for the more agile forms like Form IV. His main focus is purely lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat, focusing on blocking and countering with powerful, extremely effective moves.

    With the amounts of time he had spent around ships, weapons and other machinery he has come to grow a very good understanding on working on the machinery, making him quite an excellent handyman.

    Force powers is a bit touch and go with him. But as he trained and went on more missions, his powers have grown and he has become much stronger in the force than he was.

    After many, many years behind the controls of various starships he has become an excellent pilot and a dangerous opponent. He also has a tendency to force big ships do stuff they're not meant to be doing. His journeys all over the galaxy has also taught him quite a lot and he has learned how to communicate with numerous different species of aliens. His skills with a blaster has also skyrocketed now that he uses them a lot more often.


    -Form V

    -Force push
    -Force pull
    -Force jump
    -Force dash
    -Lightsaber Throw
    -Force Lightning
    -Disable Droid
    -Force Flash(learned by reading about it in the library of the Sith Academy on Korriban and teaching it to himself)
    -Force Bellow(learned by reading about it in the library of the Sith Academy on Korriban and teaching it to himself)
    -Force Stasis(learned by reading about it in the library of the Sith Academy on Korriban and teaching it to himself before leaving)
    -Force Fire(learned by reading about it in the library of the Sith Academy on Korriban and teaching it to himself before leaving)

    His personal Sith Marauder robes and armour
    Suit of Sith Stalker Armour. After noticing the useless nature of light armour against hardy opponents like the Mandalorians, he decided to ditch his old suit and upgrade to a much better heavy armour
    G5 Cybernetic left arm, paid for by Olin Tisbar after joining the Exchange and angering the man, painted red and black by the sith to add his own flare to it.

    Crossguard lightsaber with a red crystal that he got from his friend, Rayne Kelborn

    His personal lightsaber.(reskin) Although the original was given to Rayne Kelborn and lost with her death, this one was made by parts he scrounged up after his ship was stolen. The slightly cracked yellow crystal inside was found on Jedha with the help of Jedi knight Kaylee Tameris.

    Rogue Armour to replace his heavy armour with something lighter, to cover him up better and to reflect his neutrality better.

    WESTAR-C1 blaster carbine (with 2 extra mags), given to him by his friend associate, Rayne Kelborn after a confrontation with Tusken Raiders on Tatooine.

    1x WESTAR-1 pistol (2 extra mags), after using the WESTAR-C1 carbine he took a liking to the company's weapons and decided to equip himself with this pistol in case he needs an alternative to his lightsabre or carbine. (Currently it's holstered behind his back as a backup in case his two main pistols are empty.)

    2x Quickdraw Blaster Pistol (2 extra mags) That he took off a Wookiee pirate and took as a prize for helping the Jedi Eisa Swan (Earned here and here)

    When he needs to keep a low profile or hide in plain sight in enemy territories, he will don a dark grey poncho to cover up his weapons and armour, helping him blend in a little better.

    Vor'yc Baar left arm that's been customized after going on an adventure with his lover, Irolia(earned here)

    1x commlink
    1x datapad
    1x NV5 Personav
    1x Oxidiser
    1x Port scanner


    Mission/faction related:
    1.Up the tower of Babel: completed | successful
    2.Change in the steeple: completed | successful
    3.Prisons of Akriti'tar: completed | successful
    4. Password too weak(Dice): completed | successful

    1.Mirial Mirage: completed
    2.Busting Out: completed
    3.Just another day in parasites: completed
    4.Watch it buddy!(cPvP): completed
    5.Career Choices: completed
    6.How time flies...: completed
    7.Job interview: completed
    8.Wait I know you: completed
    9.Wait that's not right: completed
    10.Let's go somewhere Randon: completed
    11.Lazy Morning: completed
    12.Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend: completed
    13.Sending Out An SOS: completed
    14.Hit Me Like You Missed Me: completed
    15.Far from over(cPvP): completed

    Plot related:
    1.Somethin's fishy: completed | successful
    2.Gotta blast...: completed | successful
    3.Big gun, big fun: completed | successful
    4.Here we go again...: completed | successful
    5.The Fallen Blade: "Whispers of agony": completed | successful
    6.Knock knock: completed | successful
    7.The benefits of secession: completed | successful
    8.The advantage of intergalactic trade: completed | successful
    9.The merits of carrying valuable cargo: completed | successful
    10.We shall overcome: completed | successful
    12.Get off my lawn!: completed | successful
    13.A handshake at the Elbe: completed | successful
    14.Secret motives: completed | successful
    15.Gun runs, illegal deals and other fun activities: completed | successful
    16.Back to Basics: completed | successful
    17.View of the Neighbourhood: completed | successful
    18.Looks like a fixer-upper!: completed | successful
    19.By Alternate Means: completed | successful
    20.Stock Reallocation: completed | successful
    21.Stow It Away: completed | successful
    22.Three is a crowd: completed | successful
    23.Prime time: completed | successful
    24.Afternoon drive: completed | successful
    25.Twenty minute adventure: completed | successful
    26.On Cloud Nine: completed | successful
    27.Rinse and repeat: completed | successful
    28.Finders keepers: completed | successful

    Last Thread:

    Giving it a shot: completed

    Zeven Visz/Darth Tagus: Not exactly friends, but respects the man as a leader. Though after years of not seeing each other and realising he needed help to get back in shape, he sought the Mirialan out. How the Sith Lord would react remains to be seen... written off

    Sabrina Kotass: Former friends. deceased

    Rayne Kelborn: friend he made on Tatooine deceased

    Darth Victress: Hates the woman but answer's her when she calls.

    Aurelie Fleury: Thief, co-pilot, first mate and crush friend.

    Milo Vemec-Drast/Darth Parox: Fellow sith, his new boss and definitely not friends at all deceased

    Mephetch Tsississ: Trandoshan privateer and business associate

    Vardon Galland: Fanatical Jedi and a business acquaintance of sorts. Has trouble trusting the guy due to old habits

    Irolia Shen: One night stand he met on Nar Shaddaa. The girl wormed her way into a certain soft spot in his heart and their awkward relationship turned into a pretty interesting friendship.

    Kae'leigh Tameris: What started as an uneasy mutual trust in a cave on Jedha quickly turned into a solid friendship after she not only helped him tame his demons, but aided in the finding of a new kyber crystal.

    Eisa Swan: Jedi master who hired him to help her steal back GA supplies and gear from pirates. They get along pretty well now after their journey.

    Arial Calvic: Originally part of the team Hask worked with in the Old Empire, though they didn't always get along smoothly. She disappeared after a mission went south but he found her stranded on Mataou after 6 years. Their reunion made them both realize that as the last members of the team, it was better to stick together. Probably his oldest and longest surviving friend to date

    The Hellion, his personal freighter and home on the move(Link to acquirement in tech write up) - stolen
    The Hurricane (Earned here) - Given to Arial Calvic

    The Dust Devil(Earned here) | Crew of two loyal fellow criminals he had met over the years and trusts fully.

    VT-1100 freighter(secondary)
    KP-90 Galactica Starfighter
    88-V Ranger

    MIA-01: astromech droid to help him with navigation

    Does not own any pets as of yet

    Present(in RP):

    Jorhan Caelli Merced-The smuggler attacked him in a bar on Tatooine and he was forsed to defend himself

    Past(backstory): Multiple kills during many battles alongside the Sith Empire and Old Empire

    Present(in RP):
    Thorough sparring match with Sabrina Kotass
    Brutal fight against Mandalorians on Kwenn Station
    Fight against pirates on Ryloth, got a few scars out of it.
    Duel with a handful of Pureblood cultists. Got some minor scars to boot


    Updates made:

    25-28 March 2019 updates
    Updated Attributes to fit more with his species and their size. He is most definitely not stocky for his kind, he's by all accounts a whimp XD
    Updated skills description to fit better with his stature and attributes.
    Updated gear. His light armour sucks, so gave him a heavy armour. Weapon selection sucks so gave him better weapons that will be a lot more practical than a single sword. Also gave him a datapad and commlink because in a place with space ships, space magic and laser swords who is not in possession of a phone.
    Updated combat, relationship and roleplay lists.

    30 March 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list

    4 April 2019 updates
    Updated gear and added Rogue Armour

    8 April 2019 updates
    Updated kill list and thread list
    added force flash as an ability with justification
    added force bellow as an ability with justification

    11 April 2019 updates
    Updated roleplay list
    updated relationships
    updated combat list
    updated appearance to include scars and wounds. Updated age
    updated personality to make him more mature and harder as a person
    updated attributes to upgrade his piloting skills
    updated skills description

    13 April 2019 updates
    added Force Fire with justification
    added Force lightning
    added force stasis with justification
    added disable droid
    updated relationships, added Aurelie
    updated gear, added 88-V ranger
    updated roleplay list
    removed Rogue Armour

    15 April 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list
    updated relationships, added Milo
    updated gear and appearance, added G5 cyber-arm

    23 April 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list
    updated relationships, added Meph

    30April 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list

    2 May 2019 updates
    Updated roleplay list
    Updated gear, added Quickdraw with justification

    16 May 2019 updates
    remade the entire bio to clean up code issues, kept contents the same.
    added level
    added rogue armour to replace stalker armour
    updated attributes
    updated roleplay list
    updated personality
    updated bio
    updated ship, relationships and gear to stick with his progression
    updated skills
    updated faction and rank

    29 May 2019 updates
    updated roleplay list
    updated relationships, added Irolia. Updated Aurie

    17 June 2019 updates
    updated rank
    updated roleplay list
    updated ship, added Acranian cutter and upgrades to it as well
    updated age
    updated gear, restored OG lightsaber with reskin and justification
    updated relationships, added Kaylee and updated Zeven/Tagus

    21 August 2019 updates
    updated FC
    updated level
    updated age
    updated personality
    updated gear, added second Quickdraw
    updated skills
    updated relationships
    updated roleplay list

    5 October 2019 updates
    Updated gear. Added Parsonav, Oxidiser, Port Scanner and added a new arm
    Updated ship, added the Dust Devil
    Updated roleplay list

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    While we don't use lightsaber forms as anything more than flavor, three forms is too much for an acolyte. Same for having come up with his own form. Pick one form, one of the canon forms and not the one he made up, and start him off with that. Also, the line about " capable of standing up to most duellists' will need to be toned down a little. A level 1 starts off as a competent fighter, but you're making him seem like an elite combatant. Also, the way you have described him grabbing a lightsaber blade without harm, but making up a barrier using the Force, is not possible for a level 1. That's seriously high level and fine control of the Force.

    Also, please remove pyrokenisis and force fire from his abilities. Force Fire is a level 2 ability and cannot be used by a level 1 character.
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    There we go, modified the abilities section a bit. Is it more believable now, or should I nerf him a bit more? XD

    Also I encountered a problem with his armour:
    One of the other admins moved it to the archive section and I have no idea why. He also has not gotten back to me as to why...
    Is it possible for you to perhaps check it out and give me pointers as to where I messed up?

    Thanks for the input!
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    Yo @Wit I fixed up his abilities and stuff like that. Should I nerf his abilities a bit more or are they fine for now? XD

    Also is the format fine or should I modify that as well?
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    Always love a good red skinned sith
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